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Mattia Binotto held a leadership position in a team was much loved. Despite his achievements the team faltered, and he left. Today Ferrari Says Goodbye To Mattia Binotto.

Ferrari says goodbye to Mattia Binotto after a 2022 season that offered so much hope and seemed to be the first in which an ascendent Ferrari would finally compete at the top level. Despite achieving 12 pole positions, the team only managed 4 wins and an embarrassing 9 DNFs.

The account had to be paid; tragically, the buck stopped with Mattia. He will leave his position as team principal on 31 December 2022.

Ferrari Finally Says Goodbye To Mattia Binotto

There have been rumors swirling around the paddock for months claiming that Matua Binotto would be sacked. Finally, on 29 November, we understand that he resigned effective 31 December.

Who Is Mattia Binotto?

Mattia was born in Lausanne on 3 November 1969, making him 54 at the time of writing.

He enrolled at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in 1994 and earned a degree in mechanical engineering.

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Subsequently, he earned a master’s degree in motor vehicle engineering at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Matti joined Scuderia Ferrari in 1995, rising to chief technical officer in July 2016, when he replaced replacing James Allison, who is now at Mercedes.

In 2021 he replaced Maurizio Arrivabene as team principal.

He is credited with driving the change at Ferrari, bringing the team up from middleweight to the 2022 standard, where they have come second in the F1 championships.

Why Is Mattia Binotto Leaving Ferrari?

Under Mattia Binotto’s leadership, the Ferrari F1 team has gone from an “also ran” F1 team to a series leader in which they were in contention against Red Bull at one point in the season.

Despite having the fastest car at the beginning of the season, the team has been plagued by reliability, bad strategy, and pit lane mistakes which eventually became an embarrassment.

The 2022 results of the Ferrari F1 team under  Mattia Binotto are listed below.

Grand PrixWinnerWinning CarFerrari Points Per Race
BahrainCharles Leclercferrari-2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto44
Saudi ArabiaMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto34
AustraliaCharles Leclercferrari-2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto26
Emilia RomagnaMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto20
MiamiMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto33
SpainMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto12
MonacoSergio PerezRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up30
AzerbaijanMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto0
CanadaMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto29
Great BritainCarlos Sainzferrari-2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto37
AustriaCharles Leclercferrari-2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto38
FranceMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto11
HungaryMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto20
BelgiumMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up23
NetherlandsMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto19
ItalyMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto30
SingaporeSergio PerezRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto33
JapanMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto15
United StatesMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto15
MexicoMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto18
BrazilGeorge RussellMercedes-2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto37
Abu DhabiMax VerstappenRed-bull-racing-f1-logo--2023-F1-Driver-Line-Up, Mattia Binotto30


Sadly, Ferrari loses a brilliant engineer and friend. We wish Mattia Binotto success in the future.


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