Young Lance Stroll

Hailing from a family deeply rooted in the world of motorsport, young Lance Stroll’s passion for racing was ignited at a young age.

With his undeniable talent and unwavering determination, he quickly made a name for himself on the track, leaving fans and competitors in awe.

While he is struggling in the current season, he has the talent and perseverance to push through and prove what he is made of.

Lance Stroll’s Early Beginnings in Karting

At the age of four, the motorsports journey of Young Lance Stroll commenced. After his father gifted him his first go-kart, Lance showcased his natural flair for racing.

By 2008, a mere five years later, he clinched his first karting championship title in the Canadian ASN National series. Lance’s talent on the karting circuits didn’t stop there.

He continued to dominate, securing several championships before transitioning to single-seater racing.

Journey with the Ferrari Driver Academy

Young Lance Stroll

In 2010, seeking to further his racing prowess, Young Lance Stroll moved to Geneva. There, he became an integral part of the esteemed Ferrari Driver Academy, joining the ranks of budding talents like

  • Jules Bianchi
  • Sergio Perez
  • Brandon Maisano
  • Raffaele Marciello
  • Nicola Costa.

Lance participated in the Karting KF3 series. And although he finished in the 21st position in his second year, he showcased his mettle at the SKUSA Supernational junior class event in America.

Not only did he qualify at the front row, but he also emerged victorious. 2013 marked his progression to the KF class, where he secured the sixth place in the world championship, racing alongside future F1 star, Max Verstappen.

Italian Formula 4 Championship Ventures

Young Lance Stroll

Due to age restrictions in the Formula Renault 2.0, Ferrari positioned Young Lance Stroll in Italy’s division of the FIA-sanctioned Formula Four championship in 2014. Stroll’s debut season was spectacular.

He secured second place overall, celebrating three race wins and nine podium finishes. His mastery over the tracks was even more evident the following year, where he bagged the championship title, alongside seven race victories and 14 podium finishes.

In the midst of this, the 2015 season saw Lance participate in the Toyota Racing Series in New Zealand. However, it was a season marred by challenges when teammate Maisano unexpectedly left Prema during the Red Bull Ring race weekend.

European Formula 3 Championship: Triumphs & Trials

2016 witnessed Young Lance Stroll making strides in the European Formula 3 Championship, one of the fiercest junior motorsports categories. Racing for Prema Powerteam, he marked fifth in the championship and celebrated 17 podium finishes.

However, it was a season of mixed emotions. Lance experienced a shocking barrel-roll at Curva Grande after a tangle at the Monza race. Concerns about his driving standards emerged, resulting in stewards ordering a pit start for the next event.

The challenges amplified at Spa, where an unfortunate collision led the stewards to prevent him from participating in the final race.

From his karting days to the European Championships, the journey of Young Lance Stroll has been an amalgamation of triumphs and learning moments, solidifying his reputation in the world of motorsports. Recommends


By Jonny Noble

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