Jackie Stewart and Lewis HamiltonJackie Stewart and Lewis Hamilton

Jackie Stewart backs Lewis Hamilton has become very vocal about Lewis Hamilton’s comments.

The legendary Formula 1 driver, 84-year-old Sir Jackie Stewart vocally demands that the F1 drivers be have authority. They must be able to influence the way the sport grows in the future.

The only surviving F1 driver from the sport’s early days in the 1960s has called on the F1 leadership to give drivers greater influence.

The Scottish ex-F1 driver (who has been affectionately nicknamed “The Flying Scot”) was a senior member of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association in the early days.

Jackie Stewart Backs Lewis Hamilton

The purpose of the  Grand Prix Drivers’ Association was to provide the drivers with an influential platform to influence policy and safety standards for those on the track.

The drivers’ influence over the sport reduces with each successive rights owner.

George Russell
George Russell

George Russell holds the position of director, and driver representative in the organization. He has held this position since 2021

Sir Lewis Hamilton suggested the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association restore its former prominence and hold F1’s decision-makers accountable.

Jackie Stewart Backs Lewis Hamilton and Lewis’s call in this regard.

“I was the President of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association when the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association was much more powerful than it is today, I think that’s wrong. We should have more influence.”

Sir Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart Backs Lewis Hamilton when he says was much more powerful than it is today.”  He said “I think that’s wrong. We should have more influence.”

Lewis is successful and inspiring and he is using his influence to make changes in the sport.

His most notable action has been to make the sport more inclusive, which all the other drivers credit him for.

Drivers Are Not Happy With The FIA Restrictions

As things stand now, drivers are restricted in what they can do and say in front of a camera. This has been enforced by the new 2023 regulations.

Lewis was in a buoyant mood after the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association met in November when the group joined in wishing Sebastian Vettel farewell.

Lewis has suggested that this type of meeting between drivers could become an annual event.


Grand Prix Drivers’ Association is effective and has been a force for good in the sport. They must keep pushing, and re-establishing the effectiveness of the  Grand Prix Drivers’ Association.

Being a former president of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, Sir Jackie’s voice carries substantial weight.


Fans have criticized the FIA for its latest attempts at regulating the drivers. If the drivers had more authority, the FIA would have been able to impose such rigid restrictions.



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