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Formula 1 racing is not just about high-speed cars, adrenaline-pumping races, and electrifying turns. Beyond the racing circuits and the roar of engines, the drivers’ personal lives often pique the interest of fans worldwide – particularly as it relates to the F1 Drivers Girlfriends.

With glamour, style, and charisma, the wives and girlfriends (WAGs) of F1 drivers often take center stage, drawing admiration from all corners. From red carpet events to cheering their partners from the paddock, these women are not just beautiful faces and sexy bikini clad bodies; they have their own inspiring stories, achievements, and fashion-forward moments.

Join us as we dive into the world of F1’s most enchanting WAGs, celebrating both their elegance and the unique roles they play in the lives of our favorite racing stars.

F1 Drivers Girlfriends

The unmarried drivers and their girlfriends are discussed below.

Alex Albon is in a Relationship with Golfer Lily He

F1 Drivers Girlfriends

Since 2019 Alex Albon has called Lily He his 24-year-old (born 17 June 1999) girlfriend. She is a professional golfer from China.

Lily competes on the U.S.-based LPGA Tour and by midyear in 2023 she was in 48th position on the leader board. There is story is very unusual. After Lily watched Alex Albon on the Netflix TV series “Drive to Survive” she contacted him over social media and their first contact was over the phone.

He was born in She was born in Chengdu, China. The family relocated to Vancouver and then San Diego. her father is a hotelier and restaurateur.

F1 Drivers Girlfriends – Fernando Alonso and Taylor Swift?

After Fernando Alonso split from TV presenter girlfriend Andrea Schlager in April 2023, there were wild rumors that he had hooked up with Taylor Swift.

Alonso did nothing to dispel the rumors and he even shared a naughty social media post in which he used Swift’s music while winking at the camera!

F1 Drivers Girlfriends

It’s now been revealed that he is in a new relationship with Spanish F1 commentator Melissa Jiminez.

Born in Lieja, Belgium on 26 June 1987, Mellissa joined DAZN F1 in 2022. Her function is to be the reporter at Formula 1 circuits.

 She completed a course in Barcelona where she studied Communication Sciences. While studying she was hired by media organizations – Onda Rambla and 25TV.

Melissa has motorsport running in her veins, with her dad being Antonio Jimenez – the chief engineer of the Aprilia motorcycling team. Melissa was married to pro-footballer Marc Bartra. The marriage ended at the end of 2021.

Melissa can be found at the following Instagram account – link.

Valtteri Bottas Has Started Cycling For A Reason!

Valtteri Bottas married Finnish swimmer Emilia Pikkarainen in 2016. They were divorced – an announcement that Valtteri made just days before the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The rumor mill has said that the reason for the divorce was that Valtteri was cheating on Emilia.

Whether that is true or not we don’t know. It didn’t take him long to get into another relationship – with Tiffany Cromwell who is an Australian road cyclist.

F1 Drivers Girlfriends

They both confirmed the relationship on their Instagram accounts in 2022.

Cromwell is a gravel cyclist and is presently riding for UCI Women’s World Team Canyon- SRAM . She also participated in the Tokyo Olympics.

In 2022 Tiffany finished sixth at the UCI Gravel World Championships. She was also part of the Team Classification win at the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift.

Pierre Gasly is Dating model Francisca Cerqueira Gomes

F1 Drivers Girlfriends

Pierre Gasly is in a relationship with 19-year-old model Francisca Cerqueira Gomes.

Francisca’s parents are.

  • Her mum is TV presenter Maria Vieira de Campos Cerqueira Gomes.
  • Her dad is Pure McLaren Drive Team driver Gonçalo Gomes.

The stunning model and influencer is signed with Lisbon based agency Central Models.

As an influencer she has over 450,000 Instagram followers and she has collaborated with the following brands

F1 Drivers Girlfriends

Zhou Guanyu Keeps His Life Private

Zhou Guanyu has always kept his private life – private! Not only does he not reveal the identity of his immediate family, but also of any girlfriend, if there is one.

F1 Drivers Girlfriends – Lewis Hamilton

After Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger in 2015, there has been no official announcement that he is in a formal relationship.

He has, however been seen alongside many beautiful ladies which has got the gossip columnist tongues wagging. These include the following ladies.

  • Barbara Palvin (Model)
  • Camilla Kendra (Model)
  • Danielle Lloyd
  • Jodia Ma (Miss World Runer Up)
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Lotta Hintsa
  • Nikki Minaj
  • Rihanna
  • Rita Ora.
  • Shakira
  • Vivian Burkhardt

Charles Leclerc is with Beauty Alexandra Saint Mleu

Alexandra Saint Mleux

Charles Leclerc broke up with his girlfriend Giada Gianni.

He is now in a new relationship with Alexandra Saint Mleu. Leclerc has been seen vacationing around Monaco, Corsica, and Sardinia with Alexandra.

21-year-old Alexandra is an art student presently studying in Paris. She has approximately 90,000 Tik-Tok followers (TikTok)

Kevin Magnussen is married to Louise Gjorup

F1 Drivers Girlfriends – Lando Norris’s Is “Up in the Air”

F1 Drivers Girlfriends

Lando Norris previously dated Portuguese model Luisinha Oliveira (Instagram). The couple announced their split in in September 2022. He has now been seen with Chelsea striker Joao Felix’s ‘girlfriend’, Magui Corceiro.

This relationship is just conjecture as there is no word that Joao and Magui have broken up.

Lando has refused to confirm the relationship one way or the other – we find this hilarious and commend Lando for not feeding the rumor mill!

