F1 By The Numbers

For decades F1 Numbers have made Formula One has been one of the most thrilling and competitive sports in the world. With its high-speed cars, daring drivers, and cutting-edge technology, Formula One is a sport that demands nothing but the best from its participants.

But what does it take to win in Formula One? Is it all about the driver’s skills and the team’s strategies, or is there something else at play? The answer lies in the data. Formula One is a sport that relies heavily on data analysis to gain a competitive edge.


From analyzing car performance and tire wear to predicting race outcomes and optimizing pit stops, data is at the heart of every winning strategy.  In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the numbers that make formula 1 tick. We will also explore some of the winning strategies that have made this sport so exciting and unpredictable.

If you need a number to help you understand Formula One, this article will be able to help you.

So, buckle up and get ready to rev up your engines as we dive into the world of Formula One!


No’s About Cars

Numbers About Teams?

No’s About Drivers

General Numbers

By Jonny Noble

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Jonny Noble I’m a dedicated F1 Writer – and I’ve Been One for Over Four Decades, I’ve been intimately immersed in the world of Formula One for more than 44 years. That’s longer than most professional commentators can boast! As an independent writer, I offer a unique perspective on the entire F1 landscape, free from biases that might cloud the discussion. We dive deep into the exhilarating, frustrating, and captivating facets of the F1 universe. So, regardless of my amateur status, one thing is undeniable: four decades of dedicated F1 fandom have forged strong opinions worth exploring!