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The Red Bull, F1 team, is a well-known name in motorsports, and for good reason. Since their inception in 2005, they have established themselves as one of the top teams in Formula One, with multiple championship titles and some of the best drivers in the world. 

This article discusses the history of the Red Bull Racing F1 team, its drivers, team principal, and ownership.

History of Red Bull Racing F1 Team

The F1 team has roots that extend back to Jackie Stewart and the Stewart Grand Prix racing team. Jackie Stewart sold Stewart Grand Prix to Ford Motor Company in late 1999.

Ford changed the name to Jaguar Racing. The team saw very little success in this guise.

2005 car

Jaguar F1 was sold to Red Bull on 15 November 2004. Out of these ashes grew the Red Bull F1, formally founded in 2004

The new team set up its headquarters in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

The team debuted in the 2005 season of Formula One, aiming to become a championship-winning team in the future. 

Red Bull Racing started their journey in Formula One with David Coulthard and Christian Klien as their drivers.

In their first season, the team did not have much success on the track, with only four points finishes throughout the year. The team ended the season in seventh place in the Constructors’ Championship. 

Adrian Newey


Red Bull Racing was determined to improve and hired Adrian Newey as its chief technical officer in 2006. Newey is a well-known designer in Formula One and has designed championship-winning cars for Williams, McLaren, and Red Bull Racing.

With the hiring of Newey, Red Bull Racing began to show significant improvements on the track. In 2006, they finished seventh place in the Constructors’ Championship, but in 2007, they moved to fifth place. 

The team’s first podium finish came in the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix, where David Coulthard finished in third place.

Sebastian Vettel’s Influence

Sebastian Vettel

In 2009, Red Bull Racing achieved its first victory in Formula One, with Sebastian Vettel winning the Chinese Grand Prix. The team finished the season in second place in the Constructors’ Championship, just behind Brawn GP. The following year, Red Bull Racing won their first Constructors’ Championship, with Sebastian Vettel also winning the Drivers’ Championship. This was the start of a period of dominance for the team, as they went on to win four consecutive Constructors’ Championships between 2010 and 2013, with Sebastian Vettel winning the Drivers’ Championship in all four years.

Red Bull Racing faced a tough challenge from Mercedes in the following years, but they continued to be competitive and win races. In 2016, the team finished second in the Constructors’ Championship, with Daniel Ricciardo winning the Malaysian Grand Prix. 

Max Verstappen Joins Red Bull

Verstappen Warns Sergio Perez
Verstappen Warns Sergio Perez

In 2018, Red Bull Racing signed Max Verstappen. He went on to be the youngest Formula One driver to win a Grand Prix in his debut race for the team. The team continued to improve and finished in third place in the Constructors’ Championship in 2019 and 2020.

Red Bull Racing F1 Team Drivers

Over the years, Red Bull Racing has had some of the best drivers in Formula One. The team has always had a strong driver line-up, with talented, skilled, and determined drivers to win races.

Over the years, the Red Bull Racing Formula One team has had several talented drivers race for them. Some of the most notable drivers who have raced for the Red Bull team include:

Sebastian Vettel  

The German driver won four consecutive Driver’ Championships with Red Bull Racing between 2010 and 2013.

Mark Webber 

The Australian driver raced for the team from 2007 to 2013, scoring 9 Grand Prix wins and finishing in the top three in the Drivers’ Championship three times.

Red Bull Racing Mark Webber Danie Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo

The Australian driver joined the team in 2014 and raced for the team until 2018. During his time with Red Bull, he won 7 Grand Prix races and finished in the top three in the Drivers’ Championship in 2014 and 2016.

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen made his debut in Formula One in the 2015 season. He was only 17 when he signed with Scuderia Toro Rosso. In 2016, he was promoted to the team, becoming the youngest driver to compete for a top team in Formula One. 

Verstappen’s racing style is characterized by his aggressive overtaking maneuvers and willingness to take risks. He has a natural talent for car control and can extract maximum performance from his Red Bull car. Verstappen has a never-give-up attitude and is known for his ability to fight until the very end of a race.

In 2021, Verstappen won 10 races and finished second in the Drivers’ Championship. He had several impressive performances, including a dominant win at the French Grand Prix and a thrilling victory at the Dutch Grand Prix in front of his home crowd. Verstappen also had several intense battles with Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, and the two drivers provided some of the season’s most exciting moments.

