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According to the 2015 Le Mans LMP2 champion Richard Bradley Yuki Tsunoda Eyed for Aston Martin Seat. Come 2026, the team is set to run on Honda engines, the brand currently powering Red Bull and AlphaTauri.

This connection could pave the way for the Tsunoda’s transfer.

But Bradley doesn’t expect us to wait until 2026. He predicts Yuki Tsunoda Eyed for Aston Martin as early as next season, potentially 2025. He suspects that Tsunoda will replace Lawrence Stroll’s son, the underperforming Lance Stroll.

Stroll has found it challenging to match the skill and results of two-time World Champion teammate Fernando Alonso.

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Alonso boasts seven podium finishes and a staggering 168 points in the 2023 F1 season. Lance Stroll unfortunately lags behind with no podiums and only 47 points.

“I see him as a strong candidate for that Aston Martin slot.”

Richard Bradley

Bradley thinks that it is probable that Tsunoda will replace Stroll

“Absolutely. Given Honda’s impending partnership with Aston Martin and Tsunoda’s ties with HRC [Honda Racing Corporation], it’s a logical progression. Rumors are swirling about these discussions already. If not next year, I’m confident it’ll happen the year following.”

Richard Bradley

Still, Tsunoda might opt to remain with AlphaTauri. The motivation would be that a 2025 seat with Red Bull may open up if the team does not renew Sergio Perez’s contract.

Bradley acknowledges Tsunoda’s rising stock, saying, “The guy’s performance is noteworthy. Sure, the final result at Zandvoort wasn’t ideal, but he was outstanding. Especially at Spa, where despite piloting arguably the grid’s weakest car, he showcased his mettle. He’s certainly making a compelling argument for himself.”

Bradley’s forecast includes a lot of assumptions

  • Will Honda insist on a Japanese driver?
  • Will Red Bull Renew Sergio Perez’s contract, probably not on current performance?
  • Is Yuki ready to leave Alpha Tauri?


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