Jos Verstappen and Max

In the electrifying world of Formula 1 racing, the spotlight often shines brightly on the drivers who zoom past the checkered flag. Jos Verstappen has made this possible for his son, Max Verstappen.

But behind every victorious racer, there is a guiding force that shapes their journey to the top. Max Verstappen, the sensational two times world champion has taken the F1 circuit by storm, owes much of his success to the unwavering support and guidance of his father, Jos Verstappen.

This article delves into the multifaceted persona of Jos Verstappen – from his own racing exploits to his crucial roles as a coach, mentor, dedicated father, and as a CRIMINAL!

Jos Verstappen the Racing Driver

Jos Verstappen, born on March 4, 1972, in Montfort, Netherlands. He started in karting 8 years old.

He began to compete nationally shortly thereafter.

Jos Verstappen F1

Jos Verstappen - F1

Verstappen burst onto the Formula 1 scene in 1994, driving for the Benetton-Ford team.

Known for his fierce determination and unbridled speed, Jos quickly made a name for himself. His podium finish at the 1994 Hungarian Grand Prix highlighted his potential. It demonstrated his ability to perform under pressure. This earned him the nickname Jos the Boss!

Over his Formula 1 career, Jos Verstappen showcased his talents while racing for various teams including

  • Simtek
  • Arrows
  • Tyrrell
  • Stewart
  • Minardi

Although a Formula 1 World Championship title eluded him, his contribution to the sport was profound.

Jos Verstappen’s driving skills, combined with his determination to squeeze the utmost performance from his car, earned him the respect of fellow racers and fans alike.

In his F1 career as a driver Jos contested 107 Grands Prix. He achieved the following.

  • Two podium finishes.
  • Scoring 17 championship points.
  • A highest qualifying position (6th) at the 1994 Belgian Grand Prix.

Jos Verstappen F1 Accident

Jos Verstappen had a horrific accident in the1994 Brazilian GP. The accident involved.

Was Jos Verstappen an F1 World Champion?

The illustrious Formula 1 World Championship remained beyond Jos Verstappen’s grasp. Despite this, his legacy extends beyond championship titles.

He made history as the first Dutch driver to compete in Formula 1. This was a feat that laid the foundation for the Verstappen family’s future triumphs.

His role as a trailblazer played a significant part in fueling the surge of Formula 1’s popularity in the Netherlands.

The Coach

Jos Verstappen’s journey in the world of motorsports did not conclude with his retirement from competitive racing.

Instead, he transitioned into a new role – that of a coach and mentor. He has a treasure trove of experiences and insights garnered from his racing career. Jos Verstappen became a guiding light in his son Max’s journey towards racing greatness.

 In 2019 Jos himself said that he was even more invested in his son’s success than his own.

“Max was my life project. I wanted to win with him, become a champion. We had a goal together, I found the time with Max much more fun than my own career. Put it this way: I did more for Max’s career than for my own career.”

Jos Verstappen

As Max Verstappen ascended the ranks of motorsport, Jos remained a constant presence in the paddock. He provided invaluable advice and unwavering support.

His guidance played a pivotal role in refining Max’s driving skills and polishing his race craft. Jos Verstappen’s hands-on involvement was instrumental in shaping Max into the formidable F1 driver he is today.

Joss Verstappen the dad

Jos and Son Max

Beyond the racetrack and coaching sessions, Jos Verstappen is a father who stands solidly by his son’s side.

Their strong bond is palpable, whether they’re celebrating victories or weathering challenges. Jos Verstappen’s presence in the pit lane during races reflects the depth of their connection and his commitment to Max’s success.

Jos’s influence as a father extends beyond motorsport strategies. He has instilled essential values like tenacity, perseverance, and the pursuit of continuous improvement in Max.

These attributes have played a significant role in shaping Max’s unyielding self-belief and his willingness to embrace calculated risks.

Jos Verstappen Wife

Verstappen married three times.

  • Sophie Kumpen (Max Verstappen’s mother.)
  • Kelly van der Waal
  • Sandy Sijtsma

Jos Verstappen Children

Verstappen has two children from his first marriage.

  • Max Verstappen – His mother is Sophie Kumpen
  • Victoria Jane Verstappen – Victoria is Jos’s daughter and she is two years younger than big brother Max.  She owns a fashion brand called Unleash the Lion and is active on Instagram promoting the brand. Her Instagram account handle is @victoriaverstappen. Her mother is Sophie Kumpen.
  • Blue Jaye – Born in 2014, her mother is Kelly van der Waal.
  • Jason Jaxx – Born in 2019, his mother is Sandy Sijtsma.
  • Mila Faye – Born in 2020, her mother is Sandy Sijtsma.

How Hard was Jos Verstappen on Son Max

Jos Verstappen’s role in Max’s journey was not just about guidance and encouragement. He also pushed his son to his limits, driving him to extract every ounce of potential.

While Max’s incredible talent and determination were evident from an early age, Jos’s influence played a part in honing those skills and shaping Max’s attitude towards racing.

“That’s what my dad [taught me]: sometimes he would send me out, he would change something [on the kart], but he wouldn’t tell me what, and then I had to feel what it was doing. That’s how we get a good understanding of new parts coming onto the car. But he also told me. If you don’t feel anything, don’t say anything; don’t lie’.”

Max Verstappen

Jos Verstappen’s high standards and firm guidance prepared Max for the challenges of the racing world.

An incident in 2012 highlights Jos Verstappen’s version of tough love. Father Jos reputedly abandoned Max at a petrol station after he lost a karting championship. The alleged abandonment followed a race at the Sarno circuit in Italy, where Max had chased the win but lost to Daniel Bray

The tough love and rigorous training regimen that Max underwent contributed to his mental fortitude and competitive edge.

Max and Jos Verstappen Jail

Father and son were arrested for attempted murder. They were brawling at a karting event in 1998. Both were sentenced to 5 years in jail – luckily for father and son the sentence was suspended.

The court found them guilty of causing a man’s skull fracture. The pair settled the case out of court directly with the 45-year-old victim.

This individual was part of a group of people that had been arguing with the Verstappen’s over access to track in Lanaken, Belgian.

Jos Verstappen has a violent history off the track. This wasn’t his first brush with the law.

Jos Verstappen Abuse

Verstappen received a 3-month suspended jail sentence for assault involving his ex-wife.

In 2012 Jos Attempted to Murder His Girlfriend

In 2012, Jos was convicted of driving his car into his ex-wife, Kelly van der Waal. At the time she was his girlfriend.

This happened after a violent argument. Jos Verstappen was arrested for attempted murder.

The charges were ultimately dropped after he spend two weeks in jail.


The saga of Max Verstappen’s rise to F1 stardom is incomplete without acknowledging the pivotal role played by his father, Jos Verstappen. Jos Verstappen’s influence is woven into the very fabric of Max’s success story.

His unwavering support, guidance, and occasional tough love have shaped Max into the F1 driver he is today. Jos Verstappen’s legacy as the man behind Max Verstappen remains an inspiring testament to the power of family, dedication, and a shared passion for racing.

Some of the anger issues have been channeled to Max who has managed to focus them onto his performance in track.


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