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F1 2023 Drivers’ Height And Weight

2023 F1 Drivers

Do the F1 driver’s height and weight affect their competitiveness? Considering that the seven times world champion (Lewis Hamilton) and two-time current world champion (Max Verstappen) fall within the middle of the field in terms of height, it would seem that there is no relationship between F1 2023 Drivers success to their height.

This article lists the F1 2023 Drivers’ Height And Weights below. Lewis and Max are two of the “heaviest” drivers on the grid 17th and 16th position, respectively, and are average with regard to their weight, so it does not seem that height and weight of the driver divide their success.

When you try to identify the factors which make an F1 driver successful, it boils down to the driver’s skill and the car they drive. At this level of motorsport, the fact that they drive one of the 20 F1 cars on the grid, at the end of the day, the actual results depend on the following factors.

  1. Drivers skill
  2. The speed of the car
  3. The quality of the pit crew
  4. Luck

F1 2023 Drivers’ Height And Weight

The driver’s weight and height are listed in the table below.

We have added each driver’s body/weight mass index (BMI) to the list.

De Vri1.676724.0McLarNA

Esteban Ocon has the lowest BMI, while Sir Lewis Hamilton has the highest.

How Tall Are F1 Drivers?

At 1.84 meters, Alex Albon is the tallest driver on the grid. Yuki Tsunoda is the shortest of the current generation of F1 drivers.

The average height of an F1 driver is 1.77 m

How Much Does An F1 Driver Weigh?

F1 drivers being weighed

F1 drivers being weighed

The average driver’s weight is 66.7 kg.

At 54 kgs, Yuki Tsunoda is the lightest driver, while Alex Albon weighs 20 kgs more at 74 kgs.

What Are The F1 Driver BMI

The average formula One driver’s BMI is 21.6 kgs.

Esteban Ocon’s BMI is an impressive 19.1, while Lewis Hamilton has the highest BMI at 24.1.

How Tall Is Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton Height

Sir Lewis Hamilton is 1.75 m tall, weighs 73 kg, and has a BMI of 24.1

How Tall Is Max Verstappen?

max and sergio

The current F1 world champion, Max Verstappen, is  1.81 m tall, weighs 72 kg, and has a BMI of 22.0.

Who Are The Five Shortest F1 Drivers in 2023

The five shortest F1 drivers are listed below.

Yuki Tsunoda1.595421.4
Nyck De Vries1.676724.0
Lando Norris1.706823.5
Fernando Alonso1.716823.3
Sergio Perez1.736321.0

Who Are The Five Heaviest F1 Drivers In 2023

The five heaviest  F1 drivers in 2023 are listed below.

Max Verstappen1.817222.0
Lewis Hamilton1.747324.1
Nicholas Latifi1.857321.3
Alex Albon1.867421.4


As you can see from these tables, no relationship connects the drivers’ success on the racing track compared to their physical characteristics.


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