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Logan Sargeant, the new F1 Williams racing driver is set to become the first American F1 driver since Michael Andretti in 1993 – over 30 years!

In 2023 Logan Sargeant is transitioning from the FIA Formula 2 series to F1, where he will be driving in the number two slot at Williams alongside Alex Albon. Williams has been a stepping stone for several greats, including George Russel.

Does Logan Sargeant have what it takes to make a mark on Formula One? He is up against an incredibly strong pack that includes the likes of  Sir Lewis Hamilton, George Russel, Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, and Lando Norris.

Logan Sargeant Background

Logan Sargeant was born on December 31, 2000, and comes from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

His parents are Michael Sardou and Mallika Sarabhai.

Logan Sargeant Hometown

Sargeant and his brother were born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

How Much Does Logan Sargeant Weigh?

Logan Sargeant weighs 71kg.

To see all the other F1 drivers weight follow this link.

Logan Sargeant Height

Logan Sargeant is a rising star in the world of motorsports, and fans are curious about every aspect of his life, including his height. In this article, we’ll explore the truth about Logan Sargeant’s height and put an end to the speculation once and for all.

The controversy surrounding Logan Sargeant’s height

Logan Sargeant’s height has been a topic of discussion among fans and followers, with many speculating that he is taller than he actually is. However, the truth is that Logan Sargeant is actually of average height for a male, standing at around 5’10” (178cm). While he may appear taller on camera or in photos, this is often due to camera angles and other visual tricks. Regardless of his height, Logan Sargeant’s talent and skill on the racetrack are what truly matter.

The Official Height Listed By Williams And Racing Organizations

According to official sources, Logan Sargeant’s height is listed as 5’10” (178cm).

This is the height that is typically used by racing organizations and his team when announcing his stats and accomplishments.

While some fans may speculate that he is taller, it’s important to remember that official measurements are the most accurate representation of his height.

Regardless of his height, Logan Sargeant’s talent and dedication to his sport are what make him a standout in the racing world.

Comparisons To Other Drivers And Athletes

It’s common for fans and followers to compare Logan Sargeant’s height to other drivers and athletes in the racing world.

However, it’s important to remember that height is just one factor in a person’s abilities and success in their sport.

Instead of focusing on height, it’s more important to recognize and appreciate the unique skills and talents that each individual brings to the racing world.

The Importance (Or Lack Thereof) Of Height In Racing

While height can play a role in certain aspects of racing, such as fitting comfortably in the car and having good visibility, it is not the most important factor in determining a driver’s success. Other factors such as skill, experience, and strategy are much more crucial in achieving victories on the track. Therefore, it’s important not to place too much emphasis on a driver’s height and instead focus on their overall abilities as a racer.

The Other Drivers Heights And Weights

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Logan Sergeant’s Brother

Logan’s older brother (by two years, born March 25, 1998) is Dalton Sargeant.

Dalton is a professional racing driver who has competed in the following NASCAR series.

  • Camping World Truck Series
  • K&N Pro Series East
  • K&N Pro Series West
  • Cars Pro Late Model Tour

Logan Sargeant F1 Racing Driver – Girlfriend

Logan Sergeant’s girlfriend is Lily Zniemer. Lily used to go out with Oscar Piastri, so she is used to hanging around the paddock.

Logan Sargeant F1 Racing Driver
Lily Zniemer

She is apparently still finishing her studies; however, she is an activist who works to raise money for worthwhile causes.

Logan Sargeant F1 Racing Driver – Racing Career

He followed a traditional path through the lower championships to Formula One.

Logan Sargeant’s Karting career

Logan started racing go-karts in 2008 when he was eight years old.

He started in America but moved to Europe in 2009 to race in the Karting World Championship.

In 2015 he won the championship, making him the first American to win a karting championship run under the FIA oversight since Lake Speed won it in 1978.

Logan Sargeant F1 Racing Driver – Formula 4 UAE Career

In 2016 Logan joined the Formula 4 UAE series.

During the two years he raced in this series, he achieved 15 podiums out of 18 races.

In 2017 he also joined team Carlin to race in the F4 British Championship. He won two races and finished a third place behind Oscar Piastri and Jamie Caroline.

Logan Sargeant’s Formula Renault Eurocup Drive

In 2018 Logan moved over to the Formula Renault Eurocup series.

He won the first race, and later in the race also won at Nürburgring and Barcelona.

He finished 2018 in 4th place; however, this result also meant he finished 2nd in the rookie championship.