Esteban Ocon’s Girlfriend is Trilingual

Esteban Ocon is in a relationship with the stunning 24-year-old Italian model and influencer Elena Berri. Elena has 102,000 Instagram followers.

Elena speaks at least three languages, being fluent in.

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

This is a long and established relationship. They first met in 2017 and started dating in 2018.

F1 Drivers Girlfriends – Oscar Piastri

F1 Drivers Girlfriends

Oscar Piastri is in a relationship with 22-year-old social activist Lily Zneimer. They made their relationship public in 2022 at the Autosport Awards in 2022. Lily has a private Instagram Account – link.

The two met each other at high school, and Lily is apparently pursuing her tertiary education.

Daniel Ricciardo Crushed his Sex Ban with Heidi Berger

F1 Drivers Girlfriends

Daniel Ricciardo is in a relationship with actress and model Heidi Berger.

Heidi is the 26-year-old daughter of ex Austrian F1 racing car driver Gerhard Berger. She is alos the daughter of the lovely Portuguese model Ana Corvo.

F1 Drivers Girlfriends

She has acted in the following films.

Daniel has repeatedly declared his love for Heidi and has said.

“Yeah mate, I’m in love I got a good thing going,
so yeah. I’ve got a good balance in life right now.”

Daniel Ricciardo

Source Who.com.au – Link

Although they haven’t tied the knot yet it doesn’t seem like that will be too far away. Danniel used to have a self-imposed sex ban during the F1 racing season. Heidi apparently crushed that into many tiny little pieces and there were no adverse effects – except that his smile possibly got bigger!

(Source – Essentially Sports)

George Russel and Investment Manager Carmen Montero Mundt are Together

George Russel previously dated Seychelle De Vries. Seychelle is Nyck de Vries sister.

Since 2020 George has been dating Carmen Montero Mundt, who works in finance. George is a keen football supporter and follows Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club (we won’t hold that against him!)

F1 Drivers Girlfriends

 Mundt was born on February 15th, 1998, in King’s Lynn, Norfolk

Carmen Montero Mundt works as an investor relations associate for an investment fund in London. In this role shoe probably works closely with the PR, legal, and finance teams. The role is to build stronger relationships with existing and prospective investors.

She has a degree in Business Management and Finance from the University of Westminster.

She has an active Instagram account with 281,000 followers – link

Carlos Sainz is in a relationship with Rebecca Donaldson

F1 Drivers Girlfriends

Weeks after his breakup with Isabel Hernaez, Carlos Sainz is reputed to be in a relationship with Model Rebecca Donaldson.

Rebecca is a model based mainly in Scotland. The 28 year old, 5’7″ tall model is managed by M+P models. 

She has an Instagram account with 134,000 followers – link.

F1 Drivers Girlfriends – Logan Sargeant

Logan Sargeant does not have an official partner.

Is Lance Stroll in a Relationship with Sara Pagliaroli?

Lance Stroll is in a relationship with beautiful Italian model Sara Pagliaroli. She was born in 1995.

Sara has her own jewelry brand, which she launched in 2020 called “Blue Lemon Jewels

She has worked with brands such as Replay Jeans, and Adria Beachwear. There are rumors that the couple may have broken up – we’ll leave that for you to decide!

F1 Drivers Girlfriends – Yuki Tsunoda

Yuki Tsunoda is apparently dating a European girl, but he has not revealed who she is.

Source :Essentially Sports

Max Verstappen is Dating Kelly Piquet

Kelly Piquet

Max Verstappen is dating Nelson Piquet’s daughter, 34-year-old Brazilian model Kelly Piquet.

Piquet read for her tertiary education at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. She majored in International Relations. The emphasis of her studies was on political science and economics

As a model Kelly has posed for PatBO and Lucas Boccalão. She is also a columnist for Marie Claire magazine.

Kelly has a daughter (the father is Daniil Kvyat). Max Verstappen seems very happy with this and apparently has a wonderful relationship with the little girl.

In 2023 Kelly Piquet was SAVAGED by her followers when she pledged her commitment to an environmental cause. The cause – specifically, the reduction of plastic bottle pollution in the ocean. Her fans accused her of being hypocritical when she has a boyfriend with private jet with three engines.

They claimed that her damage to the environment is substantially greater than most other people.

F1 Drivers Spouses

Only three of 2023 F1 driver lineup are married!

Nico Hulkenberg is Married to the Crochet Girl

Egle Ruskyte

Niko Hulkenberg is married to Lithuanian fashion designer and model, Egle Ruskyte. They met in 2015 and married on 2021.

The happy couple welcomed their first child – a daughter – in 2021. They have given her the wonderful name – Noemi Sky

Egle Ruskyte’s Instagram “handle” is the_crochet_girl. She describes herself as

“Designer. Founder. Creator. The Crochet Girl 100% hand made luxury resortwear”

Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen is married to Louise Gjorup. They married on October 10, 2019.

Louise has an Instagram account with 18,500 followers in which she keeps everyone updated in the family developments. The couple has two daughters, the first one born in 2021 and the second one born in 2023 – source Wikipedia.

Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez has been married to Mexican – Carola Martinez since 2018. In June the couple announced that they are expecting their 4th child.

The new member of the Perez family will join three siblings.,

  • Sergio Perez, 5
  • Carlota Perez, 3
  • Emilio Perez, 1

Carola Martinez is a full-time mother and homemaker who looks after children – an incredibly important role.

She has an Instagram account with 171,000 followers – link.

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