Kelly Piquet

Kelly Piquet has faced a barrage of criticism from Instagram followers following her recent series of provocative photos. The partner of F1 world champion Max Verstappen showcased herself in swimwear during her time in St Tropez. She accompanied the images with a caption that triggered a wave of indignation.

The daughter of three-time champion Nelson Piquet pledged her commitment to an environmental cause. The cause – specifically, the reduction of plastic bottle pollution in the ocean. However, many fans were swift to point out what they perceived as glaring inconsistency.

They highlighted Kelly Piquet’s frequent jet-setting for her own modeling assignments and to support Verstappen in F1. Fans labeled her actions as a form of hypocrisy.

Piquet “Plastic Waste Harms our Environment”

Kelly Piquet

Accompanying her striking images, Kelly Piquet conveyed, “Plastic waste harms our environment, our cherished home, and the prospects for future generations. Having grown up on the Côte d’Azur, I possess a profound admiration for the beauty of nature.”

She continued, “This is why I have joined forces with @oppswim and @plasticbank to prevent 100,000 plastic bottles from entering our oceans. Assist me in making a more substantial impact: for every like, comment, and share of this post until August 20, 2023, @oppswim will contribute to diverting a plastic bottle away from our oceans.”

Fans Derided Kelly Piquet Post

Kelly Piquet

Nonetheless, the 34-year-old Kelly Piquet, post was met with significant disapproval from the online community.

One disgruntled follower responded,

“It’s always amusing to witness affluent individuals feign concern for the environment while possessing multiple cars, private jets, and boats.”

Kelly Piquet Instagram Follower

This comment garnered over 150,000 likes on Instagram.

Another follower added

“This is coming from someone who travels more in a month than I have in my entire life, and who lives a life of opulence, surrounded by gifts and extravagant shopping! I admire you, but this is undoubtedly hypocritical.”

Kelly Piquet Instagram Follower

Sky Sports F1 correspondent Natalie Pinkham conveyed her reaction to the post through heart-eye emojis, while Verstappen liked the post without leaving a comment. Former Formula E driver Daniel Abt also expressed his approval by liking the images.

I guess fans are as much interested in how an influencer lives as well as what he or she has to say. It reminds me of an old saying “don’t throw stones in glass houses!”

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