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Aurélia Nobels, a talented racing driver with Brazilian-Belgian roots, is making waves in the world of motorsports. Currently competing in the Italian F4 Championship for Prema Racing, she has caught the attention of the Ferrari Driver Academy, which is working to promote female drivers in Formula

Aurélia started karting in 2017 when she was 10 years old, and although she has not had any championship wins to her name, she is considered a rising star. In 2022 she started racing in the Formula 4 Brazilian Championship, where he was the only female driver on the 2022 Brazilian F4 grid.

She joined the Ferrari academy In 2023 and will be racing in Formula 4 in Italy. In this article, we look at her developing racing career and background and try to understand what makes this remarkably talented young driver tick.

Aurélia Nobels – Background and early life

Aurélia Nobels

Aurélia Nobels – Background and early life

Nobels was born on January 7, 2007, in Boston. Her parents are Belgian, and she grew up in Brazil. 

Aurélia’s family has lived in Brazil since she was three years old. Not only does this mean that she is fervently patriotic, but she is also an ardent fan of Ayrton Senna.

She claims that Ayrton Senna and alongside the Brazilian flag, also had posters of Ayrton on her wall as she was growing up.

Aurélia wears a helmet with three flags on. Belgium and the United States are on each side, and Brazil is highlighted in the center. She races on a Brazilian license.

Aurélia Nobels Dad

Her father is Kevin Nobels. He studied at Harvard Business School.

He is the managing director of the Infrastructure and Energy Capital Group at Macquarie Capital.

In 2018 Kevin started racing in the 125cc professional kart races. Despite some initial success, he does not appear to have continued.

Kevin’s Instagram address is found at the following Link.

Aurélia Nobels Mum

Her mother is Nancy Nobels, wife of Kevin Nobels.

Aurélia Nobels – Siblings

Aurélia Nobels Family

Aurélia Nobels – Siblings

She is one of four children.

Sister – Océane

Sister – Aurélia

Brother – Ethan (twin of Lea)

Sister – Lea (twin of Ethan)

Aurélia and her younger brother Ethan have entered motorsports.

Aurélia Nobels 2017- 2019

Aurelia Nobels

She started competing in kart races at ten years old in 2017.

Aurélia learned many lessons in 2018 – 2019, which put her in a strong position and ready to go into 2020.

Aurélia Nobels 2020 – 2021

2020 and 2021, where she raced in international karting. Aurélia was the only female representative in the OK Junior category (12 to 14 years old) at the 2020 Kart World Championship in Portimão (Portugal).

In 2020, Aurelia and her brother competed for Belgium at the Kart World Championship. Despite her half-American, half-European blood, Aurelia insists that in the future, she will represent the country where she grew up and where her family decided to live – Brazil.

Aurélia and her brother – Ethan, finished the year with the Brazilian National Championship in Beto Carrero (Penha) on a high note with a P8 and P9 in the final in OKJ in week 1.

Ethan achieved P3 in week 2 in JM, starting the final from P12 with the fastest lap.

In the Junior category, Aurelia was pushed out of the race by another driver.

Despite this, she ended up in the top 10.

Aurélia Nobels 2022 – FIA GIRLS ON TRACK

Girls On Track

In 2022, Aurélia debuted in single-seater racing when she competed in the Formula 4 Brazilian Championship. She was the only female driver on the 2022 Brazilian F4 grid. She drove for the TMG Racing Team.

In her first formula race, Aurélia exceeded expectations, always fighting within the top 5. It surprised everyone and showed her enormous potential!

She also gained valuable experience by participating in one race in Spanish F4 and one in Danish F4, where she had her best finish in seventh place.

Aurélia was identified as the most talented driver among the senior competitors for the whole year.

Concurrently, Aurélia took part in the 2022 FIA Girls on Track – Rising Stars program. The program aims to identify talented girl racing drivers between 12 and 16 years old and give them a step up into the Formula series.

Aurélia finished the year as the Rising Starts Winner, winning the third edition of the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission’s program.

Aurélia Nobels 2023

The result was that Aurélia Nobels was appointed by the Ferrari Driver Academy in Maranello, Italy.

In 2023 she will race as a driver for the PREMA team in the Italian Formula 4 series, one of the most competitive.

It will be a difficult year where she has three main challenges.

  1. She is moving to Italy.
  2. She has to learn Italian.
  3. She will be constantly meeting new people.
  4. She has moved to a higher, and ore competitive racing category.

Aurélia’s  first race of the season in 2023 will be at the Italian F4 season opener, which will take place at Imola on 23 April.

Aurélia Nobels – F1?

Aurélia’s first race in 2023 will be at the Italian F4 season opener, which will take place at Imola on April 23.

Aurélia Nobels – F1?

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Formula One is a male-dominated sport, which has proven difficult for females to get into.

Are we going to eventually see Aurélia driving in F1? Only time will tell, but she is blessed with excessive talent. Unlike Jamie Chadwick, she has time on her side.

Aurélia says she dreams of racing in Formula 1. F1 has not had a female driver since Italian Giovanna Amati, who participated in official qualifying training in three stages of the 1992 season between 1974 and 1976.

Other female F1 drivers are listed below.

Since then, the British Susie Wolff has been the chief executive of the Venturi team in Formula E (electric single-seaters). It seemed that she was destined for F1.

Another driver Katherine Legge also came close to competing in F1.

Aurélia is racing against a talented group of male and female drivers, many of whom have the same aspirations.

If she does move to F1, it will not be because she is a girl, but certainly, it will mean that she is more talented than her peers.

Aurélia Nobel – Instagram

Her Instagram account can be found at the following Link.

Aurélia Nobel – Sponsors

She is sponsored by the following companies.

Shell Motorsport


The connection between Shell and Ferrari is ubiquitous. Having Shell on her side is of great benefit to Aurélia Nobel



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