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Formula One is a sport where every millisecond counts, where every detail matters, where every advantage is crucial. But what if one of the teams crossed the line and gained an unfair advantage by cheating? What if that team was Ferrari, the most iconic and successful team in the history of the sport? And what if the FIA, the governing body of Formula One, tried to cover it up and keep it secret?

That’s the shocking and scandalous story that rocked the Formula One world in 2019 and 2020, when Ferrari was under suspicion for allegedly cheating with its engine. The FIA conducted an investigation into the matter, but reached a secret agreement with Ferrari that left many questions unanswered. The scandal resurfaced in 2021, when a former FIA steward revealed that Ferrari was punished with less fuel as part of the settlement.

In this article, we will explore the origin, the details, the consequences and the aftermath of one of the most controversial and notorious episodes in Formula One history. We will examine how Ferrari allegedly cheated with its engine, how the FIA handled the investigation and the agreement, how Ferrari’s rivals reacted and demanded justice, and how Ferrari’s performance and reputation suffered as a result.

This is a story of suspicion, betrayal, deception and punishment. This is a story of cheating in Formula One.

Ferrari F1 Cheating – The Engine Cheating Allegations

In 2019, Ferrari was under suspicion for allegedly cheating with its engine, which gave it a significant advantage in straight-line speed over its rivals. The FIA, the governing body of Formula One, conducted an investigation into the matter, but reached a secret agreement with Ferrari that left many questions unanswered. The scandal resurfaced in 2020, when a former FIA steward revealed that Ferrari was punished with less fuel as part of the settlement.

Ferrari F1 Cheating – The Origin Of The Suspicion

The suspicion over Ferrari’s engine started in 2019, when several teams noticed that Ferrari had made a huge leap in performance after the summer break. Ferrari won three races in a row and challenged Mercedes for pole positions and victories. 

Ferrari’s rivals were especially puzzled by how fast the Ferrari cars were on the straights, where they could gain up to half a second per lap over their competitors.

Some teams suspected that Ferrari was using a clever trick to bypass the fuel flow meter, a device that measures how much fuel is injected into the engine and limits it to 100 kg/hour.

By doing so, Ferrari could potentially increase its power output and speed without breaking the rules. 

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen openly accused Ferrari of cheating after the US Grand Prix, where Ferrari’s performance dropped significantly following a technical directive issued by the FIA to clarify the fuel flow regulations.

The FIA Investigation And Agreement

The FIA launched an investigation into Ferrari’s engine and issued several technical directives to prevent any possible manipulation of the fuel flow meter or oil burning. 

However, the FIA did not find any conclusive evidence that Ferrari had breached the rules or gained an unfair advantage. 

Instead, the FIA announced on February 28, 2020, that it had reached a settlement agreement with Ferrari, which involved “a number of technical commitments” from the Italian team.

The FIA did not disclose any details of the agreement or the investigation, citing confidentiality reasons. This sparked outrage and frustration among Ferrari’s rivals, who demanded more transparency and clarity from the FIA. 

Seven teams issued a joint statement on March 4, 2020, expressing their “shock and surprise” at the FIA’s statement and threatening legal action if the FIA did not provide a “full and proper disclosure” of the matter. The teams who issued the statement were.

  • Mercedes
  • Red Bull
  • McLaren
  • Renault
  • Racing Point
  • Alpha Tauri
  • Williams –

Ferrari F1 Cheating – The Revelation Of The Punishment

The controversy over Ferrari’s engine faded away as the 2020 season was delayed and disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, it resurfaced in February 2021, when Mika Salo, a former F1 driver and FIA steward, revealed some details of Ferrari’s punishment during a Twitch stream interview with Finnish rally driver Kristian Sohlberg.

Salo said that Ferrari was made to “use less fuel” as part of their settlement with the FIA, which affected not only Ferrari but also its customer teams Alfa Romeo and Haas. Salo also said that Ferrari was allowed to use its engine “to its full power” again in 2021.

Salo’s comments were widely reported by various media outlets and caused a stir among F1 fans and experts.

However, Salo later claimed that he was joking and that his words were taken out of context. He said that he had no inside information about Ferrari’s agreement with the FIA. He claimed to only be speculating based on what he had read in the press.

The Aftermath And Consequences

The scandal over Ferrari’s engine had a lasting impact on Formula One and its participants.

Ferrari suffered a dramatic loss of performance and competitiveness in 2020, finishing sixth in the constructors’ championship. They failed to win a single race for the first time since 2016.

Its customer teams Alfa Romeo and Haas also struggled at the back of the grid. Many observers attributed Ferrari’s decline to its engine woes and speculated that Ferrari had indeed cheated in 2019.

The FIA Faced Criticism With How They Handled Ferrari F1 Cheating

The FIA faced criticism and scrutiny over its handling of the matter and its lack of transparency and accountability.

It defended its decision to reach a settlement with Ferrari. They said that it was the best way to avoid a lengthy and costly legal dispute. In effect it protected the interests of the sport.

The FIA also said that it had introduced stricter measures to monitor and control the engines. These were all designed to ensure fair play among the teams.

The scandal also affected the relations and trust among the teams, especially between Ferrari and its rivals.

Ferrari accused its competitors of being jealous and hypocritical. It said that it had nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

Ferrari also said that it had cooperated fully with the FIA. It had accepted the settlement in good faith and for the sake of the sport.

The Other Teams Were Not Happy

Ferrari’s rivals, on the other hand, said that they felt cheated and betrayed by Ferrari and the FIA, and that they wanted more clarity and justice for the sport.

The scandal over Ferrari’s engine remains one of the most controversial and mysterious episodes in Formula One history.

It exposed the dark side of the sport’s fierce competition and technical complexity. It also provided drama and intrigue for the fans and media, who witnessed one of the most dramatic shifts in performance and power ever.

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