F1 driver skillMax Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton battle for track position at the start of the F1 Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna (Photo by Bryn Lennon)

This year’s F1 championship seems to be leaning decisively in Max Verstappen’s direction with his f1 points standings. It makes this an opportune moment to reflect on the most dominant title victories in F1 points standings. Where does Max Verstappen’s current trajectory land him?

Verstappen returns to the Netherlands this week for the Dutch Grand Prix. He must be on cloud nine, having racked up an impressive eight consecutive race victories and a robust 125-point F1 points standings lead.

He isn’t the first driver to feel the weight of imminent glory. Here’s a deep dive into the five most significant title-winning margins in F1 history:

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Lewis Hamilton over Sebastian Vettel (2018) – F1 Points Standings – 88

F1 points standings

In 2018, Lewis Hamilton clinched his fifth Drivers’ championship. He won over Sebastian Vettel, who finished second.

The year was marked by intense competition, starting with Vettel’s early wins, then interrupted by a victory from Daniel Ricciardo.

Lewis Hamilton than had a series of consecutive wins. Notably, a young Verstappen stole the show at Red Bull’s home race.

However, Hamilton’s commanding performance in the latter part of the season, with eight wins in the last 11 races, solidified his F1 Points standings lead by the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

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Sebastian Vettel over Jenson Button (2011) – F1 Points Standings – 122

2011 saw Vettel claim his second consecutive championship, setting records along the way.

The German driver became the youngest double champion. He also set a record for the largest title-winning point difference.

Accumulating a jaw-dropping 392 points with 11 wins, Vettel stood a clear 122 points ahead of McLaren’s Jenson Button.

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Lewis Hamilton over Valtteri Bottas (2020) – F1 Points Standings – 124

Facts About Lewis Hamilton - F1 points standings

Ranking third is the 2020 internal duel between teammates Hamilton and Bottas. Hamilton clinched victory with just a marginally higher F1 points standings lead than Vettel’s 2011 win.

The 2020 season was notably marred by COVID-related disruptions. The season, shortened to 17 races, still saw Hamilton dominate, equaling Vettel’s victory tally from 2011.

Interestingly, Verstappen won the final race, foreshadowing the fierce competition of 2021.

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Max Verstappen over Charles Leclerc (2022) – F1 Points Standings – 146

Lando, Charles and Max - F1 points standings

The latest season ranks second, with Verstappen besting Leclerc by a staggering 146 points. Early signs showed promise for Ferrari as Leclerc seized two out of the first three race wins.

But the momentum shifted at Imola, with Verstappen orchestrating a series of victories. Despite being 46 points behind Leclerc at one stage, Verstappen’s commanding performance in the latter part of the season propelled him to the top.

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Sebastian Vettel over Fernando Alonso (2013) – F1 Points Standings – 155

A decade later, Vettel’s 2013 win over Fernando Alonso remains the benchmark for championship dominance. With three consecutive titles under his belt heading into the season, Vettel’s confidence was palpable.

Despite a slow start, winning only two of the first six races, Vettel’s momentum was unstoppable from the Spa race onward. Nine consecutive victories, a record still unbroken as of the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix, expanded his lead from 38 to 155 points.

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Max Verstappen over ? (2023)

Verstappen is in the race to break this record. Until the end of the 2023 season we won’t know whether Max has broken this record as well.

For the time being, Vettel retains his throne at the apex of F1’s most dominant victories.

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