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Almost every fan is celebrating as Daniel Ricciardo returns to F1. Alpha Tauri is not his first choice, but his aim is to return to the main Red Bull team. The great news is that he seems to have his mojo back!

After a disappointing few years at Alpine and McLaren, Daniel took a year off to take stock and recover emotionally. Sadly, the Alpha Tauri team cut Nyck Devries from the team. They have appointed Daniel back into the Red Bull fold – albeit in the junior team.

Just how tall is Daniel and how much does he weigh? These are questions that the team engineers will have had to find out. They may have to make adjustments to the seat and cockpit previously set up for Nyck.

Daniel Ricciardo Height – F1 Driver Height

Height has an influence of an F1 driver’s overall performance both inside and outside the car.

One of the primary considerations is the driver’s seating position and visibility. This is important as the cockpit would have been tailored for Nyck Devries.

A shorter driver may have better visibility but might struggle with reaching the controls comfortably, while a taller driver has less room to “play around with” in fnding the optimum seating positiom.

The ideal height for an F1 driver is often considered to be around 5’8″ to 6’1″, as it allows them to have a better balance between visibility and control.

Daniel Ricciardo Height – How Tall is Daniel Ricciardo?

At 1.80m (5′.9″) Daniel Ricciardo falls within the optimal height range for driving an F1 car.

The engineers will have had to make some adjustments to allow for Daniel’s increased height – 1.80m (5′.9″) over Nyck – 1.67m (5’47”).

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How Much does Daniel Ricciardo Weigh?

Daniel Ricciardo weighs in at 66 kg’s (145 pounds) and he has a body fat percentage of 20.4. As Nyck weighed 67 kg’s there will not have been any necessity to change the ballast in the car.

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Daniel Ricciardo’s Height Compared to Other F1 Drivers

Daniel Ricciardo at 1.80m (5′.9″) tall. This makes him an average height on the grid, and he won’t have any trouble fitting inti the Alpha Tauri cockpit. According to data the average height of an F1 driver is around 1.77m (5’10”) and drivers weigh on average 138 pounds (61.9kg)

This is generally an advantage for F1 drivers because it makes fitting inside the cramped cockpit a little easier. It gives the driver more flexibility in optimizing his position in the car.

Before Alpine and McLaren Daniel had a reputation for competing at the front of the grid. He has proven that he has the skill and that he possesses the talent and determination to overcome any obstacles.

How Height Affects a Driver’s Performance in F1

Height has both advantages and disadvantages for drivers in Formula 1. Taller drivers may struggle with fitting comfortably into the car’s cockpit, as their legs and torso have less room to maneuver.

This can lead to discomfort and potential distractions during races, affecting their focus and overall performance.

On the other hand, shorter drivers may have better weight distribution benefits, as they can position themselves closer to the car’s center of gravity. This can enhance their handling and maneuverability, providing a competitive edge on certain tracks.

Daniel Ricciardo’s Achievements and Potential

Daniel Ricciardo has a long track record of getting results. He has a great relationship with Christiaan Horner at Red Bull, and there appears to be a genuine affection between the two.

Prior to Max Verstappen joining Red Bull Daniel was the senior driver and he regularly was able to achieve impressive results – even though the Red Bull car was not as competitive as it is today.

The manner in which he has achieved this success bodes incredibly well for the future. We potentially have a challenger for Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen in the making.

Daniel Ricciardo Height – Conclusion

In Formula 1 there are so many different factors that determine success – one of the most important is being contracted with the right team and the best car.

As he continues in his comeback road, we can only expect more remarkable achievements from Daniel.

By Jonny Noble

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