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The F1 2023 season is just around the corner, and fans are eagerly anticipating the new cars that will be hitting the track. From their sleek designs to their impressive specs and performance, these cars are sure to impress. Get a sneak peek at what’s in store with our comprehensive guide to the Specs And Performance Of The F1 2023 Cars..

Red Bull will be capitalizing on their amazing run through 2022, making any improvements they need to stay ahead. Hard on their heels will be Ferrari and Mercedes, looking to fix what they got wrong in 2022 and hopefully begin to challenge Red Bull.

As a penalty for the 2021 cost overrun, Red Bull has less wind tunnel testing time available to them. This is a bad news. As champions, their wind tunnel time is already less. Is this going to help even the stakes?

 Lets look at the team’s 2023 Formula One Cars as the teams reveal them. Some are already public and the others are days away.

Come back in February as we update the list with details of each team’s 2023 car.

Haas – Ferrari Specs And Performance Of The F1 2023 Cars

Haas launched digital renderings of their new livery for 2023 – we still need to see the car up close.

The livery is similar to the 2022 car other than larger areas of black on the side pods, rear wing, and engine cover.

They will reveal the car in all its glory during a shakedown photographic day at Silverstone on February 11.

Red Bull Specs And Performance Of The F1 2023 Cars

The team has been in the news for all right reasons this month.

Ford And Red Bull Partnership

First, they revealed their new car, and second, they confirmed the long-held rumor (reported here first) that Ford will be joining the team as the engine partner in 2026.

Ford was involved in F1 in 2004. They participated on-and-off participation since the 1960s and 1970 when they won seven unbroken world championships (does that remind you of anyone!) between 1968 and 1974.

The Ford Cosworth engine is legendary and was powering all the teams in the line-up at one point.

In 2002 Ford re-entered the F1 scene through Jaguar (their subsidiary at the time); however, this only lasted until 2004, when they pulled the plug.

Becoming involved with Red Bull is a masterstroke and, hopefully, will give them great returns and keep them in the sport for many years.

The New Car

They launched the RB19 at a glitzy event in New York on February 3. Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez doing publicity duty and in attendance.

The livery continues in standard form. Christiaan Horner announced that a livery design contest will be held for the three races run the States.

The car has big boots to fill, but coming off last year’s success. It is essentially an incremental growth on what was already the fastest car on the grid.

Watch the Red Bull RB19 2023 launch as it happened

Courtesy of Sky Sports

Williams 2023 Specs And Performance Of The F1 2023 Cars

The Williams car was revealed on February 6 and featured an updated scheme to match their new sponsorship deal with Gulf.

Perhaps the most eye-catching of all the features is the Duracell battery cleverly painted into the intake above the driver’s head.

Williams drivers for 2023 are Alex Albon and rookie Logan Sargeant who will need to spend time getting his feet “under the desk.”

A big boost for the team is the appointment of James Vowles ex-Mercedes of “Lewis I take full responsibility…” fame.

The discipline James brings to what could be a Mercedes number 2 team (although they will never admit that) is the first positive development for Williams in a long time. Hopefully, they will start down the road of the legendary Williams team of old.

Watch the Williams Reveal as it happened.

Video Courtesy of Sky Sports

Alfa Romeo – Specs And Performance Of The F1 2023 Cars

On February 7, Alfa Romero launched a new car (C43) with new side pods, engine cover, and revised livery showing a team that has placed other teams under notice that they mean business.

Valtteri Bottas was beside himself with smiles, excitement, and enthusiasm regarding the car.

With team boss Frederic Vasseur leaving for Ferrari, Alfa has new leadership in the form of the most capable  Andreas Seidl.

This is the last Alfa branded car, as big changes are on the way as the team morphs away from the Alpha brand to become the Audi F21 team in 2026.

Valtteri has been a steady hand as the lead driver helping Zhou Guanyu through his rookie season and into what is essentially his sophomore F1 year. The team will be looking for improvements and greater consistency from him.

From the outside, the enthusiasm of this team is infectious, and we can only hope it will be reflected in the 2023 championship results.

Itis interesting that Alfa ran the car in its shake down session without the intriguing serrated side on the bottom of the show car’s side pods. Where these placed there to distract the other teams?

The chatter around the removal of the feature is that this may have been a design dead end that they abandoned but left on the car for the reveal – kind of like the F1 version of fake news!

Watch the Launch as it happened

Video courtesy of Sky Sports


On Saturday, February 11, in New York AlphaTauri introduced their new car to the world.

The car displayed by Alpha Tauri during New York fashion week was a livery demonstrator only, and the actual AT04 will be first seen during a shakedown session at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli on Tuesday 14th (Valentines Day). The next time it will be seen will be at the pre-season testing at Bahrain on February 23.

Alpha Tauri is looking for an improvement in its standings during the 2023 season, and the car will feature a number of revolutionary features.

Aston Martin – 2023 Formula One Car

On February 13, Aston Martin revealed their AMR23 at Silverstone. Technical director Dan Fallows described as being “bold and aggressive”

The 2023Aston Martin has a surprising number of new features including.

  • A revised cover over the engine.
  • The inlet at the roll hoop has ben increased in size.
  • The revised wing is changed.

