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Welcome, racing enthusiasts, to a lighthearted journey into the secret F1 Driver Phobias. Racing down a straight at 300mk/h, braking at the last moment and turning in formation with another car inches away is one thing – spiders, needles and clowns are another thing entire!

While they might seem fearless on the track, these adrenaline junkies have some unexpected phobias lurking in the shadows. Join us as we explore the delightful world of fears that haunt the 2023 F1 grid!

F1 Driver Phobias – Lewis Hamilton – Spiders and Math Exams

F1 Driver Phobias

When it comes to Lewis Hamilton, the guy who races at mind-boggling speeds with incredible skill and fearlessness, you wouldn’t expect him to be scared of anything, right?

Well, hold on to your helmets, folks. This eight-time world champion has a fear that could rival his need for speed: spiders! I kid you not, those little arachnids turn Lewis into an absolute track star!

Forget about breaking lap records; he breaks land-speed records running away from those eight-legged critters. Plastic spiders? Oh, they’re just as terrifying to him. Picture Lewis sprinting away from a harmless toy spider like it’s the finish line of the 100-meter dash.

F1 Driver Phobias – School Math’s Exams?

But wait, there’s more! As if a fear of spiders wasn’t surprising enough, Lewis Hamilton also gets sweaty palms at the mere mention of a math exam.

Yes, you heard it right, math exams! Now, I know what you’re thinking—how can someone who calculates split-second racing decisions be afraid of math?

The equation (2 + 3i) × (6 – 2i) = 44 will turn Lewis into a nervous wreck!

Well, nobody’s perfect, folks! Even the fastest man on four wheels can break into a cold sweat when faced with quadratic equations and long division.

F1 Driver Phobias – Max Verstappen – Clowns and Ghosts

F1 Driver Phobias

Lets delve into the hidden fears of the sensational young talent that is 2-time world champion, Max Verstappen. While he may possess nerves of steel on the racetrack, there’s a secret lurking beneath that shiny helmet— a fear that will make you clutch your sides with laughter.

Picture this: Max, the fearless speed demon, trembling at the sight of a clown. Yes, you heard that right—clowns! It’s as if their jolly makeup and red noses have some magical power to send shivers down his spine.

Who would have thought that the man who fearlessly overtakes opponents would get the heebie-jeebies from those hilarious yet slightly creepy characters? Perhaps they’ve mastered the art of parallel parking that sends Max’s nerves into a tailspin!

F1 Drivers Phobia – Unexplained Things of the Third Kind…

If you want to witness Max’s eyes widen and his heart race, just whisper the word “ghost” in his presence.

Suddenly, his courage vanishes faster than a pit stop in Monaco. Supernatural occurrences? They make him go full throttle, but definitely not in a good way! It’s as if the mere thought of things that go bump in the night has him accelerating away faster than his race car, leaving us in stitches of laughter.

So, here we have it—Max Verstappen, the daredevil driver who conquers racetracks with ease, is reduced to a bundle of nerves at the sight of clowns and ghostly encounters. Who knew that behind that fierce exterior lies a comedic concoction of fears that could rival a sitcom? It’s a hilarious reminder that even the greatest talents have their not-so-secret quirks, turning the racetrack into a playground of laughter and surprises. Buckle up and enjoy the wild and amusing ride with Max!

F1 Driver Phobias Seb Vettel – Roller Coasters and Public Speaking

Four-time world champion, ex F1 driver Sebastian Vettel, the master of speed and adrenaline, surprisingly finds himself in hilarious predicaments. While he can conquer the high-pressure world of racing, a few things manage to rattle his nerves in the most comical ways.

First on the list are roller coasters, those terror-inducing contraptions with their wild loops and stomach-dropping descents.

You see, dear Seb has a little secret—he’d rather stick to the smooth curves of a racetrack than subject himself to the heart-stopping loops of amusement parks. The only loops he wants to deal with are the ones on his tires as he zooms past his opponents.

Ask Seb to Make a Speach!

F1 Driver Phobias Sebastian Vettel - Roller Coasters and Public Speaking

Ask Seb to deliver a speech in front of a massive crowd. Prepare yourself for a spectacle like no other—a sight that rivals the most daring stunts he’s pulled off on the track.

