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The motorsport world was set ablaze with excitement. Competing against 15 F1 academy drivers, Marta García came from behind and clinched the title for the F1 Academy series in 2023.

Her victory is a testament to her exceptional skills on the track. It also marks a significant milestone in the world of Formula 1 racing.

What is the F1 Academy?

f1academy logo F1 Academy Drivers

The F1 Academy is the official platform dedicated to nurturing and showcasing emerging talents in motorsports. It serves as a pivotal stage for budding racers, offering them the opportunity to

  • Demonstrate their capabilities.
  • Receive professional training.
  • Compete at an elite level.

The ultimate purpose is to give talented up and coming drivers the opportunity to enter Formula 1 racing.

One of its notable achievements is the promotion of female drivers, as evidenced by the recent success of Marta García.

By providing a stage for budding racers, the F1 Academy offers them the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities.

It also enables them to receive professional training and compete at an elite level. This initiative paves the way for a potential future in Formula 1 racing for these drivers. It also challenges the traditional norms of a male-dominated sport.

Marta García’s victory as the inaugural F1 Academy champion is a testament to the Academy’s commitment to diversifying the world of Formula 1 racing.

Who are the 2023 F1 Academy Drivers?

The drivers for the 2023 F1 Academy season are listed below:

Campos RacingNerea MartiSpanish21
Campos RacingLola LovinfosseFrench18
Campos RacingMaite Caceres Uruguayan19
MP MotorsportHamda Al QubaisiUAE21
MP MotorsportEmely de Heus Dutch18
MP MotorsportAmna Al QubaisiUAE17
ART Grand PrixLena BuhlerSwiss26
ART Grand PrixCarrie SchreinerGerman25
ART Grand PrixChloe GrantScottish17
Rodin CarlinAbbi Pulling British20
Rodin CarlinJessica EdgarBritish18
Rodin CarlinMegan GilkesCanadian23
PREMA RacingChloe Chong British-Canadian16
PREMA RacingMarta GarciaSpanish23
PREMA RacingBianca BustamanteFilipina16
Courtesy of Standings – F1® Academy Racing (

What was the 2023 season finishing order for the drivers?

The 2023 F1 Academy season witnessed intense competition among the drivers. The top drivers based on the standings are:

  1. M. García with 278 points
  2. L. Bühler with 222 points
  3. H. Al Qubaisi with 207 points
  4. N. Martí with 181 points
  5. A. Pulling with 177 points

Marta García’s exceptional performance throughout the season ensured her top position, with notable victories in various rounds.

The Final Results are listed below

SpielbergValenciaBarcelonaZandvoortMonzaLe CastelletAustin
28-29 Apr05-07 May19-21 May23-25 Jun07-09 Jul29-30 Jul20-22 Oct
1st Place27828815021828
M. García24883110
2nd Place222015018141215
L. Bühler88561088
3rd place2076260284108
H. Al Qubaisi47400510
4th place1810208154262
N. Martí5033044
5th place177120186102020
A. Pulling1061726
6th place11746104264
A. Al Qubaisi115110260
7th place11618101210012
B. Bustamante01001802
8th place11415211212010
J. Edgar0005416
9th place87002810600
E. De Heus3014000
10th place6521421151
L. Lovinfosse6100001
11th place560028020
C. Schreiner00010530
12th place3411260010
C. Grant0220000
13th place3110400800
M. Gilkes0002000
14th place258000006
C. Chong0300003
15th place60000040
M. Cáceres0000100
Standings – F1® Academy Racing (

What benefit/prize does Marta García get for winning the 2023 F1 academy

F1 Academy Drivers

Garcia had an outstanding 2023 season at the F1 Academy series. Her prize if a fully funded seat in the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine (FRECA) for the 2024 season.

This prize signifies a monumental step in her motorsport journey. It allows her to compete at an even higher echelon and further solidify her mark in the racing domain.

What is Suzy Wolfe’s Role Maturing in the F1 Academy Drivers?

Susie Wolff (Toto Wolff’s wife) is the Managing Director of the F1 Academy. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing Formula 1’s all-new female driver series.

The aim of this initiative is to spearhead the development of female motorsport talent. It hopes to also create a successful pathway for them to progress to higher categories within the F1 pyramid. Susie Wolff brings a wealth of experience to this position. She previously served as the Team Principal for the Venturi Formula E team.

The F1 Academy was launched with the intention of featuring five teams, 15 drivers, and 21 races at various F1 tracks. The series is set to commence in Austria.

Will there ever be a Female F1 driver?

Marta García’s triumph in the F1 Academy series reignites the conversation about the potential of female drivers in Formula 1. While there have been female drivers in the past, their presence has been sporadic.

However, with talents like García making waves and the increasing emphasis on inclusivity in sports, the future looks promising. It is conceivable that we might soon witness female drivers competing regularly in the pinnacle of motorsport, challenging and breaking traditional norms.

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