Logan Sargeant F1 Racing Driver’s – Career In Formula 3

Logan Sargeant F1 Racing Driver
Logan American racing driver

He moved to Formula 3 in 2019 when he returned to team Carlin.

The first year was a rather dismal affair where Logan only scored points in four races, resulting in a season-end result of 19th.

In 2020 he moved over to Prema Racing, and he won the Silverstone F3 race and the sprint race in Belgium. He finished 2020 in third place with 160 points.

Logan remained in Formula 3 for 2021, achieving 7th place in the championship with 102 points.

Logan Sargeant F2 standings

Sargeant moved to Formula 2 in the latter part of 2021 and did not win any races.

In 2022 Logan rejoined Carlin and, in July 2022, became the first American to win a Formula 2 race at the British Grand Prix.

He won again in Austria and finished in 4th position with a points tally of 148. This means that he had sufficient points to earn his FIA super license.

Logan Sargeant F1 2023

Sargeant has been signed on as the number 2 driver at Williams for 2023.

Logan Sargeant F1 Racing Driver
Logan Williams

Here’s wishing him good fortune that he will follow in the steps of other greats from Williams.

Logan Sargeant Super License?

To race in Formula One, drivers must have an FIA Super License.

  • To qualify for an FIA super license, the driver has to meet the following requirements.
  • The driver must be in at least 18 before their first F1 race.
  • The driver must have an existing International Grade A competition license.
  • The driver must have a valid driving license.
  • The driver must have passed the FIA theory test.
  • The driver must have completed a minimum of 80% of two full seasons in any approved single-seater Championships.
  • The prospective F1 driver must have earned at least 40 points during the previous three seasons in any combination of approved racing series.

Does Logan Sargeant Have A Super License?

Logan qualifies for his Super license at the end of the 2022 Formula 2 season.

He is not officially allowed to race with Williams in 2023.

Logan Sargeant F1 Racing Driver – Car Number

Logan has finally announced the number he will be racing under in the Williams Formula One car in 2023.

He will be racing as car No 2!

Is Logan Sargeant A Billionaire?

While Logan Sargeant is not a billionaire, his Grandfather is.

Harry Sargeant III is a former United States Marine Corps fighter pilot.

Harry Sargeant III controls a diversified conglomerate with interests in.

  • Aviation companies
  • Oil refineries.
  • Oil trading companies.
  • Alternative fuels development.
  • An oil shipping company.
  • An asphalt shipping company.
  • Sargeant Trading, which has the largest fleet of asphalt tankers in the world
  • Sargeant Trading also has the largest fleet of barges in the world.
  • Owner of International Oil Trading Company (IOTC) supplies aviation fuel to the U.S. Military in Iraq.

American F1 Drivers

Stars and Stripes
Stars And Stripes

In recent years American drivers have been seriously underrepresented in Formula One. There has been a substantial American driving contingent in previous years.

Has There Ever Been An American F1 World Champion?

We have even had a world champion in the form of Phil Hill.

Which Americans Have Driven In F1?

The following lists the American drivers who have raced in Formula One

In F1
Team No
Mario Andretti1968 – 1981Lotus
Phil Hill1958 – 1966Ferrari
Lotus 24
Dan Gurney1959 – 1970Ferrari
British R
Peter Revson1964 – 1974Lotus
Eddie Cheever1978 – 1989Theodore
Richie Ginther1960 – 1967Ferrari
British R
Bill Vukovich1950- 1955Maserati
Michael Andretti1993McLaren16100
Tony Bettenhausen1950 – 1960Kurtis
Ronnie Bucknum1964 – 1966Honda29000
Mark Donohue1971, 1974 -1975McLaren
George Follmer1973Shadow15100
Masten Gregory1957 – 1965Maserati
British R
Jim Hall1960 -1963Lotus37000
Brett Lunger1975 – 1978Hesketh
Jim Rathmann1950 – 1960Wetteroth
Harry Schell1950 – 1960Cooper
British R
Scott Speed2005 – 2007Toro R54000
Danny Sullivan1983Tyrrell15000
Rodger Ward1951 – 1963Bromme


In 2023 23-year-old Logan Sargeant is moving from the FIA Formula 2 series to Formula 1. As a result, he will be the first American driver to join the series since Michael Andretti in 1993.

On behalf of all Americans – it is about time, and we wish Logan much success as he carries the hope and dreams of all-American F1 racing fans.




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