Clarkson delivers beer to Alpine

He is known for his witty remarks and adventurous antics on The Grand Tour, but Jeremy Clarkson also has a soft spot for Formula One. So much so that he made a generous offer to the Alpine F1 team on Twitter during the Monaco Grand Prix last month: “Come on Alpine. I’ll buy you all a pint if you get a podium here.”

Little did he know that Esteban Ocon would deliver a stunning performance. Shortly after he sent the tweet, Estaban Ocon achieved the teams 1st Podium finish of the year. In fact it was his first podium since his victory at the Hungaroring in 2021.

He came in third after Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso.

Being a man of his word and also someone who can spot a good marketing opportunity, Jeremy Clarkson followed up with the following tweet.

It Was An Expensive Round For Jeremy Clarkson

On Monday, he showed up at the Alpine factory in Enstone carrying a trailer full of 1,000 bottles of his locally produced beer, Hawkstone.

He transported the beer on his trusty Lamborghini tractor which he drove the +-20km’s from his “Diddly Squat Farm” down the road

He was greeted by Ocon and other team members, who were delighted to receive their well-deserved drinks. Clarkson joked: “Never drink and tweet, because I’ve really done myself over here.”

The gesture was appreciated by the Alpine team, who posted pictures and videos of Clarkson’s visit on social media, saying: “Delivering on his word. Cheers for the beers, Jeremy Clarkson!” 

They also invited him to join them for a tour of the factory and a chat with the drivers. Clarkson was accompanied by his farmhand sidekick Kaleb Cooper, who also posed for photos with the Alpine demo car.

Jeremy Clarkson – Clarkson’s Farm

Clarkson’s beer delivery was not only a generous act of sportsmanship, but also a clever way of promoting his new farming documentary series.

Clarkson’s Farm, which is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The show follows Clarkson as he tries to run his 1,000-acre farm in Oxfordshire, where he grows crops, raises animals and brews his own beer. Perhaps he should make more bets with F1 teams in the future – it might boost his sales and ratings!

Jeremy Clarkson – What Is Hawkstone Beer?

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By Jonny Noble

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