The new sidepods (which carry a radiator inlet which looks like the same one on the Red Bull car) are the most obvious aero difference.

the AMR23 has a much flatter middle section a little but like the 2022 Ferrari F1-75. This includes the small step undercut for the length of the sidepod.

The team has introduced a deeper channel in the downwash ramped section drive the airflow to control the airflow downwards.

Fallows said that the changes don’t stop there, and redesigned components appear throughout the car, and that he “hoped” the most significant aero changes were not visible!

Fallows said that the new car is a culmination of the lessons that they learnt in 2022.

The team has indicated that they are not satisfied with their 2022 grid position, and with Alonso joining they are determined to start racing near, or at, the front of the pack.

Watch the launch as iy happened

Video courtesy of Sky Sports

McLaren: MCL60 2023 F1 Car

February 13th was a big day for the British F1 teams with McLaren also choosing to reveal their new design.

The MCL60 does not feature any visible changes over the F1 2022 car.

The sidepods and suspension appears unchanged as does the engine cover, front and rear wing.

The new McLaren team principal Andrea Stella has expressed some unhappiness with the new car, and indicated that it offers many opportunities for development going into the future. On a positive note Stella indicated that many of the 2022 deficiencies were addressed with the upgrades introduced in te latter part of 2022

“Aerodynamics is the name of the game in F1, so no mystery.”

Andrea Stella

Stella has said that there will be further development of the car in the first part of the 2023 F1 season.

Watch the launch as it happened.

Video Courtesy of Sky Sports

Ferrari – 2023 F1 Car

Its finally out, the 2023 Ferrari F1 car has been revealed at Maranello! Charles Leclerc wasted no time and immediately got on the circuit and completed two laps.

The exciting news is that in the simulator the Ferrari SF-23 has proven to be more than a second quicker that the 2022 F1-75 car!

New team principal, Fred Vasseur, has a big job ahead of him to ensure that the team does not fall into the same traps that it did in 2022.

Vasseur has said that the team and car does not need a radical redesign or reorganization, and instead he success will come from getting a large number of the small things right.

“I’m really convinced that Ferrari today, and, for sure, my experience is limited to the last two weeks, but we have everything to win.…Yes, we’ll make some small adjustments”

Fred Vasseur

As such the new car is visually very similar to F1-75, with most of the mods being under the skin. The “coca cola bottle”, as it is called, in front of the rear wheels is slightly further forward which has resulted in a simplified airflow towards the car’s rear.

Interestingly the front wing is identical to the design that Mercedes introduced at the United States Grand Prix, but then withdrew after the other teams complained. The new wing included five strakes that where fashioned in such a way that they assisted the airflow.

Ferrari F1 wing Specs And Performance Of The F1 2023 Cars

They Use The Previously Banned Mercedes Front Wing

Mercedes had previously received approval for the wing design from the FIA. Other teams complained on the basis that Article 3.9.8 of F1’s Technical Regulations had been breached. The rule indicates that although slot gap separators were allowed, the intention should never have been to deliver a direct aerodynamic benefit.

Rather than fight the issue, Mercedes reverted to the old wing. When the new wing finally appeared at the Mexican grand prix the strakes had been removed.

The new Ferrari wing has the same five strakes, however this year they are allowed. The rule has been amended and now allows the strakes. The primary reason for the inclusion be for mechanical, structural or measurement reasons.

Any aero benefit must be secondary.

The big question is – will Mercedes put them back on the W14. All eyes will be watching out when they reveal their car At Silverstone On Wednesday 15th.

Watch the SF23 hit the track at Maranello

Courtesy of Sky Sports

Mercedes W14 – Specs And Performance Of The F1 2023 Cars

Possibly one of the most eagerly anticipated 2023 F1 reveals happened at a digital launch from Silverstone this morning. The all black Mercedes W14

It shows just how narrow the margins are when a team chooses to go all black to save weight! That is apparently what has happened to the W14. The famous silver has been abandoned, not for a painted black surface, but instead for the raw carbon underneath.

Toto Wolff has sounded cautiously optimistic about the teams bounce back for 2023. The 2022 car was overweight. This year they have looked for every area where they could save mass.

Mike Elliott, Mercedes technical director said that the car incorporates many of the modifications they would have used last year. They couldn’t because of the cost cap. This implies that they have been well tested and are mature.

Hamilton and Russel are scheduled to have a first drive later on today.

Watch Lewis and George discuss the new car.

Video courtesy of Sky Sports

Alpine A523 – Specs And Performance Of The F1 2023 Cars

The team launched their new car (sporting a new name – A523). They held the in London on 16th February.

2023 F1 Car - Preview Specs And Performance Of The F1 2023 Cars
Chris Putnam / Future Publishing

After finishing 4th in the 2022 constructor championship the pressure is on for the new car to perform. All the mid field teams have aspirations to displace Alpine from that position. Alpine have two (French) drivers capable of staying ahead – but what of the A523.

The team was quite honest in 2022. The was initially designed for speed, and that the reliability would be worked out later. This annoyed Alonso.

Hopefully the 2023 had the reliability issues resolved and there are no spurious power unit failures.

When can we see the cars in action?

The will drive the cars in anger for the first time around the Bahrain circuit during testing between February 23-25.

The second preseason test occurs at the Sakhir circuit on March 3-5.


Watch this space as we continue to reveal the new 2023 F1 cars for the balance of the teams.


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