Williams F1 Results

While Williams has a storied past of championship wins, the current state of affairs is notably different.

There have been various shifts in staff and organizational structure. Such transitions typically require some time before their effects become evident.  Team Principal Jost Capito was replaced by ex-Mercedes strategy engineer, James Vowles.

From the outside the move seems to be a positive one with the team appearing more hopeful. By mid-year Williams is in 7th place in the constructor championship which is a huge improvement over the 2022 10th spot.

In terms of vehicle design, Williams seems to prioritize efficiency. From an external perspective, the car’s design results in impressive speeds on straight paths but comparatively slower speeds during turns.

While new tires during qualifying sessions might mask this issue, the car’s performance tends to dip when the tires wear out.

Williams F1 Results – Williams Drivers

Throughout this season, whenever Williams has had a chance to shine, Alex Albon has consistently stepped up. These moments have been rare, but given the heavy reliance on him, Albon consistently delivers strong performances.

Logan Sargent, in his rookie year, hasn’t showcased the same standout performance as Piastri has at McLaren. To get noticed by leading teams, Sargent needs to at least match or exceed the performance levels of his teammate, Albon.

Currently, he isn’t providing the support Albon might need.

What Would We Do?

It might be beneficial to explore options for increasing downforce. Whether for efficiency or another reason, testing this might not yield immediate improvements in qualifying. However, it could lead to better tire performance during races and potentially better race results.

This change could also provide insights into the design strategy for next year’s car model.

Williams F1 Results – 2023

Grand PrixDateWilliams
F1 Results
Saudi Arabia19-Mar-230
Great Britain9-Jul-234
Results courtesy of Formula1.com

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