Lola Lovinfosse

Lola Lovinfosse has always had a dream: to race in Formula One, the most prestigious and competitive motorsport in the world. She has pursued this dream with passion, dedication, and courage, overcoming many challenges and obstacles along the way.

From her humble beginnings in karting to her impressive achievements in single-seater racing, she has proven herself to be one of the most talented and promising young drivers of her generation. Now, she has reached a new milestone in her career: She is a part of the F1 Academy which offers the possibility of joining the F1 Grid.

The F1 Academy is a program that selects and trains the future stars of Formula One. In this article, we explore how Lola Lovinfosse went from karting champion to F1 Academy star, and what lies ahead for her in her quest to reach the pinnacle of motorsport.

Lola Lovinfosse Childhood

Lola Lovinfosse was born on 17 October 2005, in Rouen, France. She grew up in a family of racing enthusiasts.

Her dad is a former rally driver.

Lola inherited her passion for speed and competition from an early age, and started karting when she was six years old. She quickly showed her talent and determination, winning several regional and national championships in France.

Lola Lovinfosse Family

Lola Lovinfosse has a close-knit family that supports her racing career.

Her dad, Pierre Lovinfosse, is her mentor and coach, who taught her the basics of driving and helped her improve her skills and confidence.

My passion for motorsport comes from my father, he was driving in France long time ago.”

Lola Lovinfosse

Her mum, Sophie Lovinfosse, is her biggest fan and cheerleader, who travels with her to every race and documents her journey on social media.

Does Lola have Any Siblings?

Lola has a younger brother, Lucas Lovinfosse, who is also interested in karting.

Lola Lovinfosse Nickname

She goes by the nickname “The French Gun.”

Lola Lovinfosse Education

Probably her most important educational experience has been balancing her private teenager life with her motorsport career. She says that being able to race in international events teaches her a lot about life.

She has to spend long periods away from her family and friends. It makes her mature fast and realize that she doesn’t have the same life as a normal teenager.

Who Does Lola Lovinfosse Look Up To?

Lola looks up to German racing driver Sophia Floersch.

Sophia has been racing since 2015 and, amongst others, has raced in the following series.

  • ADAC Formula 4 Championship
  • Formula Regional European Championship
  • Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters
  • FIA World Endurance Championship
  • Le Mans

She currently participates in the F3 championship.

How Did Lola Lovinfosse Get Into Motor Racing?

Lola Lovinfosse Helmet
(Photo by Eric Alonso)

Lola has started her motorsport career in karting and then transitioned to the higher series.

Lola Started In Karting

Lovinfosse got into motor racing through karting. She first sat in a kart at nine years old and hasn’t looked back since then.

This is the first step for many aspiring F1 drivers.

Her formal kart racing career started in 2015 at age 10. She first participated in

  • French Mini Karting
  • Cadet Karting
  • X30 Junior
  • Nationale karts

She moved up to the OKJ and then OK karts in 2019.

Lola Lovinfosse karting

In Lola’s first OKJ race at the WSK Champions Cup, she achieved 21st place (as a privateer.)

She joined higher level series and for Manetti Motorsport. She achieved the following positions.

  • 58th position -Super Master Series.
  • 47th in the Euro Series
  • 8th in Trofeo Andrea Margutti.
  • She cameoed in the CIK-FIA European Championship.

In 2019 she joined the OK line-up in the WSK Open Cup where she achieved 20th place in the final on her debut (Afterwards she received a penalty for bumper bashing which demoted her by 7 places.)

Lola Lovinfosse Single Seat Racing

Lola Lovinfosse F4

Lola Lovinfosse made the transition from karting to single-seater racing in 2021. She started in the Formula 4 series.

Lola raced in with the GRS Team in the Spanish F4 Championship. She proved herself to be a fast learner and a fierce competitor. In her second season she scored a podium in the Indian Racing League series.

In 2022 Lola participated in a W series test in Arizona, United States. She also raced in the Spanish F4 series. In the woman’s class she won 13 of the 21 races. She suffered a number of retirements but still managed to finish behind Emely de Heus.

In 2023, Lola Lovinfosse achieved her dream of joining the F1 Academy. This is a program that selects the best young drivers from around the world.

It provides them with training, coaching, testing opportunities, and exposure to Formula One teams. Read more about the F1 Academy program here.

Lola Lovinfosse Career Summary

The following lists Lovinfosse’s single seater racing career,

2021F4 Spanish ChampionshipDrivex School210000027th
2022F4 Spanish ChampionshipTeo Martín Motorsport120000037th
Indian Racing LeagueHyderabad Blackbirds4000113.523rd
2023Formula Winter SeriesCampos Racing20000418th
F1 Academy900012410th*

Lola Lovinfosse Social Media Accounts

Lovinfosse can be found on the following social media accounts.


Lola Lovinfosse is a rising star of the 2023 F1 Academy who has shown remarkable talent and ambition since her childhood. She has a supportive family who encourages her passion for racing.

She has achieved remarkable results in karting and single-seater racing, and now aims to reach the pinnacle of motorsport: Formula One.

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