Young Daniel Ricciardo

Young Daniel Ricciardo has shown his potential from the karting tracks to making a splash in the world of F1. His racing journey has been nothing short of exhilarating.

He started out at just nine years old with the Tiger Kart Club (TKC). Ricciardo quickly showcased his talent, progressing to the Western Australian Formula Ford championship by 2005.

Young Daniel Ricciardo

Young Daniel Ricciardo – Formula Renault 2.0 Italia

His impressive performances in the 2007 Formula Renault 2.0 Italia didn’t go unnoticed, catching the eye of the Red Bull Junior Team who selected him for their program.

Young Daniel Ricciardo F3 and Formula Renault 3.5 Series

Young Daniel Ricciardo

In 2008, Ricciardo dived into the world of Formula Three, making his debut at the Nürburgring, securing a sixth-place finish.

By 2009, he had shifted to the British Formula 3 Championship with Carlin Motorsport and further solidified his reputation with several standout performances, even participating in the renowned Macau Grand Prix.

2009 marked another significant step in Ricciardo’s career. Signing with Tech 1, he competed in the Formula Renault 3.5 Series.

Despite some setbacks like a mountain bike accident and a major accident at Silverstone, Ricciardo’s 2010 season was characterized by poles, wins, and impressive comebacks.

The “incident” happended during his first race at Silverstone. Ricciardo had a dramatic collision with Jon Lancaster, the pole-sitter.

It caused his car to perform a barrel roll before ultimately righting itself on its wheels. This crash forced Ricciardo to bow out of the race, paving the way for his teammate, Jean-Éric Vergne, to clinch the victory.

Racing for ISR in 2011, the year proved pivotal for Ricciardo. His consistent performance and adaptability on the track hinted at his soon-to-be F1 career, and the racing world took notice.

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