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There is no other way to put it than to say that the 2023 Red Bull F1 results prove that it is the dominant team. They also show that it has set targets that cannot be threatened by competitors in 2023.

Since the implementation of the new regulations in 2022, Red Bull’s supremacy highlights just how well they understood ground effect and its value on a vehicle’s performance. The initial design they introduced has undergone subtle modifications through the year.

Each change has maintained the gap between the other teams (which are improving) and Red Bull.

The 2023 enhancements by Red Bull underscore the precision with which they designed their RB19 car. Throughout this year, there have been three iterations of radiator-inlet optimization:

  • The initial launch model of the RB19.
  • The modifications for the Azerbaijan race.
  • The modifications for the Hungarian Grand Prix

These changes exemplify the efficiency of refining an existing aerodynamic framework rather than overhauling the entire airflow dynamics over the vehicle’s external surface.

Red Bull F1 Results – Wind Tunnel Time

Such consistency allows Red Bull to capitalize on their limited wind tunnel sessions and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) evaluation. These are limited to the 2023 season for the following reasons.

  • As the previous years world champions there is an automatic reduction in wind tunnel time
  • As punishment for the 2021 cost cap breach

Red Bull Drivers – Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen stands out as the ideal driver for Red Bull’s strategic vision.

Adrian Newey’s ambition revolves around crafting the fastest vehicle, adhering to the given regulatory framework. Occasionally, this objective might necessitate adjustments to cater to the driver’s preferences.

However, Verstappen exhibits remarkable adaptability, seamlessly handling vehicles that many, including Sergio Perez, find challenging to maneuver.

Verstappen’s enthusiastic engagement with simulator racing at home provides him with an edge. While these simulators offer restricted feedback, the onus largely lies on the driver to gauge the optimal speed for each turn without faltering.

Consistently refining this skill undoubtedly augments his real-world track prowess.

Red Bull Drivers – Sergio Prez

In contrast, Perez adopts a more traditional driving style. He operates with the resources at his disposal, and as the accompanying chart indicates. He has considerable ground to cover to consistently match Verstappen’s performance metrics.

This has placed Sergio at a significant disadvantage which have led to rumors that he will be axed – a claim strongly denied by Helmut Marko and Christian Horner.

Red Bull F1 Results – What Would We Do?

Fine-tuning existing designs proves to be less resource-intensive than embarking on entirely new aerodynamic investigations.

Notably, the ATR does not govern the aero testing associated with internal cooling flows.

Red Bull F1 Results – 2023

Saudi Arabia19-Mar-2344
Great Britain9-Jul-2334
Hungary – 23-Jul-2341
Results courtesy of Formula1.com

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