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The F1 Las Vegas 2023 Weekend was a historic and controversial event in the Formula One calendar. For the first time since 1984, the city of sin hosted a Grand Prix on a street circuit. It was set up around the famous Las Vegas Strip.

The race was a spectacle of speed, glamour, and drama, as the drivers battled for glory. All this took place under the dazzling lights of the casinos and hotels. However, the race also sparked criticism, as some drivers questioned the safety, and purpose of the event.

Let’s review the highlights, the lowlights, and the opinions of theF1 Las Vegas 2023 weekend. It was won by Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing, who extended his lead in the drivers’ championship.

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The Practice session 1 was Cancelled and there is now a Lawsuit

LAS VEGAS, Nov 18 (Reuters)

The Las Vegas Formula One Grand Prix faces a class-action lawsuit. It represents the 35,000 individuals who acquired tickets for Thursday’s practice session. The session was abruptly canceled due to damage sustained by Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari from a dislodged drain cover.

The much-anticipated inaugural event on the brightly illuminated track. The track spans a portion of the renowned Las Vegas Strip. The practice lasted just over eight minutes before coming to a standstill.

Subsequently, a five-and-a-half-hour hiatus ensued as crews removed all 30 covers along the 3.8-mile layout. They filled the resulting holes with sand and asphalt.

A second 90-minute practice session commenced in front of vacant grandstands at 2:30 a.m. on Friday. This happened well after fans had been evacuated as a deemed safety measure.

Las Vegas Grand Prix officials initiated damage control efforts, providing $200 merchandise vouchers to single-day ticket holders.

The compensation, however, excluded those who had purchased three-day passes.

Dimopoulos Law Firm and co-counsel JK Legal & Consulting reported the filing of a class-action lawsuit. The action is instituted against the F1e Las Vegas Grand Prix (LVGP) in Nevada state court on Friday. This is ostensibly on behalf of ticket purchasers for the canceled practice run.

The lawsuit identified Formula One owners and race promoters Liberty Media Corporation as defendants.

F1 Las Vegas 2023

F1 Las Vegas 2023
F1 Las Vegas 2023

The Las Vegas Grand Prix was the 22nd race of the 2023 Formula One season, and the first time that the city hosted a Grand Prix since 1984.

The race took place on a street circuit around the Las Vegas Strip, which featured 19 turns and a 1.2 km long straight.

F1 Las Vegas 2023 Lando Norris Crash

F1 Las Vegas 2023 Lando Norris Crash

Lando Norris crashed when he lost control of his car on the fourth lap of the race. Norris put his left tires on the gravel at the exit of Turn 3, which caused his car to snap to the right and then to the left.

He then slid across the grass and hit the wall, which damaged his front wing and spun his car around. Norris was able to get out of the car and was taken to a local hospital for further checks. 

He was later released and confirmed that he was okay. The crash brought out the safety car and delayed the race for several minutes. Norris was in 13th position when he crashed and was hoping to score some points for McLaren, who are fighting for third place in the constructors’ championship with Ferrari.

F1 Las Vegas 2023 Russel and Verstappen Where penalized

F1 Las Vegas 2023 Russel and Verstappen Where penalized

George Russell got a penalty in the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix for causing a collision with Max Verstappen on lap 27 of the race. According to the news reports, Russell tried to overtake Verstappen on the inside of Turn 8, but he locked up his brakes and hit the rear of the Red Bull car.

Both drivers spun and lost positions, but they were able to continue the race. The stewards investigated the incident and decided that Russell was predominantly at fault. They gave him a 10-second time penalty and two penalty points on his license.

Verstappen was also penalized for a separate incident with Charles Leclerc on the first corner, where he forced the Ferrari driver off the track. He received a five-second time penalty and one penalty point on his license. Despite the penalties, Verstappen managed to win the race, while Russell finished ninth.

F1 Las Vegas 2023 Verstappen Continued to Dominate

F1 Las Vegas 2023 Verstappen Continued to Dominate

The race was won by Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing, who overcame a five-second penalty for overtaking Charles Leclerc of Ferrari at the first corner.

Leclerc, who started from pole position, finished second after losing time in his second pit stop.

The third place went to Sergio Perez of Red Bull Racing, who completed a podium sweep for the team and consolidated his second place in the drivers’ standings.

Esteban Ocon achieved an impressive 4th place position well ahead of his teammate Pierre Gasly in 11th.

Another welcome surprise was Lance Stroll who finished in 5th place ahead of Fernando Alonso in 9th place.

Carlos Sainz famished in 6th place ahead of the two Mercedes drivers. He was particularly happy with this after Mercedes had vetoed the idea of him not being penalized after the unfortunate incident, he had with a drain cover in P1.

The Mclaren rookie driver Oscar Piastri continued to impress with a credible 10th place finish.

The race was marked by several incidents and collisions, including a first-lap crash that eliminated Daniel Ricciardo of McLaren and Alexander Albon of Williams.

Las Vegas 2023 also saw the debut of two rookies: Oscar Piastri of McLaren, who finished 10th and scored his first point, and Zhou Guanyu of Alfa Romeo, who finished 15th.

The race was attended by a record crowd of 250,000 spectators, who enjoyed the spectacle of Formula One cars racing under the lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

What did the drivers think of the F1 Las Vegas 2023 Experience?

Max Verstappen was the most critical driver of the whole F1 Las Vegas 2023 weekend, calling it 10% racing, 90% hype.

He expressed his negative attitude towards the event throughout the weekend, calling it a “circus” and a “joke”. Max also said that he did not enjoy the track layout and that it was too dangerous for the drivers. 

He was not the only one who had some complaints about the race, as some other drivers also pointed out the issues with the visibility, the bumps, the kerbs, and the traffic. 

However, Verstappen’s criticism was seen as hypocritical and embarrassing by some commentators and fans, as he ended up winning the race and extending his lead in the championship. Some also accused him of being disrespectful to the organizers and the spectators, who enjoyed the spectacle of Formula One cars racing under the lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

F1 Las Vegas 2023 The final scorecard

The final results for the Las Vegas 2023 F1 race are listed below.

1Max VerstappenRED BULL RACING HONDA RBPT5029:08.325
2Charles LeclercFERRARI50+2.070s18
3Sergio PerezRED BULL RACING HONDA RBPT50+2.241s15
4Esteban OconALPINE RENAULT50+18.665s12
6Carlos SainzFERRARI50+20.834s8
7Lewis HamiltonMERCEDES50+21.755s6
8George RussellMERCEDES50+23.091s4
9Fernando AlonsoASTON MARTIN ARAMCO MERCEDES50+25.964s2
10Oscar PiastriMCLAREN MERCEDES50+29.496s2
11Pierre GaslyALPINE RENAULT50+34.270s0
12Alexander AlbonWILLIAMS MERCEDES50+43.398s0
13Kevin MagnussenHAAS FERRARI50+44.825s0
14Daniel RicciardoALPHATAURI HONDA RBPT50+48.525s0
15Zhou GuanyuALFA ROMEO FERRARI50+50.162s0
16Logan SargeantWILLIAMS MERCEDES50+50.882s0
17Valtteri BottasALFA ROMEO FERRARI50+85.350s0
19Nico HulkenbergHAAS FERRARI45DNF0
Note – Piastri scored an additional point for setting the fastest lap of the race. Russell received a five-second time penalty for causing a collision.

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