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Aston Martin showed significant performance changes from 2022 to 2023. The design of their 2023 car appears to have taken inspiration from the 2022 Red Bull. This makes sense, given that Dan Fallows, Aston Martin’s technical director, previously worked closely with Newey at Red Bull.

However, relying on previously acquired knowledge has its limits. At some point, a team needs to pivot and implement developments based on its unique performance perspective, particularly in terms of aerodynamics.

It’s more than just enhancing downforce while reducing drag. With modern cars deriving roughly 60% or more of their downforce from the underbody, the focus shifts to managing that platform efficiently and providing drivers with effective downforce. This is where individual team aerodynamic principles come into the picture.

While Wind Tunnel results can be encouraging, real-world track performance is the ultimate measure of a car’s improvements.

Aston Martin F1 Results – Drivers

Fernando Alonso, who replaced the retiring Sebastian Vettel, initially raised eyebrows. However, Alonso has started the 2023 season on a strong note. Observing his performance as the season progresses will be insightful, especially as challenges arise.

There’s a noticeable disparity in performance between the two drivers on the Aston Martin team. While some outcomes can be attributed to luck, individual skill plays a significant role.

 Lance Stroll is a competent driver deserving of his position. He may not be in the same league as some emerging talents when it comes to clinching winning races or championships.

 If Aston Martin is sincere about its ambitions to win races and championships, they might need to reassess their driver lineup.

What We Would Do

Aston Martin should critically analyze the trajectory of their recent developments and expand research in relevant areas.

While continuous development and gaining extra downforce can be tempting, it doesn’t guarantee improved track times. A balance between raw performance numbers and real-world drivability is essential.

We would take a hard look at Lance Stroll’s competencies. We would try to answer the question, “Does the team have the ability to be great if he is driving one of the cars?”

Aston Martin F1 Results – 2023

Grand PrixDateAston Martin
F1 Results
Saudi Arabia19-Mar-2315
Great Britain9-Jul-236
Results courtesy of Formula1.com

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