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Last year, Ferrari initiated a concept distinct from Red Bull, making minor advancements to stay competitive. However, when Technical Directive TD39 was introduced, addressing issues like bouncing, porpoising, and floor flexibility, Ferrari seemed to be affected more than many other teams.

This led to speculations that Ferrari might have been employing some unique floor techniques. It wasn’t necessarily against the regulations, but it was a grey area that the directive sought to clarify.

In racing, teams often look for competitive edges. However, if a team’s performance suffers because they overly focus on such grey areas, it suggests they might have missed broader development opportunities.

The Team Didn’t Innovate for 2023

Interestingly, Ferrari retained a similar aerodynamic approach in 2023, believing it could challenge Red Bull. As a result, they didn’t see significant advancements.

While Ferrari remains competitive in one-lap pace, their overall race performance hasn’t seen the necessary improvements.

Ferrari Results – Consistency is Key

If a team qualifies in fourth place, they should aim to finish in the same position rather than dropping in rank. Ferrari’s current challenge is maintaining this consistency.

Regarding the drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are closely matched in terms of performance. They’re among the most evenly paired drivers in the series.

If Ferrari can improve its overall race day performance, including strategic decision-making, the potential for winning races and possibly contending for a championship becomes evident.

Ferrari is one of three teams that has the potential to challenge Red Bull. Most of the slip ups have been management related decisions and very poor strategy.

If the team has any hope of getting to the front of the grid it has to get the fundamental pit decisions working efficiently.

Ferrari Results – 2023

Grand PrixDateFerrari
Saudi Arabia19-Mar-2314
Great Britain9-Jul-233
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