Hannah Schmitz

Hannah Schmitz is a renowned British engineer currently serving as the Principal Strategy Engineer for the Austrian Formula One team, Red Bull Racing. She is widely recognized as one of the most successful female figures in the sport of Formula One.

Red Bull is quick to recognize the massive impact Hannah’s skills have brought to the team. Some of her strategy decisions have made the difference in a race and pushed Red Bull to the front of the grid. The remarkably talented young woman balances her pressured work life with that of being a mum.

When Was Hannah Schmitz Born?

Hannah Schmitz, born as Hannah McMillan in 1985 in Caterham, United Kingdom

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Where did Hannah Schmitz go to School?

Schmitz completed her high school education at Croydon High School in 2004.

She completed A levels in Math’s, Physics, Spanish, and Chemistry from Croydon High School in 2004

Hannah went on to attend the University of Cambridge. In 2009, she graduated with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, with a focus on optimization theory, regression analysis, and statistical models.

Hannah was part of the Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) which she describes as one of the highlights of her degree. It taught her about working as a team, conflicting priorities and how to resolve them, and working to a timescale, all with real-world obstacles.

Hannah Schmitz Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER)

CUER fed her competitive nature and helped prepare her for Formula One. As CUER’s Mechanical Team Leader, she led the team during our first-ever attempt at the World Solar Challenge – an international solar-powered car competition through the Australian Outback.

Hannah Schmitz and Red Bull

Upon completing her studies, Schmitz began her career at Red Bull Racing in November 2009 as a Modelling and Strategy Engineer. During this time, she researched and developed new simulation techniques and maintained simulation tools for analysis. 

She also produced regular testing reports on past performances and future strategies.

In April 2011, Schmitz was promoted to Senior Strategy Engineer. Her responsibilities included conducting live race strategy and competitor analysis under high-pressure environments during several Formula One events. 

She also developed software algorithms and tools to aid live race strategy.

In May 2021, Schmitz was promoted to Principal Strategy Engineer. In this role, she has demonstrated exceptional decision-making skills even in times of adversity and chaos. 

Her strategies and decisions have significantly contributed to the success of Red Bull Racing’s driver Max Verstappen.

Schmitz’s work has been instrumental in Red Bull’s title charges in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Her strategies played a key role in Verstappen’s victory at the 2022 F1 Hungarian Grand Prix, bringing her into the limelight.

Hannah Schmitz Personal Life

Despite her immense fame, Schmitz has managed to keep most of her personal details away from the media.

What is known is as follows.

Hannah Schmitz’s father is Ian McMillan. She has not disclosed her mum’s identity.

She has a sister named Sian McMillan. In her Facebook description, Hannah said that she moved to London in 2010. Before that, she lived in Caterham, England.

that she is married and is a mum to 2 children (Link)


What is clear is that her passion for engineering and strategic thinking has made a significant impact on the world of Formula One racing.

Today, Hannah Schmitz continues to push the boundaries of strategic engineering in Formula One. Her work at Red Bull Racing not only underscores her exceptional talent but also highlights the critical role that women play in the traditionally male-dominated world of motorsport.


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