Young Logan Sargeant

As the only American in the current generation of F1 drivers (since Michael Andretti in 1993), young Logan Sargeant has a lot to prove. The pressure is on as has additional challenges to address.

While Williams’ second-year driver, Alex Albon, serves as a reliable benchmark, this also means that he has proven difficult to surpass.

It has not been an easy journey and will only get more difficult – with his proven history of tenacity and skill, Logan is well placed to meet the challenge head on.

Young Logan Sargeant – Early Karting Journey

Young Logan Sargeant

He ignited his passion for racing by diving into the world of go-karts in 2008, at the tender age of eight.

Initially setting tracks ablaze in America, the talented racer expanded his horizons by moving to Europe the following year. In 2009, he competed in the prestigious Karting World Championship.

His dedication and skill were undeniable, and by 2015, he clinched the championship title. This monumental win etched his name in history.

It made him the first American since Lake Speed in 1978 to claim a karting championship under the FIA’s watchful eyes.

Young Logan Sargeant – Formula 4 UAE

2016 saw Young Logan Sargeant venture into the Formula 4 UAE series, where his meteoric rise continued. Dominating the tracks, Logan secured an astonishing 15 podium finishes in just 18 races over two years.

2017 added another feather to his cap as he partnered with Team Carlin, contesting in the F4 British Championship. Racing fiercely, he not only won two spectacular races but also secured a commendable third place.

He trailed behind renowned racers Oscar Piastri and Jamie Caroline.

Mastering the Formula Renault Eurocup

Young Logan Sargeant

The year 2018 marked Young Logan Sargeant’s transition to the Formula Renault Eurocup series. Making a grand entry, Logan bagged a victory in the inaugural race of the series.

His winning streak didn’t stop there; he went on to triumph at iconic circuits like Nürburgring and Barcelona. He rounded off the year in 4th place overall. As it was Logan’s rookie year this ensured he clinched the 2nd spot in the rookie championship.

From karting circuits to the grand stages of Formula racing, the journey of Young Logan Sargeant serves as an inspiration for many budding racers around the world. Recommends


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