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2026 F1 Car

2026 F1 Car Lighter And Shorter

The head of FIA’s single seater “technical matters” Nikolas Tombazis has laid his thoughts in the expected 2026 F1 Car. These new rules will be part of a complete overhaul of the F1 technology with the intent of making the port more  earth friendly.” The guiding principles to make the 2026 F1 Car Lighter with smaller dimensions…

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2023 F1 engines

2026 F1 Engines

The design of the 2026 F1 Engines has now been agreed and teams are able to start committing resources to designing and building the new units. The regulations continue to be quite onerous for the teams, which is apparently to ensure that the new cars keep spectators glued to their seats. The main impetus behind…

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F1 contracts - Logan-sargeant-williams

Logan Sargeant The New F1 Driver

Logan Sargeant, the new F1 Williams racing driver – Logan Sargeant F1 Driver, is set to become the first American F1 driver since Michael Andretti in 1993 – over 30 years! In 2023 Logan Sargeant F1 Driver – is transitioning from the FIA Formula 2 series to F1, where he will be driving in the...
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