Las Vegas GP Las Vegas Grand Prix

The organizers of the Las Vegas Grand Prix are planning on the F1 race in November being the biggest entertainment event in the world in 2023.

This year’s schedule includes three U.S. races.

  • Miami – 7th May
  • Austin – October 22
  • Las Vegas (added for the first time in 2023) – November 18

Max Verstappen won in in Florida earlier in the year with an incredible display of talent. He started in 9th place and eventually won.

The United States Grand Prix (the Circuit of the Americas) will run on October 22.

The Las Vegas runs on November 18, making it the second-to-last race of the season.

Las Vegas Grand Prix Includes a Part of the Las Vegas Strip

As the Las Vegas GP approaches, the racetrack, featuring a portion of the renowned Las Vegas Strip, is nearing completion.

Steve Hill, the CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, provided details about the event’s origins.

Discussions about the race started in 2019. At that time F1’s former leader, Chase Carey, expressed interest in hosting an event in Vegas.

Hill later became more familiar with F1 and was impressed by its impact on host cities. He believed that the event will be significant for Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix Infrastructure Building is on Schedule

The Las Vegas Grand Prix Track - What To Expect

Addressing the challenges of constructing a premier F1 circuit in Las Vegas, Hill mentioned the recent roadwork and current bridge construction. He emphasized that while this year focuses on infrastructure, subsequent years will prioritize the guest experience.

Brian Gullbrants, COO of Wynn Resorts and one of the event’s key partners, stated that while the event is premium, there are multiple tiers of tickets available to accommodate various budgets.

He acknowledged the high demand for the event but reassured that there are options for everyone.


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