Picture this: a man who would rather face a hairpin bend blindfolded than be forced to string together coherent sentences in front of an audience. Oh, the comedy that unfolds when Seb finds himself in such a situation!

So, there you have it—Sebastian Vettel, the fearless racer who brings us thrilling moments on the track, gets weak-kneed at the thought of roller coasters and turns into a bundle of nerves when faced with public speaking.

Who would have thought that the king of speed has his own hilarious Achilles’ heels? It just goes to show that even the greatest champions have their quirks and funny fears.

F1 Driver Phobias – Charles Leclerc – Snakes and Horror Movies

And what about Charles Leclerc? Now, we all know Charles is a fearless driver, but what you may not know is that he has a couple of quirky fears.

First up on the list of Charles’ phobias are snakes. The sight of them sends him into a panic faster than a pit crew changing tires. Imagine the scene:

Charles, the racing prodigy, transforming into a nimble-footed dancer, leaping higher than his own car as he tries to avoid any encounter with those wiggly reptiles. Who would have thought that the man who handles curves with ease gets the jitters at the mere thought of a harmless garden snake?

F1 Drivers Phobia – Charles Horror Movies are Horror Movies!

Charles’ also had another humorous fear — horror movies. You might assume that someone who races at incredible speeds would find the adrenaline rush of a horror flick exhilarating, right? Well, think again!

Charles, the master of the track, transforms when it comes to the realm of spooky cinema. One jump scare, and he’ll jump higher than his car on a bumpy track. It’s a spectacle worth watching as he hides behind pillows, squealing in terror, while the rest of us are too busy laughing at his hilarious antics.

So, there you have it, folks—Charles Leclerc, the fearless driver, loses his cool at the sight of snakes and becomes a comedy act during horror movie nights. It just goes to show that even the most talented and daring individuals have their comical quirks and fears.

Let’s cheer for Charles as he conquers the racetrack but be sure to keep the snakes and horror movies far, far away, unless you want to witness a comedy show like no other!

F1 Driver Phobias – Fernando Alonso – Needles and Dentists

And then we have the fearless Fernando Alonso – the legendary F1 daredevil!

Despite his incredible feats on the racetrack, there’s one thing that reduces this two-time world champion to a bundle of nerves—needles. Yes, you heard it right, folks. Needles! His fear of those tiny, pointy things rivals that of a toddler about to get a haircut from a clumsy barber.

Imagine the scene: Fernando, the fearless speed demon, confronted with a vaccine shot. You’d think he’d handle it with the same grace and precision as he maneuvers through tight corners, right?

Oh, how wrong you are! Don’t expect him to calmly roll up his sleeve and face the needle with a brave smile. No, no, my friends. Instead, be prepared for a symphony of dramatic gasps, exaggerated flinches, and a whole lot of squirming. It’s as if the sight of that syringe transforms him into a character from a slapstick comedy, tiptoeing around like he’s avoiding a swarm of bees.

F1 Driver Phobias – And When It Comes to Dentists!

F1 Driver Phobias scary dentist

Picture Fernando sitting in the dentist’s office, his heart pounding faster than the revving engines of his race car. While he can masterfully control a powerful machine, he finds it challenging to handle the mere sight of a dental drill.

Cue the comedic soundtrack as he fidgets in the dentist’s chair, his eyes wide with terror, envisioning the drill turning into some monstrous race car ready to devour his pearly whites. Who would have thought that the man who fearlessly tackles hairpin bends has such an amusing struggle with routine dental visits?

So, there you have it—Fernando Alonso, the unstoppable force on the racetrack, becomes a hilarious bundle of nerves when confronted with needles and dental drills.

It’s a delightful reminder that even the boldest of champions have their comical Achilles’ heels. Let’s cheer for Fernando as he conquers the racing world but be sure to keep those needles and dental tools far, far away unless you want a front-row seat to a comedy show like no other!

F1 Driver Phobias – Lando Norris – Haunted Houses and Singing in Public

There’s no denying that Lando Norris is a charismatic McLaren driver, who given the right car, could become world champion. Did you know that he has his own personal kryptonite?

