Daniel Ricciardo

Formula One fans went into mourning when they heard that Daniel Ricciardo would not be on the grid in 2023. Daniel brings a serious level of competition to the sport, and everyone loves the big grin and fun-loving antics that follow him around.

His time at McLaren was hard, and he lost some of his mojo as he tried to get to grip with the substandard car that was the 2022 McLaren. The team and its principal, Zac Brown, weren’t very kind to him, and it is clear that his confidence has been shaken.

Well, that’s all changed as of the Hungarian GP where reports indicate that Daniel will replace Nyck Devries at Alpha Tauri. Being the Red Bull sister team, this move makes sense. Nyck Devries has not had a good rookie season, and it is sad – but understandable that he will make way for Daniel!

Daniel Ricciardo

He is a very popular driver in the F1 circuit who never said anything mean or disrespectful about other teams or drivers. Fernando Alonso has said that is one of his most endearing characteristics.

Apart from his old team, he has no one who speaks negatively about him. His success since he first appeared on the grid was impressive. The self-confidence he exuded when he became known as the driver who brakes the latest was catching. Sadly some of that disappeared during his time with McLaren.

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Is Daniel Ricciardo Married?

Daniel Ricciardo girlfriend Heidi Berger

Daniel has remained a bachelor in a long-term relationship with a 25-year-old aspiring actress, Heidi Berger.

Heidi is Austrian driver Gerhard Berger’s daughter, who once raced for Ferrari and McLaren. They made the relationship public in August 2022 when they posted on social media.

They included images beside each other as they looked over the Los Angeles skyline. Other photos had them posing with friends, hiking, and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Heidi has acted in the following films.

  • A Única Mulher (2015).
  • Onde Está Elisa? (2018).
  • Trakehnerblut (2017)

Did Daniel Ricciardo Ever Win The Drivers Championship?

His highest result in the rivers championship stakes was in 2014 and 2016, when he came in 3rd. Remembering that through this period, Mercedes was fully dominant, and for Daniel to achieve third place meant that he had beaten all the other drivers on the grid.

His move to McLaren did not help; the car never lived up to its promise. Even though he achieved first place in the 2021 Italian grand prix, the writing was already on the wall Zac Brown had lost confidence in himself.

His Formula One achievement are listed below.

Formula One World
Championship Career
Career points1311
Pole positions3

Can Daniel Ricciardo Sing In Tune?

Daniel Ricciardo sing

Daniel has a reputation for being able to hold a tune when he is chilling and having fun.

He has said that one of his favorite activities is to sing out loud when traveling in a car on a long trip.

His reputation precedes him, and he is always ready to dance around and sing at the race track if it will get a laugh.

Is Daniel Ricciardo Italian?

Daniel’s dad is a naturalized Italian who lives in Australia. His mum is Australian.

Daniel has lived in Europe and is fluent in Italian, something he was happy to demonstrate when he won the 20211 Italian Grand Prix.

Does Daniel Ricciardo Have A Girlfriend?

Daniel revealed in August 2022 that he is in a long-term, Heidi Berger.

Does Daniel Ricciardo Have Any Children?

Daniel is unmarried and has no children (although he will probably be a great dad!)

What Is Daniel Ricciardo Worth?

He has had very high-paying jobs in the past. An example was at Alpine (Renault), where he was reputed to be on an annual salary h $35 million.

McLaren paid him less, and he apparently “only” earned $15 million annually. He also had endorsement deals worth $2 million a year when he was active.

He has homes in Perth, Australia, and Beverley Hills in the United States.

What Is Daniel Ricciardo’s Net Worth?

His net worth is estimated to be $50 million.

Did Daniel Ricciardo Win With Renault?

Daniel Ricciardo (AUS) Renault F1 Team RS20.
Belgian Grand Prix, Friday 28th August 2020. Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium.

His time at Renault was difficult and the car was never had the ability to get him to the front of the pack.

He only achieved two podium finishes.

Who Does Daniel Ricciardo Drive For?

His time at Renault was difficult, and the car never could get him to the front of the pack.

He only achieved two podium finishes.

Who Does Daniel Ricciardo Drive For?

Daniel has taken 2023 off to give himself a year to regroup and decode what the future holds. There is no question that his time at McLaren was a tough period for him and dented his confidence.

Red Bull has been great to him and employed him as their reserve driver for 2023. Christian Horner (Red Bull team principal, seems to have a particularly soft spot for Daniel and is helping him to regain his confidence,

Daniel has raced for the following teams.

  • HRT Formula 1 Team/Torro Rosso (2012–2013)
  • Red Bull (2014–2018)
  • Renault (2019–2020)
  • McLaren (2021-2022
  • Alpha Tauri (2023 – )

Does Daniel Ricciardo Have A Sister?

