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Formula One (F1) is the pinnacle of motorsport, attracting millions of fans and viewers from around the world. F1 drivers are among the most skilled, talented and courageous athletes in the world, competing in high-speed races across different continents and circuits.

But which country can claim to have the biggest percentage of the 725 F1 drivers in history? Which country has produced the percentage of the biggest percentage of the 34 champions, race winners and podium finishers? In this article, we will rank the top countries with the most F1 drivers in history.

We base this on the number of drivers who have participated in at least one F1 race since the inception of the world championship in 1950.

We will also look at some of the most notable and successful drivers from each country, and how they have contributed to the history and legacy of F1.

The Top 10 Countries With The Most F1 Drivers In History

In total F1 drivers have come from 41 countries since 1950.

The country that has fielded the most drivers between the first F1 race in 1950 and 2023 is the United Kingdom. The UK has produced 164 drivers, followed by the United States at 159 drivers.

The list below shows the number of driver by country since the sport was formed

 United Kingdom164
 United States159
 Germany / West Germany53
 South Africa23
 New Zealand9
 East Germany4
Russia 4
 Czech Republic1

Which Country Has Produced The Most F1 wins?

The following list shows the number of race wins by country.

This list is interesting because it shows some interesting variances compared to the number of drivers list above.

The UK has the greatest number of wins (which aligns with the fact that they have had the greatest number of drivers. Although the United States has had the second highest number of drivers, it has only produced the 33 wins. This places it in 11th place in terms of race wins.

Germany came in 5th with the number of drivers (53), but produced the 2nd largest number of race wins (179).

Brazil only produced 32 f1 drivers, and yet produced the 3rd largest number of race wins.

The Number Of Race Wins By Country

 United Kingdom164308
 Germany / West Germany53179
 United States15933
 New Zealand912
 South Africa2310

Which Country Has Produced The Most Champions

F1 Drivers Lewis-Hamilton-2007-Canadian-GP

Only 5% of F1 drivers have won world championships. Once again the United Kingdom leads the pack withe 10 F1 drivers champions. The list of if F1 championship winners from the UK is listed.

  • Hawthorn [1]
  • Hill, G [2]
  • Clark [2]
  • Surtees [1]
  • Stewart [3]
  • Hunt [1]
  • Mansell [1]
  • Hill, D [1]
  • Hamilton [7]
  • Button [1]

Germany, Brazil and Finland come in 2nd place with 3 winners each

  • Michael Schumacher [7] – Germany
  • Sebastian Vettel [4] – Germany
  • Nico Rosberg [1] – Germany
  • Emerson Fittipaldi [2] – Brazil
  • Nelson Piquet [3] – Brazil
  • Ayrton Senna [3] – Brazil
  • K. Rosberg [1] Finland
  • Mika Häkkinen [2] Finland
  • Kimi Räikkönen [1] Finland

The Number Drivers Champions By Country

CountryTotal driversChampionsChampionships
 United Kingdom1641020
 Germany / West Germany53312
 United States15922
 New Zealand911
 South Africa2311

So these stats make for some interesting reading. How does it work out when we look at the different ratios.

F1 Race Wins As A Ratio Of The Number Of Drivers

The clear winner in this category is the Fins. Although they have only fielded 9 drivers they have won an incredible 57 races. This means that . Race Wins As Ratio Of Finish Drivers is 6.33 per driver.

Germany comes in a strong second with 3.38 wins per driver and Brazil 3rd with 3.16 wins per driver.

The United Kingdom only has 1.88 wins per driver.

Race Wins
As Ratio
Of Drivers
 Germany / West Germany531793.38
 United Kingdom1643081.88
 New Zealand9121.33

Percentage of Champion Per Driver

Once again Finland leads the statistics. 1/3rd of Finish F1 drivers have become F1 champions.

13% of the 16 Austrian drivers became champions and 11% of Australian and News Zealand drivers became champions.

Despite (or maybe because of) the United Kingdom fielding the most drivers, only 6% of them became champions.

To Drivers
 New Zealand9111%
 United Kingdom164106%
 Germany / West Germany5336%
 South Africa2314%
 United States15921%

Ratio of F1 Championships Per F1 Champion

F1 Drivers juan-manuel-fangio

Here we have the Argentinian’s and the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio leading the pack. Having only one F1 champion – who won 5 championships – means that the ratio of Argentinian Championships
Per Champion is 5.

Germany (Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg) and France (Alain Prost) comes in 2nd place with 4 each.

The United Kingdom finds itself in company with Austria,  Australia,  Spain and the Netherlands.

Championships Per Champion

CountryChampionsChampionshipsRatio Of
Per Champion
 Germany / West Germany3124.00
 United Kingdom10202.00
 New Zealand111.00
 South Africa111.00
 United States221.00

The Number Of Countries With F1 drivers In The 2023 Season

So what does that mean in 2023. The stats are fairly similar to the historical picture. See the table below

CountryActive in
No in
 United Kingdom2023 Formula One calendarLewis Hamilton
Lando Norris
George Russell
 FranceMonaco FlagPierre Gasly
Esteban Ocon
 Netherlands2023 Formula One calendarMax Verstappen
Nyck de Vries
 SpainSpainFernando Alonso
Carlos Sainz Jr.
 Australiaaustralian-How Long Is A Formula 1 Race? 2023 Formula One calendarOscar Piastri1
 Canada2023 Formula One calendarLance Stroll1
 China2023 Formula One calendarZhou Guanyu1
 DenmarkDanish FlagKevin Magnussen1
 FinlandFinnish flagValtteri Bottas1
 Germany / West GermanyGerman FlagNico Hülkenberg1
 Japan2023 Formula One calendarYuki Tsunoda1
 MexicoFlag MexicoSergio Pérez1
 Monaco2023 Formula One calendarCharles Leclerc1
 ThailandFlag ThailandAlexander Albon1
 United States2023 Formula One calendarLogan Sargeant 1


The statement that there are lies, than damn lies and than statistics is well proven here. Whichever way you look at it there is a case to be made for the winners of the different statistic tables to be called teh best.

The reality is that to race in an F1 car automatically puts you in a tiny minority of 725 drivers between 1950 and 2023. That is a feat in itself.



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