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Following a slow start to the season, McLaren has made notable progress compared to other teams. The measure of improvement is gauged against the leading teams each race, and closing the gap to them is a positive indicator.

Moreover, climbing up the race rankings and securing improved results demonstrates substantial advancement.

McLaren’s efforts have positioned them in contention for a top four spot in the constructors’ championship.

The upcoming races will be decisive for their final ranking. To secure a top-four position, it’s essential for McLaren to maintain its current momentum. Their strategy at Spa took a different turn, where they aimed for high downforce suited for wet conditions.

While this was advantageous during challenging weather, the dry race day didn’t favor their setup.

McLaren F1 Results – McLaren Drivers

McLaren have started the 2023 season with, arguably, one of the strongest driver lineups.

Regarding their drivers, Oscar Piastri has emerged as a standout performer this season. When equipped with a car similar to Lando Norris’s, he consistently challenges Norris, which is commendable.

However, the performance gap between them can be slightly skewed. As a newcomer to F1, Piastri faces a learning curve. Additionally, he often received car updates in a race after Norris, but he remained focused and adaptive.

What We Would Do

For the remainder of the season, it would be wise for McLaren to maintain a steady development trajectory. While minor modifications are beneficial, it’s crucial to ensure preparedness for each race and optimize the balance between downforce and drag.

In essence, McLaren should maximize the potential of their current vehicle, enabling their drivers to fully harness what might be the second or third fastest car on the grid.

McLaren F1 Results – 2023

Grand PrixDateMcLaren
F1 Results
Saudi Arabia19-Mar-230
Great Britain9-Jul-2330
Results courtesy of Formula1.com

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