Is Ford Joining Up With Red BullIs Ford Joining Up With Red Bull

Is Ford joining ip With Red Bull? Sources tell us that the American manufacturer Ford has been considering a return to Formula One in 2026. Ford is joining Red Bull as the engine manufacturer..

Ford was unsuccessfully involved in F1 between 2002 and 2004 as part of the Jaguar team. After that the blue oval sold its stake. The reason for leaving the sport was directly due to the poor results they achieved. At one point, the Ford Cosworth engine has seen as the dominant power plant.

Jaguar F1, Ford Tie Up
Jaguar F1, Ford Tie Up

Ironically, they sold to Red Bull. Red Bull ended up dominating the sport between 2010 and 2013 and again in 2021 and 2022.

Is Ford joining Up With Red Bull – Why?

Since then, Ford and its associated companies have been unwilling to become in the sport.

Formula One is becoming increasingly popular in America. The Miami and Las Vegas events have started rumors that Ford is reconsidering their involvement.

Ford does not want to be the owner of a works team. They want to become and engine supplier.

Christian Horner has not dismissed the possibility, particularly as their Red Bulls contract with Hinda runs out in 2025.

From 2026 Red Bull will seemingly be going alone in the engine department.

With their move to new premises, Red Bull will be one of the two teams with engine and car departments housed under one roof.

Max Car1

The deal with Porsche seemed signed and sealed with Red Bull for 2026. It fell through at teh last minute.

Do Ford And Red Bull Have Any Relationship?

Ford and Red Bull already work together in the world rally championship. It does not take a big stretch of the imagination to see them extending this to Formula One.

Ford have agreed that Red Bull (with Christiaan Horner) is the senior partner and have the ultimate casting vote.


This is acceptable to Ford. Red Bull has proven that it is not negotiable.

Our sources have said that Ford’s thinking is very different from Porsche’s. They are probably looking for a branding deal and an involvement in the engine


Ford would benefit from the brand and associated marketing opportunities which would come from the relationship -particularly if the team can continue with its run of successes.

Is Ford joining -Where Is Honda In All This?

Of course, we cannot discount that Honda seems to be re-evaluating their involvement in Red Bull and that should it want to remain after 2026, it will be the strongest contender.

After previously announcing their departure from F1 (for environmental concerns), it appears that Red Bull’s success is making Honda re-evaluate this decision.

Decisions are made and the deal is agreed. In the meantime, rumors will continue to fly up and down the pit wall and in the press.

NEWS UPDATE 3 February 2023

Red Bull and Ford have announced their partnership to jointly develop Red Bull’s 2026 engine.


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