2024 F1 schedule - Alphatauri F1 Results

While driver changes can be made, the data shows that the car’s performance remains a challenge.

The car’s speed has been lacking, both this year and the previous one. Despite the tight competition among the trailing teams, AlphaTauri currently sits at the bottom in terms of points, having earned just three.

It’s surprising that AlphaTauri didn’t leverage Red Bull’s expertise, especially since Red Bull had a successful car the previous year. Using a version inspired by that design could have significantly benefited AlphaTauri.

While there are concerns about proprietary knowledge, there are ways to gain insights from Red Bull’s design without violating any rules. Casual conversations outside the official channels, like at a bar, could be a means to exchange such insights.

Alphatauri F1 Results – Drivers

Regarding the drivers, it’s unfortunate that Nyck de Vries wasn’t given a full season as initially planned.

While it’s good to see Daniel Ricciardo return, the reasons for his comeback aren’t ideal. His return was primarily to motivate Perez. From Ricciardo’s perspective, possibly due to a lack of better opportunities. It remains to be seen if this will lead to a prominent driving position.

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Alphatauri F1 Results – 2023

Grand PrixDateAlphatauri
F1 Results
Saudi Arabia19-Mar-230
Great Britain9-Jul-230
Results courtesy of Formula1.com

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