Young Oscar Piastri

From radio-controlled cars to the prestigious Formula 2 podium, young Oscar Piastri has managed an ascent in the racing world that has been nothing short of breathtaking.

He has dominated each series that he has raced in, and is achieving remarkable results in his rookie yuear at Mclaren.

Young Oscar Piastri Started with Radio-Controlled Cars

During a trip to the U.S., Oscar’s father, Chris, gifted him a radio-controlled monster truck, igniting a new passion. Soon, young Oscar was skillfully maneuvering it, first in the backyard and later on school grounds.

This childhood hobby evolved as he transitioned to radio-controlled racing cars, where, at just nine, he outpaced competitors twice his age, often having to stand on grandstands just to see over older racers.

Young Oscar Piastri Karting Success

Young Oscar Piastri Karting

2011 marked a pivotal year when his father introduced him to go-karting. By age 12, Oscar had clinched multiple state championships in Australia and began to make waves in the global karting community.

Come 2014, he was racing internationally with Ricky Flynn Motorsport, and by 2016, after relocating to the UK, he secured a commendable sixth place in the World Championship held in Bahrain.

Young Oscar Piastri – Formula 4 Transition

Young Oscar Piastri shifted to single-seater racing in 2016 when he entered the Victorian Formula Ford Championship, winning the title in his debut season. The next year, he triumphed in the Australian Formula Ford Championship.

Concurrently in 2016, he ventured into the Formula 4 circuit, with his father’s company, HP Tuners, sponsoring him. With two podiums under his belt that year and a sixth-place overall finish, 2017 saw him join the TRS Arden Junior Racing Team for the British F4 championship.

He clinched six pole positions and ending the season as the runner-up. His prowess caught the attention of key figures in the racing world, including the likes of Christiaan Horner from Red Bull.

GP3 and Formula Renault Endeavors

In December 2018, Piastri tested the waters at Yas Marina with the Trident racing team, although it didn’t culminate in a permanent role. However, he rebounded with Arden in the 2018 Formula Renault Eurocup series, earning a ninth-place finish with two victories.

The next year, racing for R-ace GP team, he tasted victory at Silverstone twice in a row. 2019 was a banner year for him, winning the Formula Renault championship, which he followed up with consecutive titles in Formula 3 and Formula 2.

Formula 3 Triumphs

Oscar Piastri F3

In late 2019, he partnered with the reigning champions, Prema Racing, for the 2020 FIA Formula 3 championship.

Oscar’s defining moment came when he clinched the championship at the season finale in Mugello, Italy.

Leap to Formula 2 with Prema Racing

Following his Formula 3 victory, the Alpine Academy—Alpine F1 team’s youth development program—quickly brought him onboard. As he continued his ascent, he joined the Formula 2 grid in 2021 with Prema Racing.

Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, with its race disruptions and postponements, Piastri’s resilience shone. He bagged a podium finish in just his second race and was consistently among the top drivers.

The season culminated with him reigning supreme, taking the championship title.

Oscar Piastri’s journey, punctuated by determination and prodigious talent, underscores his potential to shine in the upper echelons of motorsport. Recommends


By Jonny Noble

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