Daniel Ricciardo sister

Daniel has a younger sister who is called Michelle. Michell is married and is a mother of two children.

I guess Daniel is a very popular uncle!

Does Daniel Ricciardo Come From Money?

Daniel’s parents are a typical middle-class Australian family.

His father is Giuseppe “Joe” Ricciardo, and his mother is Grace Ricciardo.

Daniels’s dad owns Ricciardo Earthmoving, which, as the name implies, is an earthmoving business.

As with most parents of aspiring F1 stars, his das has invested in Daniels’s career. He said he would rather do that than die with his money (paraphrased.)

Giuseppe was an amateur racer competing at the Barbagallo Raceway in Western Australia.

Although the family tried to dissuade Daniel from starting a motor racing career, they had proven to support Daniel’s career, and his parents [paid for his move to Europe to further his career.

Has Daniel Ricciardo Won A Race?

Daniel is one of the better drivers in F1 and has achieved the following podiums in his time in F1.

SeasonCircuitPlaceFinal Race
2018MonacoMonaco1Red Bull
2018ChinaShanghai1Red Bull
2017JapanSuzuka3Red Bull
2017MalaysiaKuala Lumpur3Red Bull
2017SingaporeSingapore2Red Bull
2017BelgiumSpa-Francorchamps3Red Bull
2017AustriaSpielberg3Red Bull
2017AzerbaijanBaku1Red Bull
2017CanadaMontréal3Red Bull
2017MonacoMonaco3Red Bull
2017SpainBarcelona3Red Bull
2016MexicoMexico City3Red Bull
2016USAAustin3Red Bull
2016MalaysiaKuala Lumpur1Red Bull
2016SingaporeSingapore2Red Bull
2016BelgiumSpa-Francor champs2Red Bull
2016GermanyHockenheim2Red Bull
2016HungaryHungaroring3Red Bull
2016MonacoMonaco2Red Bull
2015SingaporeSingapore2Red Bull
2015HungaryHungaroring3Red Bull
2014USAAustin3Red Bull
2014SingaporeSingapore3Red Bull
2014BelgiumSpa-Francor champs1Red Bull
2014HungaryHungaroring1Red Bull
2014BritainSilverstone3Red Bull
2014CanadaMontréal1Red Bull
2014MonacoMonaco3Red Bull
2014SpainBarcelona3Red Bull

Does Daniel Ricciardo Have Snapchat?

Daniel has the following social media accounts.

  • Snapchat account – danielricciardo
  • Twitter – @danielricciardo
  • Instagram – @danielricciardo
  • Facebook – Daniel Ricciardo

How Old Is Daniel Ricciardo?

Born on 1 July 1989, he is currently 33 years old (2023).

How Tall Is Daniel Ricciardo?

Daniel is 1.8 meters tall.

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Daniel Ricciardo Motor Sport Career

Ricciardo had followed a fairly normal career in motorsport through to when he joined the F1 circuit.

Daniel Ricciardo Karting


Daniel started racing Go-karts for the Tiger Kart Club (TKC) in 1998 when he was only nine years old.

Our hero joined the Formula 3 series in 2008. Daniel qualified eight and finished sixth in his first race at the Nürburgring ring.

He started racing single-seat cars in the Formula Ford series when he was 15. He showed great potential when he finished seventh in his rookie season.

Formula 3

Daniel Ricciardo Formula 3
Photo: GEPA pictures/ Jakob Ebrey

Daniel entered the British Formula 3 series in the 2009 season. During his time in Formula 3, he won 7 times and achieved 13 podium finishes. He also qualified for pole position six times.

In 2010 he won 4 times off pole positions and achieved a further 8 podiums.

In 2010 he tested for Red Bull. During the test, he achieved a lap time of 1.3 seconds faster than the four times World Champion Sebastian Vettel’s qualifying lap the Saturday before.

This convinced the team, and he was appointed Toro Rosso’s reserve driver for 2011.

In 2011 he entered F1 at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

What’s Daniel Ricciardo’s Net Worth?

He has a net worth of $50 million.

When Did Daniel Ricciardo Leave Red Bull?

Daniel Ricardo Red bull

Daniel moved up from Torro Rosso to Red Bull in 2014, where he spent 4 years until 2018.

When he joined Red Bull, he drove alongside the four-time world champion. Sebastian Vettel.

He beat Vettel in the first half of the 2014 season. Daniel had a very friendly competition with Fernando Alonso (then a driver for Ferrari) at the German Grand Prix. Afterward, Alonso described Daniel as “unbelievable” and “very, very smart, very respectful.”

