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Lando Norris started karting at age 7, and in his first race, he achieved the pole position. Since then, he has left a trail of outstanding successes which point to him potentially becoming one of the “greats” in the future.

To help you get to know this remarkable driver, we have compiled a list of 38 facts about him personally, his career, the important people in his life, and his personal life. If McLaren had provided him with a more competitive car, Lando would have achieved great things in the last 3 years.

Read on to discover all the facts you may not know about this remarkable young talent.

1. Lando Norris Age

Lando Norris was born on November 13, 1999, making him 24 this year. He has a British dad (Adam Norris) and a Belgium Mum (Cisca Norris.)

In his short lifetime, he has had an incredible number of achievements. These include the following championship titles.

YearChampionship Won
2014Karting World Championship
2015MSA Formula
2016Toyota Racing Series
2016Formula Renault 2.0 NEC
2016Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0
2017FIA F3 European Championship

2. Lando Norris Height

Norris is 1,7 m tall, which makes him the second shortest F1 driver on the grid.

Lando Norris Weight

Lando Norris weighs approximately 68 kg’s

All the drivers’ heights and weights are listed below.

NameHeight (meters)Weight (kgs)BMI
Esteban Ocon1.866619.1
Carlos Sainz1.786420.2
Daniel Ricciardo1.806620.4
George Russell1.857020.5
Zhou Guanyu1.756320.6
Sergio Perez1.736321.0
Lance Stroll1.827021.1
Charles Leclerc1.806921.3
Yuki Tsunoda1.595421.4
Alex Albon1.867421.4
Mick Schumacher1.766721.6
Logan Sargeant1.817121.7
Nico Hulkenberg1.847421.9
Kevin Magnusson1.766822.0
Max Verstappen1.817222.0
Pierre Gasly1.777022.3
Valtteri Bottas1.736923.1
Fernando Alonso1.716823.3
Lando Norris1.706823.5
“Nyck” de Vries1.676724.0
Oscar Piastri1.686824.0
Lewis Hamilton1.747324.1

3. Lando’s Contract


In 2022 Lando re-signed with McLaren on a multiyear deal lasting until 2025.

There has been speculation that he will switch to Red Bull if McLaren cannot produce a competitive car in the 2023 and 2024 seasons.

“I think they (Red Bull) should be going hard to try and buy Lando Norris.”

Karun Chandhok

On the Sky Sports F1 season review, Karun Chandhok said: “I think they (Red Bull) should be going hard to try and buy Lando Norris.”

4. Net Worth

Norris’s net worth is between $12 million and $25 million.

The is sponsored by the following companies.

Lando’s dad is reputed to be one of the UK’s 501st richest people.

5. Lando Norris Salary

In Lando’s amended contract, he earns $20.0 million per year.

6. Lando’s Helmet

He partners with MDM Designs for his helmet designs.

Lando Norris is very creative and provides a lot of input into his helmet designs.

7. Merch                                        

Lando Norris has the full range of merch at the McLaren store.

  • The Lando Silverstone Collection includes sunglasses, caps, hoodies, and T-ShirtsLink.
  • The LN4 Neon Collection includes sunglasses, caps, hoodies, and T-Shirts, link.
  • Hoodies and jumpers – Link.
  • T-Shirts and polos – Link.
  • Headwear – Link.
  • Teamwear – Link.
  • Fanwear – Link.

More affordable merch is available at Amazon – Link.

8. Where Is Lando Norris From?

He holds both British and Belgium passports.

His schooling was at the Millfield School in Street, Somerset. He left school before completing his GCSEs.

After this, he was homeschooled, where he studied physics and mathematics with a full-time personal tutor.

The family eventually moved to Glastonbury, where Lando entered school as a day pupil.

When he started racing with McLaren, he moved to Woking near the McLaren headquarters.

He now lives in Monaco to enjoy the tax benefits.

9. Lando Norris House

He lives in Monaco, and in 2020, he gave Sky Sports a tour of his house.

10. Lando’s Parents


He has a British dad (Adam Norris) and a Belgium Mum. Because of their different nationalities, Lando enjoys dual nationalities between Britain and Belgium.

