Marta Garcia

Marta García is a Spanish racing driver who won a well-deserved position in the F1 Academy for 2023. Her results have been spectacular, and as at the time of writing, she has topped the rankings is in 1st place (out of ten drivers!)

The F1 Academy is a serious attempt by F1 and the FIA to qualify female drivers into the F1 ranks. Thankfully there is no affirmative action, and each driver in the academy has to get through purely on their skill and determination.

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Where Was Marta Born?

García was born in Gandia, Valencia, Spain on 9 August 2000.

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Who are Marta García’s Parents?

García’s dad is Francisco García. He is a longtime fan of racing and has actively supported Marta in her sport. He purchased her very first kart Alvin 64cc jobbie at age nine.

Marta García’s mum is Paqui Garcia. She has shown a similar enthusiasm and has regularly supported Marta at races.

Does Marta García have any Siblings?

García has an older sister – Esther Garcia. She is studying towards a business degree.

Marta García – Tertiary Education

García is enrolled at the University Pompeu Fabra to study public relations.

How Tall is Marta García?

Marta is 5 ft 7 in

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How Much Does Marta García Weigh?

Marta weighs 56 kg.

How Did Marta García Start Racing?

Marta García kicked off her journey in motorsports with kart racing. She clinched major titles like the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy and the Trofeo delle Industrie in 2015.

The latter is renowned as the world’s oldest kart race and boasts previous winners like F1 legends Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, and Sebastian Vettel.

She teamed up with the racing squad, Drivex, to participate in the 2016 F4 Spanish Championship. Her debut performance was promising, and she earned seventy-one points. Over the course of the championship, Marta competed in eleven events behind the wheel of her Tatuus F4-T014, ultimately securing a respectable eighth-place finish.

Adapting to the cars presented its challenges. “The switch was somewhat demanding due to the pronounced differences,” she remarked. Garcia undertook some test runs with Koiranen GP but admitted, “By the time I engaged in the inaugural race, I hadn’t driven the car for about three months.”

However, Garcia found value in participating in the concluding four rounds. “This experience provided me with a richer understanding of cars, setting me up for a potentially stronger performance next year,” she commented.

Venturing into the W Series

In 2019, García made her mark in the debut W Series, finishing the season in an impressive fourth place. She showcased her skill at the Norisring event by starting at the pole position and ultimately winning the race.

Although Marta was gearing up for the 2020 W Series, it was called off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In its stead, an eSports series on iRacing took place, where García clinched a commendable second place.

The 2021 W Series saw García driving for the newly minted Puma W Series Team. She started strong by qualifying seventh for the season’s inaugural round at the Red Bull Ring.

However, her journey was cut short on the 12th lap due to mechanical issues with her car. A tough season ensued with four non-point finishes and just one podium appearance, placing her 12th overall.

The following year, she was back on track racing for the CortDAO W Series Team.

F1 Academy Beckons

The motor racing world buzzed with excitement on March 21, 2023, when it was announced that García would be joining the newly introduced all-female F1 Academy series, driving for the Prema Racing team.

Fast forward to May 5, 2023, at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, García showcased her prowess by qualifying for pole positions in races 1 and 2. However, a twist came when officials determined she violated track limits during the first qualifying round, resulting in her losing the pole position for the first race.

Marta García Paul Ricard Performance

Marta Garcia

In July 2023 Marta Garcia, edged closer to the F1 Academy championship after clinching two victories at the renowned Paul Ricard circuit.

Race One

The initial pole position for race one was snatched by Rodin Carlin’s Abbi Pulling, securing the spot by an incredibly slim margin—only 0.032 seconds separated her from Campos Racing’s Nerea Marti. Campos’ Lola Lovinfosse was just a touch behind at 0.057s off pole, securing third, followed closely by Lena Buhler from ART Grand Prix with a 0.072s difference. Meanwhile, Garcia settled in sixth, lagging by 0.164s. Impressively, the entire 15-car lineup had a mere 0.685s spread.

During the race, Marti surged ahead of Pulling in the opening lap, establishing a lead of two seconds. Pulling kept pace, gradually closing the gap, and by lap 14, she was trailing by 1.562s. By the race’s end, she was just 1.125s behind. Lovinfosse secured the third position, 4.86s behind Pulling. Notably, the top seven spots remained consistent, with the exception of Marti’s pivotal overtake and Amna Al Qubaisi’s move to seventh during the first lap.

Race Two

Race two witnessed Amna Al Qubaisi beginning in a reversed-grid pole position. Garcia quickly emerged as a challenger, overtaking Schreiner in the first lap. A brief pause in the race was triggered by Lovinfosse’s car breakdown. When racing resumed, Garcia took no time to overtake Al Qubaisi and seize the lead. While Buhler managed to surpass Al Qubaisi, she couldn’t match Garcia’s blazing speed, finishing 4.052s behind the leader. Amna’s sister concluded the race in fourth after surpassing Shreiner during the sixth lap.

Race 3

Race three began with Buhler in pole, with a slim 0.075s advantage over Pulling. Garcia, not one to be left behind, quickly ascended to the second spot and overtook Buhler by the third lap. Garcia’s dominant performance left her with a 3.93s lead. Heading into the final round, she enjoys a comfortable 48-point lead over her nearest competitor.

Lovinfosse secured her third podium finish, while Pulling, after dropping a spot early on, settled in fourth. Marti and Hamda Al Qubaisi, another title contender, followed closely.

Mid-race, a skirmish between Bustamante and Schreiner resulted in Bustamante plummeting to the last position, from which she couldn’t rally back.

Marts in her own words

Marta At Home

During the summer months it seems like Marta enjoys nothing more than to hit the beach and relax.


There is a no question that Marta García is rapidly becoming a force to contend with. The F1 Academy has a strong set of drivers in 2023, and being at the head if the pack is an amazing achievement.

We wish Marta everything of the best for the rest of the season.

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