He walked through 2022 with undisputed excellence, winning his 2nd world championship.

One of Verstappen’s strengths is his ability to adapt to different track conditions. He is equally comfortable in wet and dry conditions and can quickly adjust to changes in the track surface or weather conditions. Verstappen also has a good understanding of his car and can provide valuable feedback to his engineers, helping to improve the performance of the Red Bull car.

Sergio Perez

Red Bull F1 Racing Sergio Perez

Perez, also known as “Checo,” is a Mexican driver who joined the team in 2021. Sergio Perez has been a regular in Formula One since 2011 and has established himself as a consistent performer on the track.

Perez’s racing style is characterized by his ability to manage his tires and aggressive overtaking maneuvers. He is known for making a set of tires last longer than his competitors, allowing him to gain positions on the track during pit stops. Perez is also a strong defender and can hold off faster cars for extended periods.

In his first season with the team, Perez had a slow start but quickly adapted to the car and the team. He scored his first win at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, taking advantage of a late-race crash that forced Verstappen and Hamilton to retire. Perez also had several solid performances, finishing on the podium four times and scoring valuable points for the team.

One of Perez’s strengths is his ability to work with his team to develop the car. He has a good understanding of the technical aspects of the sport and can provide valuable feedback to his engineers. Perez is also a team player and can work well with his teammates, providing support and taking on a leadership role when necessary.

He finished third in the 2022 World Championship,

The Other Red Bull Drivers

Other drivers who have raced for the Red Bull team include 

  • Alex Albon.
  • David Coulthard.
  • Robert Doornbos.
  • Pierre Gasly.
  • Daniil Kvyat.
  • Christian Klien
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi.
  • Scott Speed.

Red Bull’s F1 Statistics

The table below lists the Red Bull F1 team results they have achieved since they were formed in 2005.

YearCar ModelEnginePointsChampionship
2005RB1Cosworth TJ2005 3.0 V10347th
2006RB2Ferrari 056 2.4 V8167th
2007RB3Renault RS27 2.4 V8245th
2008RB4Renault RS27 2.4 V8297th
2009RB5Renault RS27 2.4 V8153.52nd
2010RB6Renault RS27-2010 2.4 V84981st
2011RB7Renault RS27-2011 2.4 V86501st
2012RB8Renault RS27-2012 2.4 V84601st
2013RB9Renault RS27-2013 2.4 V85961st
2014RB10Renault Energy F1-2014 1.6 V6 t4052nd
2015RB11Renault Energy F1-2015 1.6 V6 t1874th
2016RB12TAG Heuer 1.6 V6 t4682nd
2017RB13TAG Heuer 1.6 V6 t3683rd
2018RB14TAG Heuer 1.6 V6 t4193rd
2019RB15Honda RA619H 1.6 V6 t4173rd
2020RB16Honda RA620H 1.6 V6 t3192nd
2021RB16BHonda RA621H 1.6 V6 t585.52nd
2022RB18Red Bull RBPTH001 1.6 V6 t7591st
2023RB19Honda RBPTH001 1.6 V6 t123*1st*

Red Bull Racing – Team Principal

Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner

The leader of the Red Bull racing team is Christian Horner. He has been the team principal and chief executive since its founding.

Christian started his racing career rising through the racing ranks. In the 1990s, he reached Formula 3000, which was positioned as the pre-F1 series.

While driving, he also managed the Arden International team. At the end of 1998, Christian decided to switch his focus to management. In the next five years, he built Arden into a formidable competitor, achieving three back-to-back International Formula 3000 Team championships between 2002 and 2004. The team also won the drivers’ championship titles in 2003 and 2004.

Red Bull co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz watched the young Horner when Red Bull decided to build its own F1 team. Christiaan was the first name on their list to run it. Christian became F1’s Youngest Team Principal at just 31.

Who owns Red Bull Racing

Red Bull drink

Dietrich Mateschitz owned 49 percent of the Red Bull conglomerate. Chaleo Yoovidhya owned the other 51 percent. They formed Red Bull together in 1987.

Yoovidhya died in 2012 and his son, Chalerm, now has the 51 percent stake in Red Bull. Chalerm is worth $24.7 billion, Forbes report.

Mateschitz is survived by his son Mark, 29, who was “groomed as his successor” according to The Athletic.

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