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In the fast-paced world of F1 racing every second that that can be saved is a potential game changer. Achieving the fastest F1 Pit Stop is an area which show just how well a team is operating and working as a cohesive unit. DHL recognizes this and awards the team which achieves the fastest pit stop on each race.

So far in 2023 the teams that have performed the fastest F1 Pit Stop are.

  • Ferrari
  • McLaren
  • Red Bull

The fastest F1 Pit Stop 2023 – Standings

Red Bull pulled of the fastest pit stop in the 2023 season at the Hungarian GP – they changed all four of Sergio Perez’s tires in 1.98 seconds! This is a truly remarkable feat.

Grand PrixTeamDriverFastest Stop
BahrainFerrariCharles Leclerc2.22s
Saudi ArabiaFerrariCharles Leclerc2.10s
AustraliaRed BullSergio Perez2.11s
AzerbaijanRed BullSergio Perez2.30s
MiamiFerrariCarlos Sainz2.21s
MonacoRed BullSergio Perez2.15s
SpainRed BullSergio Perez2.07s
CanadaRed BullSergio Perez2.23s
AustriaMcLarenLando Norris2.10s
Great BritainMcLarenLando Norris2.23s
HungaryRed BullSergio Perez1.98s
BelgiumFerrariCharles Leclerc2.19s
NetherlandsRed BullMax Verstappen 2.01s
ItalyMcLarenLando Norris2.13s
SingaporeRed BullSergio Perez2.32s
JapanAston MartinLance Stroll2.46s
QatarMcLarenLando Norris1.80s
United StatesMcLarenLando Norris2.07s
MexicoFerrariCarlos Sainz2.35s
BrazilRed BullMax Verstappen2,22s
Las VegasMcLarenOscar Piastri1.99s
Abu Dhabi

The Fastest F1 Pit Stop – How Do F1 Teams Achieve Them?

The fastest F1 Pit Stop - How Many Laps Do F1 Tires Last?
Tire pit stop

Watching a well-executed F1 pit stop is like watching a finely choreographed ballet. Each part of the process is carefully practiced until each team member is millimeter perfect in the execution.

The Driver Enters the Pit Lane

A perfect pit stop starts with the driver’s entry into the pit. He must brake the car at precisely the right point at the entrance to the pit lane.

If he brakes too early, he loses valuable time. It is also true if he brakes too late, too late – added to which he may get a penalty.

While he is braking, he presses the pit lane limiter button which controls the maximum speed he can travel through the pit lane. The timing has to be exactly right. Teams put a marker in the pit lane as an aid to indicate to the driver where to he should begin to turn into the pits.

Stopping The F1 Car

The driver must stop in exactly the right spot. If he stops too far to either side (right or left), the mechanic has to take a step back, which spoils his rhythm and takes time. If the driver halts just 20 cm too far forward or back, then the stop can take 0.6 to one second longer.

While The Car Is Stopped  

The driver puts the car in neutral and continues to press the brakes when the car stops. This prevents the wheels from turning while the mechanics change them. The whole process is practiced and there is no verbal communication with the driver.

The driver’s keeps his eyes on the lollipop man, and he relies on these signals above all else.

The Mechanics Duties

The fastest F1 Pit Stop - F1 Is Reducing Waste And Plastic

When the car stops 14 mechanics perform the carefully choreographed actions.

The mechanics are distributed. as follows.

  • 3 mechanics on each wheel
  • 1 mechanic with a front lift
  • 1 mechanic with a rear lift.

The 3 mechanics at each wheel carry out the following procedure.

  • The mechanic with the wheel gun removes the one central nut.
  • The second mechanic removes the old wheel.
  • The third mechanic puts the new one back on.
  • The mechanic with the wheel gun attaches the nut and tightens it.

If everyone has managed to carry out their functions all four wheels will be change and the car will be released in +- 2 seconds!

The Fastest Pit Stop on Record

Check out the world record pitstop!

  • Time – 1.82 seconds
  • Team – Red Bull Racing
  • Where – Brazilian Grand Prix
  • When – 2019

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