Bianca Bustamante

Bianca Bustamante is a name that is making waves in motorsports. As a young and talented racing driver, she has already achieved a lot in her career and has become a role model for aspiring female drivers worldwide. In this article, we will closely examine Bianca’s journey, her achievements, and what makes her stand out as a racing driver.

Bianca Bustamante Age

Bianca was born on 19 January 2005 (age 18)

Where Was Bianca Bustamante Born?

Bianca Bustamante was born in Manila, Philippines.

Who Are Bianca Bustamante’s Parents?

Bianca’s day is Raymond Bustamante, and her mum is Janice Bustamante.

Where Does Bianca Bustamante Live?

Bustamante shares her time between Laguna, Philippines, and San José, California.

Bianca Bustamante – Schooling

In 2023 Bianca is a grade 11 student studying at the University of Santo Tomas Angelicum.

She studies in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) department.

How Does Bianca Finance Her Motorsport Career?

Bianca is a proponent of non-fungible tokens. With her manager Darryl O’Young she launched a series titled The Dark Horse.

The proceeds from these activities finance her motorsport career.

Early Life And Introduction To Motorsports

Bianca Bustamante karting

Bianca Bustamante was born in Laguna, Philippines, on 19/01/2005. Her father’s passion for cars and racing sparked her interest in motorsports.

Bianca’s father used to take her to the karting track when she was just six years old, and she fell in love with the sport immediately.

She started racing karts competitively at the age of eight and quickly began to show her natural talent and skill on the track. It wasn’t long before she started winning races and catching the attention of other drivers and teams.

Racing Career

Bianca’s success in karting included winning the China Grand Prix Kart Scholarship 4 times and the famed Macao International Kart Grand Prix 3 times.

Over her time in karting, she achieved the following.

2014Macao International Kart GP
2018Macao International Kart GP
2018Philippines National Jr Karter of the Year
2018Philippines International Jr Karter of the Year
2018Jr Asian Karting Open Championship
2018China Grand Prix Kart Scholarship
2018Philippines Driver of the Year – Karting
2019Macao International Kart GP
2019Philippines International Jr Karter of the Year
2019Jr Asian Karting Open Championship
2019China Grand Prix Kart Scholarship
2019AAP National Karting Series
2019Philippines National Sr Karter of the Year
2019Philippines Driver of the Year – Karting
2020AAP National Karting Series
2020Philippines National Sr Karter of the Year
2020Philippines Driver of the Year – Karting
2020Formula 4 Testing
2021FIA Girls on Track – Rising Stars Selected for the Shootout
2021Formula 4 Testing
2022W Series Scholarship Shootout Winner (Academy Team)
2022W Series Top Rookie in Driver Standings
20232 X top 10 finishes in the Formula 4 UAE Championship (Prema Racing)
2023F1 Academy (Prema Racing) Full season

USF Juniors

Bianca’s performances in the 2020 season earned her a place in the prestigious 2022 USF Juniors, designed to support young racing talent.

She drove for Future Star Racing, participated in 4 of the sixteen races, and ended up with 32 championship points.

Bianca Bustamante – Indian Racing League

Bianca Bustamante - Indian Racing League

In 2022 Bianca drove in 5 races in the Indian Racing League. She drove for the Bangalore Speedsters.

Bianca Bustamante – Indy Pro 2000

In 2020, Bianca participated in 2 tests in the Indy Pro 2000 and continued showing her impressive form.

Bianca Bustamante W Series

Bianca Bustamante W Series

Between 31 January and February 2022, Bustamante participated in a W Series test in Arizona, United States. This was held with 14 other aspirant drivers.

In March 2022, she participated in a second test against 20 other candidates. After the tests, Bianca signed on to participate in the 2022 W Series season.

In her single-seater debut in 2022 at Miami, she scored points in her first race, finishing 9th place. At 18 years old, she achieved 15th place in the season championships, and as a result, she won the top rookie honors.

Bianca Bustamante – Formula 4 UAE Championship

In 2023 she signed on to drive in the 4 UAE Championship. She is driving for  PREMA.

Bianca Bustamante – F1 Academy

The dream to start rising into the F1 ranks became real when Bianca was confirmed as the second driver for Prema Racing to compete in the all-female F1 Academy series.

After the completion of the F4 championship, Bianca will transfer her attention to the F1 Academy.

Is Esteban Ocon Friends With Bianca Bustamante?

Esteban had the following to say about Bianca.

“I trained with a young girl named Bianca at my training center. She was the first to arrive and the last to depart. It was a crazy thing.
“But not even that. She had a gift right away. She understands how things should be done. She was super strong and super talented right away. While I have been doing this for years, I was doing the same exercises. She immediately managed to impress me.” [Translated from French]

Esteban Ocon

Achievements And Accolades

Bianca has been named a Rising Star by the Women’s Sports Foundation and recognized by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation as a Young Leader in Sports.

These accolades reflect her talent as a racing driver and her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the sport.

What Makes Bianca Stand Out

Several factors make Bianca Bustamante stand out as a racing driver and set her apart from her peers in the motorsports world.

Natural Talent And Skill

First and foremost, Bianca’s natural talent and skill behind the wheel are undeniable. From a young age, she has shown an aptitude for racing that is rare to find.

She has an innate sense of car control and can push herself and her car to the limit without losing control. Her performances on the track speak for themselves, and she has consistently been one of the top performers in the championships she has competed in.

Mental Toughness And Resilience

Racing is not just about speed and skill – it also requires a high level of mental toughness and resilience. Bianca has shown that she has what it takes to compete at the highest level, both physically and mentally.

She has overcome setbacks and challenges throughout her career, including the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and has remained focused and determined in the face of adversity.

Commitment To Diversity And Inclusion

As a female driver of Mexican heritage, Bianca is a trailblazer in a sport historically dominated by white men.

She is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in motorsports and has used her platform to advocate for greater representation of women and minorities in the sport.

She is a role model for young girls and women who aspire to break into motorsports and is helping to pave the way for future generations of drivers.

Work Ethic And Dedication

Bianca’s success on the track is not just down to her natural talent but also the result of her hard work and dedication. She puts in countless hours of training and preparation on and off the track to ensure that she is in peak condition for every race.

She constantly strives to improve her skills and develop her knowledge of the sport and always seeks ways to gain an edge over her competitors.

Positive Attitude And Sportsmanship

Finally, Bianca’s positive attitude and sportsmanship make her popular among fans and fellow drivers. She is always gracious in victory and defeat and is known for her friendly and approachable demeanor.

She is a team player who is always willing to help her teammates and support her sponsors and is a true ambassador for the sport.

Bianca Bustamante Height


She is 163 cm (5′ 4″) high.

Follow this link to see the height and weight of all the F1 drivers.


Bianca Bustamante is a rising star in the world of motorsports. Her natural talent, mental toughness, commitment to diversity and inclusion, work ethic, and positive attitude all set her apart as a driver to watch. As she continues to develop and refine her skills, there is no doubt that Bianca will achieve even greater success and has a real chance of becoming the first female F1 driver.

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