His smile can be eclipsed by his fear of haunted houses. Oh, yes! Even the brightest of spirits can be spooked by the supernatural.

Picture this: Lando, the fearless speedster, skidding through a racetrack with ease, leaving his opponents in the dust. But ask him to spend a night in a place rumored to be haunted, and you’ll witness a rapid change in his disposition.

Suddenly, he’d rather race Max in a Red Bull, with him driving a Haas to escape any encounter with things that go bump in the night. Who would have thought that the man who fearlessly overtakes competitors would be running away from a harmless ghostly apparition?

F1 Driver Phobias – Let’s Ask Lando to Sing for His Supper!

But that’s not all, my friends! If you thought you could sweet-talk Lando into singing karaoke, think again!

The mere thought of belting out tunes in public sends shivers down his spine. It’s as if his confidence transforms into a quivering jelly, making him reconsider his whole career as a driver.

Oh, the anxiety that fills his being when faced with the prospect of grabbing that microphone and subjecting innocent ears to his questionable vocal talents.

So, there you have it—the legendary Lando Norris, whose infectious smile can brighten any room, gets spooked by haunted houses and breaks out in a cold sweat at the idea of karaoke.

It just goes to show that even the most charismatic and talented individuals have their quirks and hilarious fears. Let’s cheer for Lando as he dominates the racetrack, but let’s keep the haunted houses and karaoke nights at a safe distance unless we want to witness a comedy show that’s sure to leave us laughing until our cheeks hurt!

F1 Driver Phobias – Sergio Perez – Snakes and Butterflies

When it comes to Sergio Perez, he shares Charles Leclerc’s fear of snakes, but he also has an inexplicable aversion to butterflies.

It’s a peculiar combination – but whoever said phobias had to be reasonable! The fluttering wings of these beautiful insects can make Sergio’s heart race for all the wrong reasons.

Perhaps a butterfly-themed race car might help him conquer his fear?

George Russel Isn’t a Fan of Snakes and Crocodiles

While this Mercedes driver excels on the racetrack and regularly challenges his teammate – Lewis Hamilton, there are two creatures that strike fear into his heart like no other—crocodiles and snakes. Brace yourselves for a wild ride!

F1 Driver Phobias – George And His Crocodiles!

scary crocodile

Let’s start with crocodiles, those fearsome reptiles with their toothy grins and stealthy moves. Now, George may be a master of speed, but even he can’t outrun the image of a snappy crocodile lurking in murky waters.

The mere thought of those scaly beasts sends shivers down his spine faster than a lap at Monza. Picture this: George, the racing superstar, hopping from one foot to the other, tiptoeing across imaginary rivers, just to avoid any encounter with a crocodile.

It’s like watching a ballet performance, only instead of a graceful dancer, we have a Formula One driver pirouetting his way around an invisible swamp.

F1 Driver Phobias – Snakes Are Not Popular With George

But hold on tight, folks, because George’s fear doesn’t stop at crocs. Snakes enter the picture, slithering and hissing their way into his nightmares.

Despite his bravery on the track, he’d rather face a million hairpin turns than come face-to-face with even the tiniest garden snake. It’s a spectacle worth watching as George transforms into an acrobatic contortionist, leaping higher than his car at the mere sight of a slithery friend. Who knew that the man who handles curves with finesse would be reduced to a bundle of nerves by these legless reptiles?

So there you have it, my friends—George Russell, the fearless driver who conquers the racetrack, becomes a hilarious ballerina when faced with crocodiles and snakes. It just goes to show that even the boldest and most talented individuals have their funny fears and quirks. Let’s cheer for George as he races towards victory, but let’s keep the crocs and snakes far, far away, unless we want to witness a comedy show that’ll have us in stitches from start to finish!


While we love and admire these F1 drivers for their extraordinary skills on the track, it’s also amusing to discover their hidden fears.

From Lewis Hamilton’s spider jumps to Max Verstappen’s clown phobia, it reminds us that even our racing heroes are human after all.

So, the next time you see your favorite driver blasting down the circuit, remember they might be scared of something as ordinary as a spider. After all, it’s not easy being fearless at 300 km/h!

By Jonny Noble

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