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Christian Horner is the mastermind behind Red Bull Racing, one of the most successful and innovative teams in Formula One history. He has led the team to five world championships (four of which were consecutive), breaking records and challenging the dominance of Ferrari and Mercedes.

He is a charismatic and outspoken leader, who is not afraid to speak his mind and defend his drivers. In this article, we will explore the life and career of Christian Horner, the Red Bull Team Principal who has revolutionized the sport of Formula One.

In this article we discuss Christian, his influence on F1 and other information that is not as readily known.

Where Was Christian Horner Born?

Christian Edward Johnston Horner OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) was born in Leamington Spa, England, United Kingdom on 16th November 1973.

Christian Horner Age

Horner is 50 years old (2023.)

Where Did Horner Go To School?

Christian Horner went to the Arnold Lodge School in Leamington Spa after which he went to  Warwick School

Does Christian Horner Have Any Siblings?

Horner has two brothers, Guy Horner and Jamie Horner.

Christian Horner Wife

Horner has been married to Geri Horner (Halliwell) since May 15, 2015.

Ginger Spice

Ginger Spice

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Christian Horner 2019 Spice World tour

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Christian and Geri have been married since May 15, 2015.

Christian Horner Salary

As the team manager of Red Bull Racing, he commands an impressive salary of $10 million per year.

Christian Horner Net Worth

It is estimated that Horner has a net worth of $50 million. His success is evident both on and off the track.

Who Is Richer Horner Or Toto Wolff?

Although Christian is providing very successful leadership to the Red Bull Team he does not have the equivalent wealth that Toto Wolff has amassed.

With Toto’s shareholding in the Mercedes F1 team and his outside business interests it is believed that he has a worth of approximately $1 billion.

Christian Horner Height

Christian Horner Height

Horner is only 5 ft 8 inches tall (1.73m). This belies the power and influence he holds over the world of F1.

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner are the two most influential team managers in F1.

Christian Horner House

horner home

The Horner’s own a beautiful stately home in the Oxfordshire countryside. Based in Marston St Lawrence, near Banbury, Geri Horner has often shown off the many animals on the country estate, which include horses, donkeys and chickens.

Christian Horner First Wife


Horner was previously in a relationship with Beverley Allen for 14 years during which time they welcomed a daughter together.

Christian Horner Kids

Christian Horner Kids

Horner has one daughter from his first marriage and two step daughters from his marriage to Gerry Horner.

Geri and Christian have had a son together. The children who love at home are.

  • Bluebell Madonna Halliwell,
  • Olivia Halliwell
  • Montague George Hector Horner (born in 2017).

Christian is stepfather to Halliwell’s daughter, Bluebell Madonna, from her previous relationship with screenwriter Sacha Gervasi.

Which Soccer Team Does Christian Horner Support?

Horner is an avid Coventry City F.C. supporter. Coventry City F.C

After their 2023 game with Luton, Coventry is currently on the 5 place in the 2nd tier Championship table.

The teams past achievements include.

  • 1986/87 FA Cup Winner
  • 1916/17 Football League Trophy Winner
  • 1966/67 English 2nd Tier Champion
  • 1919/20 English 3rd Tier Champion
  • 1963/64 English 3rd Tier Champion

Christian Horner Racing Career

Christian Horner Racing Career

Horner grew up in a motor racing family, as his father was a car dealer and amateur racer. He started karting at the age of 12 and demonstrated that he had a natural talent for driving fast.

Horner showed promise as a career racing driver. His achievements are listed below.

  • He successfully won a Formula Renault scholarship in 1991.
  • He raced in the 1992 British Formula Renault Championship with Manor Motorsport.
  • He finished the 1992 as a race winner and was also the highest placed rookie.
  • In 1993 he started racing in British Formula 3.
  • He completed the season in second place in the Class B Championship for P1 Motorsport. In that season he won five races.
  • In 1994 he transferred to the Fortec racing team
  • In 1995 he transferred to the ADR.
  • In 1996 he raced for the TOM’S team.
  • During 1996 he also raced in British Formula Two.
  • He tested for the Arrows Formula One team in 1997..
  • Horner moved up to Formula 3000 in 1997.
  • He founded the Arden team in 1997

He was regarded as one of the best British drivers of his generation and had aspirations to reach the pinnacle of motorsport.

During testing in 1998 came to the realization that he was “not capable of replicating the level of commitment needed to achieve the top levels of F1 racing”

Christian decided to retire from racing in 1999, at the age of 25 and pursue his potential as a team owner and manager.

Christian Horner Founded Arden International

Christian Horner Founded Arden International

At age 25 he founded Arden International Racing Team. They competed in Formula 3000 and later GP2.

The team started on a shoe string budget. He bought a second-hand trailer for the team from Helmut Marko, who as head of the Red Bull Junior Team was one of Horner’s main rivals as a manager in F3000

They signed two drivers for the 1999 FIA F3000 season – Viktor Maslov and Marc Goossens. Prodrive bought a 50 percent stake in Arden on behalf of Russian oil company Lukoil. the boss of Lukoil , was Maslov’s father.

After one season Christian purchased the shareholding back.

The team entered the Italian F3000 in 2000 and won three races. They ended up finishing second in the Championship.

In 2002, 2003 and 2004 the team won the constructors championship.

He quickly established himself as a successful and respected team boss, winning championships and nurturing young talents such as Mark Webber and Vitantonio Liuzzi.

Red Bull Hired Christian Horner

Red Bull drink

The energy drinks company was looking to get into F1 racing and purchased the Jaguar F1 Team. They persuaded Christian to move over and become the team manager.

In 2005 he was appointed the team principal – at the time he was the youngets team principal in the history of F1.

The team got off to an amazing start – even though Christian was so new to the job. In the first round of the F1 season at the Australian Grand Prix, drivers David Coulthard and Christian Klien finished fourth and seventh respectively.

By the end of the year they had won 34 points which compared favorably to the 9 points the Jaguar F1 team had won the previous year.

Horner jumped into a swimming pool

With a switch to Ferrari engines the team achieved its first podium finish at the Monaco grand prix in 2006. To celebrate Horner jumped into a swimming pool covered with nothing more than a superman cape!

By 2009 the team came second in the constructors title, and won its first constructors title the following year in 2010.


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