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The New Mario Andretti F1 Team

Will Andretti Join F1

Father and son Mario and Michael Andretti are actively trying to form a new F1 team. Their desired entrance season is 2024. Will Andretti Join F1? Only time will tell. In the meantime Calvin Lo, the billionaire chief executive of insurance broker RE Lee is also actively investigating launching a new team in 2026.

Will Andretti Join F1

Calvin Lo

Forming a new F1 team is a very expensive process, and unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. The applicant has to meet strict requirements imposed by the FIA and Liberty Media. If all the requirements are met, each of the ten teams has to agree to allow another player on their jealously guarded turf.

Following this, the prospective team has to compensate for the losses existing teams suffer because they have to share the revenue amongst eleven teams instead of the existing ten teams.

What New Teams Have To Do To Join F1

It takes deep pockets, a thick skin, and endless amounts of determination to go through the process of entering a new team into the Formula one circuit.

After you have jumped through a seemingly endless number of hoops, the applicant may find that irrespective of how capable they are, one of the existing teams has vetoed their entry.

What are the hoops which have to be jumped through?

Decisions Take A Long Time

Once the application process has started, it may take four years before the team can prove that they have the necessary financial backing, skills, and resources to run a team. finally they will have an answer to the question – Will Andretti join F1?

The FIA usually opens up an application period from the 21st of October to the 1st of November of the previous year. During this period, the FIA ostensibly invites applications.

If the team receives an invitation, the next step must be followed.

Applying F1 Teams Are Required To Pay An Application Fee

The not so small sum of $200 million must be received with the application. The purpose of this is twofold.

It Compensates The Teams For A Loss Of Revenue

The current arrangement is that part of the income from the F1 commercial rights is distributed to the constructors. This is a finite amount that is split amongst the ten teams in accordance with a  formula.

This is a significant payment that helps fund the teams’ costs.

If an eleventh team is accepted on board, the amount will now be split amongst eleven teams, not the current ten – this will reduce the current teams’ revenue.

The effect of this is that the existing teams would suffer a 10% reduction in revenue which is a substantial loss when you understand how much teams receive.

The value of F1 teams is generated in several different ways, including.

  1. Their vast depths of technical knowledge.
  2. The personality of the team and how it is perceived by fans.
  3. The size and dedication of the fan bases.
  4. The all-important sponsorship relationships.
  5. The institutional memory that each team has acquired over many years of participation.
  6. The structure of the teams and drivers.
  7. The engineering resources.
  8. The team’s Infrastructure.

As with any company, but perhaps more so with F1, this degree of institutional maturity takes years to develop.

The $200 million entrance fee ensures that new entrants must appreciate the other teams’ value and their depth of knowledge in the sport.

It Demonstrates That The New Team Has Resources

Charging such a high fee ensures that only applicants with the resources to risk $200 million without a guaranteed “yes” answer can apply.

The value of a new F1 team’s investment is ultimately measured in the billions, and the $200 million deposit is just the start.

The Other Teams Don’t Want You There

While article 8.6 of the 2021 F1 Sporting Regulations allows for a maximum of 26 cars will ever be permitted.

While this does offer the potential to increase the number of teams from the present ten to thirteen, the reality is that the finances, relationships, and Infrastructure support the existing 20 cars very nicely.

Despite a team like Andretti Motorsport carrying the right credentials (Mario Andretti raced through the 1970s and into the 1980s), the reality is that they are facing an uphill battle.

At the start of the 2022 season, the governing body indicates that they are not currently in a position to entertain new applicants.

The Applying Team Has To Prove That They Have The Ability

Once the previous steps have been completed and the FIA has indicated that they will entertain a formal application, the new team must comply with the requirements of article 8.2 of the 2021 F1 Sporting Regulations. These include

  1. The team has to confirm that they have read, understood, and will comply with the sporting codes Regulations.
  2. The team also has to confirm that everyone involved will comply.
  3. The team d to formally provide its name and the name of the chassis.
  4. What the make and manufacturer of the new cars is.
  5. If the four engine manufacturers have agreed to supply a power plant,
  6. The names of the drivers have to be presented. This may require the driver to qualify for a super license, so the team can submit this afterward – subject to a fee being paid to the FIA.
  7. The applying team must agree to enter cars and drivers in every event.

Once the team has provided the information, the FIA scrutinizes its ability and resources to ensure they have the capability. This requires that the following questions are satisfactorily proven.

Will Andretti Join F1

Will Andretti Join F1

When Will New Team Applications Be Considered?

The Andretti’s have lodged an expression of interest with the FIA, and according to the most recent news articles, they believe that headway is being made.

Calvin Lo has expressed interest in launching a team in line with the new 2026 engine regulations.


Will Andretti Join F1? This is not a process for those who give up easily or cannot handle adversity. Applying for and launching a new F1 team is similar in complexity and risk to Elon Musk’s gambles to get into space.

There is no guarantee of success.



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