Lando’s dad, Adam, achieved his wealth in the pensions industry, where he is said to be the 501st wealthiest person in the country.

He is passionate about making a difference in the climate, and in 2019, he started Pure Electric Ltd, which supplies electric scooters.

Adam Norris – Lando Norris Father

Adam Norris – Lando Norris’s dad is convinced in the new range of electric scooters that he is producing He believes that they will benefit racing paddocks around the world. Being electric they will help teams continue moving while remaining emissions free.

His dad started the company – Pure Electric – an e-scooter business after Lando signed on for the McLaren F1 team.

He was already very wealthy in his own right, but needed a passion project to keep his interest up.

Being around the racing paddocks helping son Lando was when he got the idea to develop an eco friendly electric scooter.

Some of the circuits have enormous distances between point A and point B, which team members need to move between often. Sn example of this was when Lando Norris raced in the Daytona 24 Hours, they were travelling miles from the car park to the pit lane or RV.

Developing electric scooters became a viable proposition.

Pure Electric Was Birthed

Norris entered the market with Pure Air in 2019. It was the United Kingdom’s answer to high-volume, low-price, Chinese-made e-scooters. Adam Norris (with his team) have been continually refining the design and have developed a high quality up market product.

“Our idea was to produce the safest, most compact, portable, practical and beautiful product in the world,”

Adam Norris

Pure Electric currently supplies e-scooters to the UK, France, Spain and Belgium. They intend to expand beyond this and will enter the US market by August 2023 (homologation pending) as well as Dubai and Saudi Arabia later in the year.

11. Does Lando Norris Have Any Siblings?

Lando  has two sisters, Cisca and Flo, and an older brother (Oliver.)

Flo Norris is twenty years old and is a competitive horse rider.

Flo Norris

Oliver was a competitive kart racer who drove between 2008 and 2014.

While he may not have had the karting success of his brother, Oliver Norris, he did record two podium finishes, with both 3rd place finishes coming in 2012 and 2013.

12. Lando Norris Girlfriend

Until September 2022, Lando was in a relationship with Portuguese model Luisinha Oliveir. The split happened when Lando was caught inviting another model on a date to McDonald’s.

Lando Norris Girlfriend - Luisinha Oliveir

Lando Norris’ Ex-girlfriend Tells What She Learned After The Breakup

Oliveira has a large Instagram following (over 366,000 followers) and she has Q&A sessions with them.

She was recently asked “what she had learned from her break up with Lando in 2022”.

“Your worth does not depend on who’s next to you, but not on yourself,” said Oliveira. “Happiness comes from the inside and it’s your own responsibility. No one can make you inferior without your consent.”

Luisinha Oliveir

There has been no news about Lando having another relationship after Louisiana.

13. Does Lando Norris Have Social Media Accounts?

Lando is on social media and also displays his passion for photography on social media.

Norris Twitch Stream

Lando Norris’s twitch stream can be found at the following link.

Lando Norris Twitter

Norris’s Twitter account address is at the following link.

Lando Norris Instagram

Lando’s Instagram account address is at the following Link.

14. Lando Norris Miami Helmet

Lando Norris Miami Helmet

Lando wore a unique helmet during the Miami Grand Prix, which was styled in the colors and shape of a basketball.

15. Lando Norris Mini Helmet

Lando Norris helmet

½ scale replica helmets worn by Lando  are available from Amazon – Link

16. Lando Norris Wallpaper

Lando’s and McLaren wallpaper is available at the following McLaren link.

17. Lando Norris Car

Lando Norris Rolls Royce

Lando’s car collection includes an eclectic collection of high-end vehicles, including the following.

Luxury carsPrice
Audi Q8  $155,000
Land Rover Defender $190,000
McLaren GT$215,000
McLaren 570 GT$204,599
McLaren 720S$301,000
Jaguar F-TYPE $220,000
Ferrari F8 $590,000
Mercedes-Benz AMG  $790,000
Lamborghini Aventador $1,000,000
Rolls-Royce Wraith $1,000,000
Pagani Zonda R (Rumored)$2,000,000
Lamborghini Miura$1,500,000

A detailed description of Lando’s car collection can be found at this link.

