Lewis Hamilton is a name that resonates with millions of Formula 1 fans around the world. He is the most successful driver in the history of the sport, with seven world championships and 103 race wins. But is he also the greatest F1 driver of all time?

This is a question that has divided opinions among experts, critics, and fans alike. In this article, we will examine the arguments for and against Hamilton’s claim to be the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) of F1.

We will look at his achievements, his skills, his personality, and his legacy. We will also compare him with some of his rivals and predecessors, such as Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Juan Manuel Fangio, and others.

With our neutral scoring system you will be able to judge for yourself who is the greatest of all time.

Lewis Hamilton’s Racing Statistics

Lewis Hamilton lost his victory after being penalized for cutting a chicane while overtaking Kimi Raikkonen

Hamilton holds the following racing achievements

  • Number of races entered (313)
  • Record for the most race wins (103)
  • Record for the most pole positions (104)
  • Records For The Most podiums  Achieved(182)
  • The highest number of racing points ever achieved (4,099)
  • Joint leader in the most world drivers championships (7) in F1 history.
  • Race wins as % of races entered 31.4%

Lewis’s racings statistics score is 4,822

Lewis Hamilton’s Consistency

lewis mclaren win

The first F1 race Lewis won was his second in the series. He went on to achieve 2nd place in the drivers’ championship in his 1dt year in F1.

He won the drivers championships in his 2nd year racing in F1.

In the intervening years he has won a further 6 championships. Without Michael Masi’s dubious decision making in 2021 he would have won a further  one making it 8 overall.

This speaks to an incredible consistency

Based on the scoring described above the value of his consistency is 4892.

Lewis Hamilton’s Driving Ability

Formula One Team Mercedes Win

Lewis Hamilton is one of the most fast and talented drivers in Formula 1 history. He has a unique set of driving skills that make him stand out from his rivals and predecessors. He is a master of speed, precision, aggression, and consistency.

Hamilton has a unique skill of driving fast and precisely on any circuit, regardless of its layout or surface. Lewis is able to find the best lines and braking points, and he is able to set the fastest lap times and pole positions on any occasion.

He’s Fast In The Wet And Dry

He is also able to adapt his driving style to different cars and conditions, such as hybrid engines, Pirelli tires, electronic aids, etc. He is especially known for his prowess in wet conditions, where he can demonstrate his superior car control and sensitivity.

Hamilton also has a unique skill of driving aggressively and confidently on any track, regardless of the weather or the competition. He is able to overtake and defend his position with ease and flair, using his excellent race craft and tactics.

Lewis is also able to cope with pressure and criticism, using his mental strength and resilience. He is always aware of his position and his rivals’ position on the track, and he knows when to attack and when to defend, when to overtake and when to wait, when to push and when to save.

Hamilton also has a unique skill of driving consistently and reliably on any race, regardless of the distance or the fatigue. He is able to manage his tires, his fuel, his engine, and his brakes. He is able to avoid mechanical failures and punctures, which are rare in his era.

Lewis is also able to avoid accidents and collisions, which are frequent and fatal in his era. He is also able to recover from mistakes and setbacks, such as spins or delays. He is rarely overtaken or outpaced by his rivals, and he often wins by large margins.

We score Lewis’s drivers ability as 20/20

Lewis Hamilton’s Contribution To The Sport

Few can argue against Lewis Hamilton’s contribution to the sport.

Not only has he become an international icon for F1, but his commitment to people of color being allowed to make careers in F1 speaks for itself.

He has put millions of pounds into his own charity that assists marginalize groups to advance in the STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and Math) subjects at schools.

He has not been afraid to use his platform to criticize regimes with a history of human rights abuses, even when travelling to those countries.

We score Lewis’s drivers Contribution To The Sport as 20/20

Lewis Hamilton’s Popularity


Lewis Hamilton is one of the most popular and famous drivers in Formula 1 history. He has a large and loyal fan base around the world, who admire his driving ability and personality.

Hamilton also has a significant impact on the media and the public, who follow his career and achievements with interest and enthusiasm. He is a global icon who transcends the sport and becomes a cultural phenomenon.

Hamilton’s 33 million Instagram Followers Love Him

Hamilton has a strong appeal to the fans, who appreciate his speed and talent, his aggression and confidence, his charisma and charm. He is able to connect with the fans on a personal level, by sharing his emotions and opinions, by being accessible and friendly, and by showing his human side.

He is also able to inspire the fans with his achievements and legacy, by winning races and championships, by overcoming challenges and difficulties, by breaking records and barriers, and by leaving a mark on the sport.

Hamilton also has a significant impact on the media and the public, who follow his career and achievements with interest and enthusiasm.

He is involved in some of the most thrilling and memorable races and rivalries in the history of the sport, especially with Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg, Max Verstappen, etc. Lewis also has represented some of the most iconic and successful teams in the sport, such as McLaren and Mercedes.

He is a fierce competitor who always fights for victory and glory, but he is also a gentleman who respects his rivals and the sport. Lewis is admired for his speed, skill, work ethic, and charisma. He is also involved in some of the most important issues and causes outside the sport, such as diversity, equality, environment, etc.

Hamilton is always in the spotlight of the media and the public, who are fascinated by his story and personality.

He has 33 million followers on Instagram which attests to his popularity.

We therefore give him a popularity rating of 90/100

Final Result (Score)

Lewis Hamilton’s total score is 9,844

Divided by number of years in F1 (16) average score per year is 615.3

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