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So far this season, Alfa Romeo hasn’t met expectations, both in performance and points. As Audi is set to join next year before a complete team transformation in 2026, Sauber must improve.

If not, there’s a possibility that Audi might take a dominant role in the team dynamics.

While Audi has a successful track record in other racing categories, Formula One is a unique challenge. It’s been a while since Sauber performed at its peak.

The past takeover by BMW and its aftermath didn’t help, but Sauber managed to continue.

The 2022 rule changes provided a fresh start, and bringing in Valtteri Bottas seemed like a strategic move. However, the team hasn’t maintained the momentum from the previous season.

The new ground effect rules appear to be a challenge for many teams. Sometimes, progress requires a temporary step back, and consistent performance is key to truly understand the team’s position.

It’s essential to avoid continuously adding modifications to the car, hoping for improvements. These changes can alter the vehicle’s characteristics, making it difficult to achieve consistent results from race to race.

Alfa Romeo F1 Results – Alfa Romeo Drivers

In terms of drivers, Bottas and Zhou Guanyu are closely matched. Bottas has shown outstanding performance on certain days, which highlights Zhou Guanyu’s capabilities.

Zhou has displayed impressive speed at times but also seems to experience occasional setbacks.

What We Would Do

Focus on truly understanding the current car’s dynamics. Once the right direction is identified, streamline the development plan accordingly.

Considering the regulations will remain for a few more seasons, this approach might be more beneficial in the long run, especially with next season fast approaching.

Alfa Romeo F1 Results – 2023

Grand PrixDateAlfa Romeo
F1 Results
Saudi Arabia19-Mar-230
Great Britain9-Jul-230
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