18. Lando Norris Dad

Lando’s dad, Adam, achieved his wealth in the pensions industry and is said to be the 501st wealthiest person in the country.

He is passionate about making a difference in the climate, and in 2019 he started Pure Electric Ltd, which supplies electric scooters.

19. Lando Norris Podiums

Lando Norris Podium

In his F1 career, Lando has managed 10 podiums.

The number of podiums does not reflect Lando’s skill level. Unfortunately, he has been let down by the McLaren F1 car he drives.

His podiums are listed below.

Grand PrixCircuitPosition
2023Great Britain2
2021Austria/ Spielberg3
2021Emilia-Romagna/ Imola3
2020Austria/ Spielberg3

Lando’s F1 career stats are as follows

Grands Prix entered98
World Championships0
Highest race finish2nd
Highest grid position1
Stats Courtesy of Lando Norris F1 stats | GP Racing Stats

20. Lando Norris Hat

Lando’s  hats can be purchased at the following link.

21. Lando Norris Karting

KSP Agency

Lando started his karting career when he was only seven years old.

  • In his first race, he claimed the pole position.
  • In 2013 Lando started to compete in the KF-Junior karting series.
  • In 2014 he won the CIK FIA European Championship.
  • In 2014 he also won the International Super Cup and the WSK Euro Series.
  • In 2015 he won the CIK-FIA KF World Championship. At this time, he was driving for Ricky Flynn Motorsport.
  • This achievement made him the youngest karting world champion.

22. Lando Norris Number

Lando Norris Number 4

Lando races under the number four (4)

He claims he only races under the number 4 is because it fits in neatly with the hashtag #L4NDO (LANDO).

He has not used the number throughout his career.

Lando is, however, a fan of the MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi, As Valentino races under the number 46. Lando considered using 46 as his number but did not want to be a copycat.

23. Lando Norris Wins

Lando has never won an F race. His best result was at the 202 Italian GrandPrix at Monza, where he achieved second place.

24. Lando Norris’s Birthday

Lando’s birthday is on November 13.

25. How Old Is Lando Norris?

Lando turns 25 this year.

26. Lando Norris Family

Lando’s immediate family consists of the following members.

DadAdam Norris
MumCisca Norris
Self Lando

27. Lando Norris F1

In 2019 Lando was promoted to a full-time driver, where he partnered with Carlos Sainz.

Between 2020 and 2022, he recorded six podium finishes.

28.Lando Norris – McLaren


Lando signed onto the McLaren junior drivers program in 2017, and at the time, team principal Zach Brown said that Lando was an exciting prospect.

He tested in the mid-season test session and recorded the second-highest lap time at the Red Bull Hungaroring on the second test day.

In 2018 Lando became the official test and reserve driver for the McLaren team.

In 2019 Lando was promoted to a full-time driver, where he partnered with Carlos Sainz.

29. Lando’s Number

He races under the number four (4), which combines well with the hashtag #L4ndo “LANDO”

30. Lando Norris Podiums

He has achieved six (6) podiums.

31. Lando Norris Memes

He has become the subject of several funny memes; examples are below.

32. James Corden Daniel Ricciardo Lando Norris

James Cordon participated in a hilarious skit where he had apparently taken over the McLaren racing team. Lando Norris and Daniel Riccardo played along in great spirit.

33. Lando Norris Sister

Lando Norris has two sisters, Cisca and Flo.

Flo is twenty years old and is a competitive horse rider.

34. How To Meet Lando Norris?

Lando is managed by ADD Management.

They can be reached at this link. The agency’s website is reached at the following link.

36. Lando Norris Robbed Video

While leaving the Wembley stadium after the Euro 2020 finals between England and Italy, Norris lost his $75,000 Richard Mille prototype watch in a mugging and robbery.

37. Sunglasses

Lando Norris sunglasses

Limited edition Sing Gid Zephyr sunglasses were designed in collaboration with Lando – Link.


If McLaren can get its act together and provide a competitive F1 car to Lando, he has the potential to race at the front of the grid.

Failing this, after Lewi Hamilton retires from Mercedes, there are rumors that Lando is the preferred candidate.


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