Young Sergio Perez

Like many elite Formula 1 drivers, young Sergio Perez started his journey very early. As a child, he was already making waves in the karting arena. He secured four impressive victories in his debut year of 1996.

By 1997, still a fresh face in the youth series, he claimed a remarkable win. He achieved, five podium finishes, and a commendable fourth place in the championship.

By 1998, the prodigious racer had notched up eight wins, distinguishing himself as the youngest champion in his class.

Young Sergio Perez Move to the 80cc Category

Young Sergio Perez

The turn of the millennium marked Perez’s entry into the 80 cc Shifter category. Over the next two years, he would amass three wins and a third-place finish in the championship.

Demonstrating his versatility, they young Sergio Pérez also ventured into the Shifter 125 cc category and participated in the prestigious “global race Shifter 80 cc” in Las Vegas.

At just ten, Sergio showcased his burgeoning talent, qualifying in fifth and finishing in a respectable 11th position.

The ensuing years charted a meteoric rise for Perez. In 2004, a 14-year-old Sergio took on the U.S.-based Skip Barber National Championship.

Young Sergio Perez moves to Europe and F3

Young Sergio Perez F3

By 2005, he had set his sights on Europe, competing in the German Formula BMW ADAC series. The following years saw him make a mark in the A1 Grand Prix and then dominate the British Formula 3 Championship in 2007.

In the GP2 Asia Series from 2008 to 2010, not only did Perez establish himself as the first Mexican driver in the competition, but he also clinched two race wins.

And with team Arden International, followed by his tenure with Barwa Addax, he secured first place in five races, ending the season just shy of the top spot, in second place.

As his career accelerated, it became evident: Sergio Perez was destined for the F1 echelon. Recommends


By Jonny Noble

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