2024 calendar

An enlarged (24 races) 2024 F1 schedule World Championship has been announced and will run from 23rd February to March 2 until December 8th.

The calendar starts with pre-season testing on February 23-25 at the Sakhir circuit in Bahrain. There are three big changes for the 2024 season.

  • The China Race in Shanghai is back on – Yeh!!
  • Three races will be held on a Saturday (Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to take into account Ramadan and Las Vegas which is a continuation of the 2023 arrangement.
  • There are three triple headers!!

All eyes will be on Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin and McLaren to see if they will field competitive cars for 2024. Will they be able to end Red Bull’s dominance?

With China once again hosting the GP, there are 24 races on the F1 schedule.

As hard as it is going to be for the teams and drivers the 2024 F1 schedule is gearing up to be an epic year for fans.

2024 F1 Schedule

 FlagsDatesVenueLink To TrackCircuit
2023 Formula One calendar21st to 23rd
TestSakhir2023 Formula One calendar
2023 Formula One calendar29th February
2nd March
BahrainSakhir2023 Formula One calendar
2023 Formula One calendar7th to 9th
Saudi ArabiaJeddahJeddah_Street_Circuit2023 Formula One calendar
2023 Formula One calendar22nd to 24th
AustraliaMelbourne2023 Formula One calendar
2023 Formula One calendar5th to 7th
JapanSuzukaJapan Circuit
2023 Formula One calendar19th to 21st
ChinaShanghaiShanghai Circuit
2023 Formula One calendar3rd to 5th
USAMiami2023 Formula One calendar
17th -19th
ItalyImola2023 Formula One calendar
2023 Formula One calendar24th – 26th
MonacoMonacoMonoco Circuit
2023 Formula One calendar7th – 9th
CanadaMontreal2023 Formula One calendar
2023 Formula One calendar21st – 23rd
SpainBarcelona2023 Formula One calendar
2023 Formula One calendar28th – 30th
AustriaRed Bull
2023 Formula One calendar
2023 Formula One calendar5th – 7th
United KingdomSilverstoneSilverstone
2023 Formula One calendar19th – 21st
HungaryHungaryHungary Circuit
2023 Formula One calendar26th – 28th
BelgiumSpa Belgium Circuit
2023 Formula One calendar23rd – 25th
Netherlands Circuit
2023 Formula One calendar30th August
1st September
ItalyMonzaItaly Circuit
13th – 15th
AzerbaijanBaku 2023 Formula One calendar
2023 Formula One calendar20th – 22nd
SingaporeMarina BaySingapore Circuit
2023 Formula One calendar18-20
USACircuit Of The
USA Circuit
2023 Formula One calendar25-27
MexicoMexicoMexico Circuit
2023 Formula One calendar1st – 3rd
Brazil Circuit
2023 Formula One calendar21st – 23rd
USALas Vegas Miami circuit
2023 Formula One calendar29th November
1st December
2023 Formula One calendar6th – 8th
Abu DhabiYas MarinaYas Marina

Download The 2024 F1 Schedule

Click in the following link and download the F1.com approved schedule directly to your phone – link.

What F1 circuit holds the record for being the longest?

The title of the longest F1 circuit belongs to the challenging Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. This circuit not only boasts iconic sections like Eau Rouge but also features a demanding lap distance of 7.004km.

Which F1 circuit is known for being the shortest?

In this case, it’s the renowned jewel of Formula 1 (at least until Las Vegas enters the scene) – the Monaco Grand Prix. The intricate Circuit de Monaco winding through the streets of the principality spans a compact 3.337km.

When can we expect the F1 sprint races in 2024?

The organizers will still announce he status of the Sprint Race weekends for the upcoming 2024 Formula 1 season. They have already implemented a minor adjustment the sprint race weekend format for 2023.

They have eliminated the second free practice session, and the sprint race no longer determines the starting grid for the Sunday Grand Prix. Instead, the traditional qualifying session will occur on Friday to establish the starting grid for the main event on Sunday.

The sprint race now exclusively takes place on Saturday.

A condensed form of qualifying, known as the Sprint Shootout, takes place on Saturday morning to determine the grid for the sprint race. In SQ1 and SQ2, teams are use medium tires, provided the weather conditions are dry.

In SQ3, teams have the option to switch to soft tires. The sprint race maintains its 100km distance, awarding points to the top eight drivers. The victor earns eight World Championship points, with subsequent positions receiving progressively fewer points.

Other Countries

Lewis Hamilton has been advocating for an African Grand Prix in 2024 and there were serious discussions about an event at Kyalami in South Africa. Unfortunately, that government’s active support of Russia and its illegal invasion of the Ukraine has put paid to that idea for a few years!

Whatever happens, 2024 promises to be an exciting year of F1. If you would like to attend any of these events, you need to book soon as tickets sell our very fast!

Watch this space for developments www.f1worldwide.com.

f1 2024 calendar

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