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Haas, among the current F1 teams, is one of the smallest in scale. Its close technical collaboration with Ferrari and support from Dallara makes it challenging to gauge its performance compared to expectations.

One noticeable pattern with Haas is that they tend to start the season strong and then face challenges as it progresses. This could be due to the demands of a 22-race season or possibly a lack of adequate staff to address ongoing issues.

While there are advantages to being a compact team and seeking external support for design and manufacturing, it necessitates meticulous management to ensure all parties are aligned.

This season, Haas cars have demonstrated speed in individual laps but have struggled with rear tire wear over extended runs. This has been consistent for the past 12 races. Adjustments in the aerodynamic design or mechanical setup might help mitigate this.

A team’s performance consistency, in both qualifying and race finishing positions, provides a clear indication of the car’s capability, serving as a foundation for improvement.

Haas F1 Results – The Haas Drivers

Regarding drivers, Nico Hulkenberg has proven that his three-year hiatus hasn’t impacted his performance.

Kevin Magnussen has faced challenges keeping up, but both drivers are seasoned. Although neither driver will shoot the lights out, with a better vehicle setup, they both have the potential to secure significant points.

What We Would Do

Haas should examine the recurring issue of performance decline over the season and the ongoing rear tire wear challenges.

Investigating these two issues might reveal interconnected causes.

Haas F1 Results – 2023

Grand PrixDateHaas
F1 Results
Saudi Arabia19-Mar-231
Great Britain9-Jul-230
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