Young Fernando Alonso

Young Fernando Alonso started his journey to the zenith of motor racing – not on the grand tracks of Formula One – but rather in the intimate settings of family gatherings and hand-built karts.

He transitioned to single seaters in 2019, and the rest, as they say, is history!

A Family’s Racing Ambition

Young Fernando Alonso

It was his father who started Fernando on starting karting as a sport. He hoped that it would unite the family and give them a common interest,

Taking the initiative, he constructed a kart for Fernando. By the astonishingly young age of three, Alonso was already making rounds in go-karts, quickly distinguishing himself with innate talent.

This did not go unnoticed as he soon earned a kart racing license from the local federation.

Alonso’s karting accolades began piling up early. By the age of 14, he had already clinched the Spanish karting championship. His professional foray into racing was marked in 1999 when, at 18, he joined the Euro Open by Nissan series.

Young Fernando Alonso – Ascending the Ranks

Yiung Fernando Alonso

When he was 17, Alonso made his car racing debut in the 1999 Euro Open by Nissan.

The year 2000 saw Fernando transition to the Formula 3000, and by 2003, he tasted victory in the series.

His remarkable consistency and raw speed didn’t just win him races; it captivated the attention of Formula One teams.

Fernando Alonso and Formula One

Initially entering the F1 scene as a reserve driver, Alonso’s pivotal moment came in August 2003. Racing for the Minardi team at the Hungarian Grand Prix, he managed an impressive eleventh-place finish, despite the limitations of an uncompetitive vehicle.

Alonso’s undeniable skill on the track made waves. Recognizing the potential of this rising star, the Renault team swiftly acquired him for their roster in the subsequent season.

This marked the commencement of Fernando Alonso’s illustrious journey in the world of Formula One – a journey that began with a family’s love for karting and saw him ascend the highest echelons of motor racing. Recommends


By Jonny Noble

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