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Alexander Rossi, the talented and determined F1 racing driver, has captured the hearts of motorsport enthusiasts worldwide with his incredible skills and remarkable journey.

From his humble beginnings to his triumphs on the racetrack, Rossi’s life is a testament to passion, hard work, and unwavering dedication.

In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of Alexander Rossi’s life, exploring his birthplace, education, family, relationships, earnings, and achievements. So, let’s rev up the engines and embark on an exciting ride through the life of Alexander Rossi.

Alexander Rossi Birthplace and Childhood

Ross was born on September 25, 1991, Alexander Rossi entered this world in the picturesque town of Auburn, California.

Alexander Rossi – Education

While Alexander Rossi dedicated himself to his racing aspirations, he also recognized the importance of education.

He received his formal education at Forest Lake Christian High School in his hometown of Auburn.

Balancing academics with his love for racing, Rossi demonstrated remarkable discipline and determination. This foundation allowed him to excel both on and off the racetrack.

Alexander Rossi – Parents

Rossi’s parents are

  • Dad – Pieter Rossi
  • Mum – Dawn Rossi.
Alexander Rossi Father

When he was five Rossi first told his dad he wanted to become a racer. Pieter Rossi brushed off the idea thinking that it was just a young boy’s fantasy – next he would probably be saying he wanted to be an astronaut!

When he was seven, he spoke tohis dad again. At this point Pieter Rossi began to listen more carefully. Two years after that, the family decided they were ready to fuel the dream of Alexander. 

Pieter’s commitment was incredible, and he later sold his business to his partner so he could give his full attention to Alexander’s career. 

During a radio interview Alexander recalled how his father, despite having a full-time job would stay up to 2:00 am studying karting.

Alexander Rossi Wife

Alexander Rossi is not married.

Rossi’s Girlfriend: A Special Bond

Alexander Rossi had been in a high-profile relationship with his girlfriend, Kelly Mossop.

Kelly Mossop - Alexander Ross girlfriend

After being in a relationship for five years Alexander finally popped the question in 2022. They are now engaged!

Alexander Rossi’s Salary: Rewards of Success

As one of the leading drivers in the competitive world of Formula 1 racing, Alexander Rossi’s talent and success have translated into a substantial salary.

While specific figures are not disclosed, it is estimated that Rossi’s earnings from his racing endeavors and endorsement deals amount to a significant sum.

His financial success reflects his skill, hard work, and marketability in the world of motorsports.

Alexander Rossi – Car Number

  • 53 – Formula One
  • 27 – IndyCar Series

Alexander Rossi’s Net Worth

Alexandr Rossi

With a successful racing career and various endorsements, Alexander Rossi has accumulated substantial wealth throughout his journey.

His total net worth is estimated to be $4 million dollars as of 2023.

Alexander’s salary at Andretti Autosport, is reputed to be $548,000 per year. (Source – Link)

How Did Alexander Rossi Get into Motor Racing?

Alexander Rossi’s journey into the world of motor racing began with his sheer passion for speed and a burning desire to compete at the highest level.

Alexander Rossi – Karting

Rossi began racing go-karts at age 10.

When he turned 14 (2005), after becoming IKF Grand National Champion in the 100cc Yamaha class (Karting)

Rossi was semi-finalist in the Red Bull Formula One American Drivers search. He came in 5th place overall out of over 2,000 nationwide candidates. This was an impressive achievement by anyone’s standards.

By the time he turned 15 he had won multiple national and international karting championships.

Formula BMW

In 2007 he moved to Formula BMW driving for Team Apex Racing, USA . In his 1st year he finished third overall. During the season he achieved three wins and five podiums.

At the age of 17, in 2008 he became Formula BMW World Champion. He did this by achieving several poles positions and winning races.

At the time he was the youngest open-wheel racing champion in U.S. history.

International Formula Master

In 2009 Rossi moved to Europe in his quest to join the F1 circuit.

He started the season racing for International Formula Master with Hitech Racing. However, after two rounds, Rossi moved over to ISR Racing for the remainder of the season.

He won three races during the season.

He ended the season as the highest ranked rookie driver.


Rossi joined the GP3 grid for the 2010 season. He joined Pedro Nunes and Esteban Gutiérrez as the 3rd driver for team ART Grand Prix.

He won two races and finished 4th in the series.

World Series by Renault

In 2011 he moved on to the Formula Renault 3.5 Series where he drove for Fortec Motorsport.

He won the first race and came 2nd in the second race. Rossi finished the season in 4th position.

He stayed in the series for 2012 driving for Arden Caterham Motorsport.

GP2 Series

In 2013 he joined the GP2 circuit. In doing so he became the 2nd American to compete at this level.

The Path to Formula 1 (2012 – 2016)

In 2012 Rossi was one of three drivers to be contracted to the US F1 team. Unfortunately it folded

As part of the F1 young drivers program he tested the 2009-spec BMW Sauber F1.09 F1 car. This was a great strategic move he earned as it earned him his FIA Super License.

BMW Sauber F1.09

At the time, he was the only American to hold one.

During the 2012 season Rossi contracted with the Caterham F1 team as its test driver. He left Caterham in 2014 after Tony Fernandes departed.

In 2014, Alexander Rossi took a significant step forward in his career when he joined the Marussia F1 Team (which became known known as Manor Racing) as a reserve driver.

This opportunity allowed him to immerse himself in the highly competitive world of Formula 1 and gain invaluable experience alongside seasoned professionals.