At Red Bull, he raced in 81 races, won 7 events, and ended up on the podium 29 times.

Toward the end of his time at Red Bull, he partnered with Max Verstappen. Daniel started to feel the pressure and would eventually start to displace him.

After much soul searching, he took up an offer from Renault to join the team.

When Did Daniel Ricciardo Leave Renault?

Daniel left Renault o his way to McLaren for the 2021 season. The Renault was not a competitive car, and in his first year at Renault, he did not secure one podium. The result was that he ended up in ninth position in the drivers’ championship.

Ricciardo felt the pressure and said he feared another year with the same results. As usual, his relationships were good (with Renault), and he said that he only moved to McLaren because of the disappointing car.

He moved to McLaren after replacing Carlos Sainz (who moved to Ferrari.)

When Was Daniel Ricciardo’s Last Podium?

Daniel’s last podium was the number-one slot at the 2021 Italian Grand Prix (driving for McLaren)

When Was Daniel Ricciardo On Top Gear?

When he appeared on Top Gear

Daniel appeared in the British Top Gear TV program in 2014 (while Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May were still presenting. Ricciardo posted the fastest time while driving a Suzuki Leana of all F1 drivers who had previously appeared.

He posted a lap time of 1:42.2 seconds. He beat out

  1. 1:42.2 – Daniel Ricciardo
  2. 1:42.9 – Lewis Hamilton (second attempt)
  3. 1:43.1 – Mark Webber (second attempt)
  4. 1:44.0 – Sebastian Vettel
  5. 1:44.3 – Rubens Barrichello
  6. 1:44.4 – Ben Collins (The Stig II; removed from the board)
  7. 1:44.6 – Nigel Mansell
  8. 1:44.7 – Lewis Hamilton ( First Attempt -wet and oily)
  9. 1:44.7 – Jenson Button (hot)
  10. 1:44.9 – Jenson Button (second attempt; wet)
  11. 1.46.0 – Perry McCarthy (The Stig I; removed from the board)
  12. 1:46.1 – Kimi Räikkönen (very wet)
  13. 1:46.3 – Damon Hill
  14. 1:47.1 – Mark Webber (extremely wet)
  15. DNF – Michael Schumacher (Joke lap, got “lost”- DNF)

Where Is Daniel Ricciardo’s Farm?

The Ricciardo family owns a farm in Western Australia.

He has said that he does not aspire to farm life.

What Nationality Is Daniel Riccardo?

Daniel is Australian even though his father is Italian by heritage.

His dad is Giuseppe “Joe” Ricciardo, born in Ficarra (Messina). Giuseppe moved to Australia with his family when he was seven years old.

Daniel is a fluent Italian speaker.

What’s Daniel Ricciardo’s Religion?

Daniel’s religion is Catholic by birth, but he does not appear to place much emphasis on it in his adult years. He rarely speaks about things eternal or his personal faith.

He donates actively to charities dear to his heart and has included funds set up in response to some of the horrific Australian Wildfires.

Many people have discussed his sense of fairness, ethics, and morality. I heard of a situation where a girl attended a party of his and then got blind drunk and fell falling asleep. She woke up to find that the unknown host (Daniel ) had kept them safe and covered them with blankets.

Are Daniel Ricciardo And Max Verstappen Friends?

Daniel Ricciardo with Max Verstappen

Daniel Ricciardi and Max Verstappen became teammates at Red Bull in 2016. Max was clearly showing that he was an incredible driver who was destined for the top of the sport. Daniel was demoted to the number 2 driver and left Red Bull for Renault.

Despite this, they claim to be a good friend and speak highly of each other.

The ever-joking Daniel said that even though Max was ahead of him in the drivers’ standings, he was still a better driver than Max.

Are Daniel Ricciardo And Lando Norris Friends?

Daniel and Lando are teammates at McLaren. Lando has some growing up to do and does not have Daniel’s balanced approach to relationships.

They both claim to have respect for each other.

Are Daniel Ricciardo And Lewis Hamilton Friends?

Lewis and Daniel do not claim to be friends; however, they have no animosity.

They are both very different characters. While Daniel is fun-loving and light-hearted, Lewis is very intense, reflective, and a deep thinker with a more complicated background.

Will Daniel Make  A Comeback?

Only time will tell to see if there is a racing seat for Daniel in 2024. He has said that he does not want to race for a team that is not competitive such as Haas and Williams, which leaves him with limited options.

UPDATE – Daniel Ricciardo has been hired to replace Nyck Devries at Aplha Tauri.


Daniel rues the day he left Red Bull for Renault and again into McLaren, where he received little support.

He is universally liked on the circuit and is renowned for his fairness and sportsmanship.

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