When delving into the early stages of every elite Formula One driver’s career, karting often emerges as the foundational steppingstone. For the gifted young Carlos Sainz, this held true.

His impressive escapades before ascending to Formula One showcased not only his innate talent but also his unwavering determination.

Young Carlos Sainz

Young Carlos Sainz’s Early Karting Victories

Sainz plunged into the karting world with vigor. His initial foray in 2008 was marked by clinching the Asia-Pacific KF3 title. That same year, he narrowly missed the top spot, finishing as runner-up in the Spanish Championship.

2009 was another stellar year, with Young Carlos Sainz reigning supreme at the Junior Monaco Kart Cup and securing the second place in the European KF3 Championship.

Transition to Formula BMW

In 2010, the journey of Young Carlos Sainz took a turn towards Formula BMW. His debut as a guest driver was remarkable, landing him in the second place even though he wasn’t collecting any points.

Throughout his initial nine races, Sainz showcased his prowess with 3 pole positions, 2 triumphant wins, and 2 fastest laps.

Young Carlos Sainz Made a Mark in Formula Three

By 2012, Young Carlos Sainz was ready for a new challenge: Formula Three. In his debut year, which also turned out to be his concluding year in this category, he amassed an impressive record:

  • Clinching victory in four races
  • Securing a spot on the podium nine times
  • Achieving a pole position in the British championship
  • Wrapping up the season in the sixth spot
  • Making his mark with two podium finishes and ninth position in the Euro Series championship

Young Carlos Sainz – Navigating the GP3 Series

2013 witnessed him competing in the GP3 series, where his remarkable talent continued to shine:

  • Competing in 16 races
  • Starting on pole in one of them
  • Winning two fastest laps
  • Securing a podium finish twice
  • Ending the season in a commendable 10th position

Dominance in Formula Renault 3.5 Series

Between 2013 and 2014, he further expanded his racing portfolio, venturing into the Formula Renault 3.5 Series. His achievements during this period were nothing short of spectacular:

  • Racing in 26 events
  • Achieving pole position seven times
  • Celebrating victory in seven races
  • Clocking the fastest lap six times
  • Gracing the podium seven times

And, to cap off his outstanding performance in this series, in 2014, he was crowned the season champion, solidifying his reputation as one of the rising stars in the racing world, and paving the way for his eventual promotion to Formula One.

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