Rossi’s dedication, determination, and impressive performance during practice sessions and tests caught the team’s attention, leading to his debut race in the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix.

He went on to enter five of the final seven races of the 2015 season. His best result was 12th place in the United States Grand Prix

Alexander Rossi’s IndyCar Success

Beyond his Formula 1 endeavors, Alexander Rossi has also found success in the IndyCar Series. Transitioning to IndyCar in 2016.

Andretti Autosport (2016–2022)

Florence Henderson Connections

Rossi made an immediate impact, winning the prestigious Indianapolis 500 in his rookie year.

He did this after starting in 11th place! He was named the rookie of the year for his first season. Reading the stories about how Rossi won the race we are struck by just how an incredible and achievement it was.

He won by staying out and not pitting for fuel. It took immense courage and skill for him to remain competitive while still conserving fuel to bring him home. The stars aligned on that day and he achieved one of the most incredible wins in racing history.

This remarkable achievement solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of motorsports.

Read a blow-by-blow account of how it happened – Link.

Alexander Rossi Career Summary

The following table summarizes Alexander’s career.

Up to and Including F1

2006Formula TR 1600Odyssey114564097th
2007Formula BMWTeam Apex1431254103rd
Formula BMWEuroInternational10000N/ANC
2008Formula BMWEuroInternational1510109112491st
Formula BMW20000N/A†N/A†
Formula BMW11011N/A1st
2009International FormulaHitech Racing40000524th
ISR Racing123015
2009–10GP2 Asia SeriesOcean Racing Technology20000129th
2010GP3 SeriesART Grand Prix142215384th
Formula Renault 3.5 SeriesISR Racing100000NC
2011Formula Renault 3.5 SeriesFortec Motorsport1720151563rd
GP2 FinalCaterham Team AirAsia20000010th
2012Formula Renault 3.5 SeriesArden Caterham1700416311th
Formula OneCaterham F1 TeamTest driver
2013GP2 SeriesEQ8 Caterham Racing201104929th
FIA WorldGreaves Motorsport100002019th
24 Hours of Le Mans10000N/A10th
Formula OneCaterham F1 TeamTest driver
2014GP2 SeriesEQ8 Caterham Racing1000001221st
United Sports Car DeltaWing Racing Cars100001665th
Formula OneCaterham F1 TeamTest driver
Formula OneMarussia F1 TeamTest driver
2015GP2 SeriesRacing Engineering223107181.52nd
Formula OneManor Marussia F1 Team50000020th

Indy Car And Onwards

2016IndyCar SeriesAndretti Herta 16102143011th
2016Formula OneManor F1 TeamReserve
2017IndyCar SeriesAndretti1711134947th
2018IndyCar SeriesAndretti1733186212nd
2019IndyCar SeriesAndretti1722076083rd
IMSA SportsCarAcura Team200015823rd
SupercarsAndretti 1000010252nd
2020IndyCar SeriesAndretti1400153179th
IMSA SportscarAcura Team300017820th
2021IndyCar SeriesAndretti16000132410th
IMSA SportsCarKonica Minolta41003134810th
2022IndyCar SeriesAndretti1711033819th
IMSA SportsCarKonica Minolta1010135520th
2023IndyCar SeriesArrow McLaren60001145*7th*

NAPA and Florence Henderson Connections

In his racing career, Alexander Rossi has been associated with prominent brands and personalities.

One such association is with NAPA Auto Parts, a renowned automotive parts supplier. NAPA has sponsored Rossi.

Additionally, Rossi had a special connection with the late Florence Henderson, known for her role as Carol Brady on the iconic TV series “The Brady Bunch.”

Florence Henderson was an avid motorsports enthusiast and after he won the Indy 500 she snuck in and planted a big kiss in his cheek. If anyone was watching the race on TV or hanging around social media afterward, they would have known that the lipstick on his right cheek came from a kiss planted there by Mrs. Brady herself.

Alexander Rossi’s Greatest Achievements

Throughout his career, Alexander Rossi has achieved numerous significant milestones that have shaped his legacy in the racing world.

From his early victories in junior championships to his triumph in the Indianapolis 500, each achievement represents a testament to his skill, determination, and unwavering focus on excellence.

These accomplishments have not only solidified his place in racing history but have also inspired a new generation of aspiring drivers.

The Rossi-Rossi Connection: Alexander Rossi and Valentino Rossi

While Alexander Rossi and Valentino Rossi share a surname and a passion for motorsports, they are not directly related.

Alexander Rossi is an American F1 and IndyCar driver, while Valentino Rossi is an Italian motorcycle racing legend, primarily known for his achievements in MotoGP.

 Although they come from different racing disciplines, their mutual love for speed and competition has brought them together in the hearts of motorsport fans worldwide.

Alexander Rossi- social media

Alexanders social media details are listed below.

  • Twitter @AlexanderRossi
  • Facebook @AlexanderRossi
  • Instagram @alexanderrossi


Alexander Rossi’s life and career are a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and talent.

From his childhood in Auburn, California, to his impressive accomplishments in Formula 1 and IndyCar, Rossi has left an indelible mark on the racing world. With his unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of excellence, he continues to inspire aspiring drivers and captivate motorsport enthusiasts around the globe.

 As Alexander Rossi continues to push the boundaries of speed and performance, his journey serves as a reminder that dreams can become a reality with the right combination of talent, opportunity, and relentless drive.


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